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The 24 Hour EEG

I took Donavan to get hooked up for his 24 hour EEG on Monday. I didn’t think the appointment would be long since his last EEG hook-up only took 15 minutes. Well, that’s because the EEG was done in the office, but since the boy was going home with this stuff hooked up to him for the next 24 + hours, I was actually surprised to hear it could take up to an hour and a half. (Try almost 2 hours!). I didn’t even get to stay in the room with Donavan because I told the lady I was pregnant and she didn’t want me in there to breathe in the fumes from the glue she had to use. I understood (I thought I understood), but wow, she wasn’t kidding. That was some serious glue she used. I could smell it all the way in the waiting room and it started to give me a headache in there! Anyway, while we waited for the 2 hours Donavan was in the room getting glued together, I just happened to open up a parent magazine and as I flipped through the pages, my eyes fell on an article covering developmental stages of infants. It didn’t really interest me, but a small section separated from the rest of the article caught my eye – a 5 sentence paragraph about kids tip-toeing around. They say it’s normal when kids first learn to walk, but if they continue to do so as they get older, they need to go see a Dr. It could be a Motor disorder or a shortened Achilles heel tendon. Oh wow. Our pastor’s wife questioned me on Pacey walking on his toes Sunday afternoon. I told her he always did it, and then thought about how I probably should mention it to the Dr. next time I take him in. When I talked to Scott Monday night, he said, “Oh man! I’ve been thinking about that for the last week and keep forgetting to tell you that I think Pacey should see a dr. about that!” Funny how God works things into our lives sometimes…isn’t it? For these little events to occur in the order they did…would we have caught on to help Pacey with this if just one thing didn’t happen? So, I concluded that although I was definitely supposed to take Donavan to get this EEG done, perhaps God has more than one single purpose for just one event. (Yes, I’m feeling brilliant about now! Me and my complex little brain working overtime to come up with that!) Anyway, Pacey complains about his feet hurting after walking around a bit. I don’t know why I haven’t stopped to consider he may need some medical attention for it! I’m sure the younger he is, the easier it will be to correct. I took Donavan back yesterday to get the EEG ‘stuff’ removed. I won’t hear anything on the results of the EEG anytime soon unless they find something abnormal…so the longer the wait, the better! I did take some pictures of his wrapped up head Monday night. I also let Donavan watch a video on Tourette Syndrome…it came on the Discovery channel the same day that Scott and I were told that Donavan probably has this condition. Scott recorded it so we could all watch it. It’s really neat…it’s a documentary type film involving about 5 different kids dealing with the condition. They do a great job explaining everything. It was hard for me to sit there and watch it though…there were times I started to get choked up and had to leave. It was even harder when I’d hear Donavan exclaim, “Yes!” or “Yeah!” after a kid would describe a symptom he was dealing with. Donavan was apparently experiencing even more than I thought. It was good for him to watch, but hard for me to watch him watch it. I guess my fear is that things will get a little harder before they get better. They say with hormones increasing through adolescence, it can make the symptoms a little worse for the kids. I pray that God will ease us through this journey, but I’m so thankful that we’ve caught onto what is really going on now so we can help him! An interesting note on Tourette Syndrome…they say that they’ve estimated that there is at least 1 kid with Tourette’s in every school. 1 in 1000 people have it, and boys are more likely to have it than girls (I think the ratio is 3 to 1). At least we know. This is going to be an interesting journey and the summer is already getting loaded up with various appointments with different specialists who should be able to help Donavan in some aspect of all he’s dealing with. I guess the more we find out about this situation, the better, but man, sometimes it’s just hard to hear!

He actually gave me permission to post these! He’s a good sport!


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My husband is flying out and will be gone for FIVE days this week. I’m so bummed. At least this week will be obscenely busy. I have to take Donavan to get hooked up for his 24 hour EEG tomorrow. That will take about 4 hours out of an already hectic day…and I won’t even get into how the rest of the day/week is gonna be like! The crazy part is that I have to monitor him for certain behaviors and press a button if I see them!

I actually started crying today because Scott forgot we were going to have Hannah’s birthday party on Saturday and his friend planned a guy’s poker night the same night…so Scott asked if he could go. Turns out he’s inviting most of the dads of the little girls we know, and our original plan was to grill some burgers and dogs and hang out at the house Saturday for her birthday. He forgot, and then forgot to mention it to him later at church this a.m., so I was not happy. (He was still planning on going!)

He started getting worked up about it, I started to get even more worked up…because the weekend after, we are going to my sister-in-law’s for her daughter’s birthday parties. Yes…I said parties. She is having TWO. A dress up party and then a grillin’ out party. I can’t even work in one for my daughter without failing miserably, and I guess I feel so much pressure this year because she is actually old enough to know what birthdays are and she’s been talking about “her princess birthday” for 3 months straight! Plus, with 3 boys…I really look forward to having a girl party! So much more fun (for me!) The truth is, I’ve just been too busy to plan this party efficiently…I haven’t even invited anyone! This week is no different from the last either. I just can’t keep up with the days right now! I guess it is best that we don’t have the party this weekend.

I am going to have to reschedule her party for the weekend after her cousin’s, and by the time Scott and I both stopped fussing about it all, I just said, “Screw it, we are doing her party at Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds…anywhere but here!” I’m not going to get all worked up about this (any more than I already am!) by feeling like I need to clean my house really good when we can just go do kids meals and games and not worry about the clean up!

Scott of course, was like, ‘Whatever you want…’ He doesn’t want me stressing out…(he also just wants to go to his poker night). I gave him the new date…told him to mark his calendar. If he forgets again, there will be a change of plans (again) because I will be the one doing some grilling…and it won’t be hamburgers and hotdogs!

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First T-Ball Game

Tonight was Pacey’s first T-Ball game. I was in the dugout getting the batters ready while Scott helped the kids hit the ball off the tee. Our team is the New York Yankees…we played our very first game against…believe it or not…the Boston Red Sox!

Fortunately…we don’t keep score at this age, so we were able to keep the game a good, clean, fun game!

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My husband tried to pull me close to him last night and woah! I bounced back! We both looked down at my bulging belly and laughed…”someone” is coming between us. I have a feeling it might be that way for a while…we’ll have to let her know who’s boss!

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The Talk

He’s 13!
Okay, let me start by saying that he would KILL me if he knew I was blogging this and it would be a slow tortorous death if he knew I included his picture too, but I figure we’re about even with all the embarrassing moments I’ve endured over the last 9 years. 😉 However, let me state this is NOT an attempt at revenge by any means. (Not buying it are you?)
As promised, I’m going to share the interesting sex talk we had with our 13 year old son last night. It gets pretty graphic and was quite embarrassing for Donavan, and will be embarrassing for those who aren’t used to discussing this kind of stuff. But my theory is, if I, as his parent, am willing to be open to talk about these kinds of things with him, he won’t have to go searching for answers from the wrong sources and possibly be misinformed. He’s come to me before with questions…but Scott felt it was time to issue a pop-quiz…
So we went out to eat as a family (minus Nathanuel) last night and Scott decided to bring up some scenerios to ask Donavan how he’d handle certain situations. He included questions such as, “Why should you not smoke?”
Donavan did a good job with his answers…he seems well informed so at least I know that if he ever gives into temptation, he won’t be able to say, “I didn’t know…”
Anyway, Scott finally got to the topic of sex (while we were still in the restaurant) and made sure Donavan knew that there are other consequences besides pregnancy from sex. “You know you can get diseases too…” He mentioned all that yucky stuff including the deadly AIDS virus.
“Yeah.” Donavan said.
“You know that you can still get the same diseases from oral sex, right?”
“What’s that?” Donavan asked..
uh oh. Scott and I looked at each other like…”Didn’t you tell him!?!?” Guess we’ve never covered that subject…
So we are about to leave the restaurant and then Donavan blurts out, “Oh yeah! EWWWWWWE! I know what that is!”
“So what is it?” Scott asked, wanting to be sure he had the correct information.
Donavan blushed…”Oh! I don’t want to talk about it!” He exclaimed.
As we headed out to the car, Scott pressed him further, “No, Donavan, we need to be sure you really know, what do you think oral sex is?”
You should have heard the squeals and screams and pleas to stop talking about the subject. But Scott insisted. “Donavan, if we don’t finish up this conversation in the car, we’ll have to at home and Nathanuel will be able to listen in then.”
“You know he’ll enjoy watching you endure every embarrassing moment during this conversation!” I chimed in.
So he protested a bit more until we convinced him we weren’t going to stop until we knew that he knew…so finally he said, “Okay! It’s like having sex but instead of the butt it’s the other end up top!”
Scott and I looked at each other quite bewildered. Had we not thoroughly explained what SEX is? Did we mess up “The Talk?” As bewildered as I was, I remembered a conversation with him 8 years ago, after he witnessed a baby girl getting her diaper changed, when he asked me if girls peed out of their butts…I tried my best to explain things at a 5-year-old level, but…hmmmmm…maybe THIS is my fault!
“Donavan, do you think that…” (you know where this conversation is going, do I really need to type it out?) Even Scott and I were giggling like a bunch of elementary school kids now…He said No, that he knew how a guy is supposed to have sex, but still couldn’t define what he meant by other end…so…we pressed on, thinking he was thinking of…ahem…anal sex.
I tried to say it as seriously as I could…but mid-sentence, I lost it…”Donavan, if the first time you do this (with your wife of course!) you try to stick it in the butt…” BAH! I couldn’t help it. Scott was already covering his face up with his free hand while trying to drive in the right lane while I, through some very hard laughter and deep breathes, tried to finish my sentence…”she’s going to be very disappointed!” I finally said it, and felt horrible, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ADULT HERE! Oh man…it was over now! Pacey was giggling although he had no idea what we were talking about, he was blurting out what I call, ‘butt talk.’ Hannah giggled too and kept saying ‘butt’ over and over again…this must have been a living nightmare for Donavan!
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHGH! I know that’s not where it goes!” Donavan blurted out even MORE embarrassed. This 5 minute drive felt like 20 minutes…for all of us…
Okay, so now that we got that straightened out…what is oral sex? Scott asked.
Donavan thought he was done…with Pacey and Hannah talking, he was like, “Oh, huh? (he always says that like it makes him sound tough or something)…”You just wait…now Pacey and Hannah are going to talk about this everywhere! Wait until they are in school and they tell all the kids!”
His threats weren’t working, they had no clue what we were talking about. When he figured out his threats weren’t working, he said, “Well, I’ll just embarrass you guys! I’ll just talk about it when…”
Scott didn’t even let him finish…”Donavan…if you’d like, we can wait until your friends are over and have this talk in front of them…don’t think if you threaten me I won’t talk about it!”
“Oh no! No! No!” He pleaded.
“Okay, so what is oral sex?”
“Oh! There’s people outside!” Donavan tried at one last attempt to get out of this.
“Donavan, they can’t hear us in the car.” I answered back.
He finally said it…only he didn’t understand it can go both ways… Yes, he thought that was gross and embarrassing too. But the important thing is he learned the difference between sex, oral sex, and anal sex in a 5 minute drive…as painful as it was, it was probably the shortest sex education class he’s ever had, and the most memorable one.
Although I’m still not quite sure he understands a woman’s anatomy, I don’t think I have to worry about him coming home with news of fathering a child, nor some strange symptoms indicating a sexual disease any time soon. With that thought, I feel blessed. Kids his age are talking about this stuff every day, and I learned through a family drive home that my son is still quite innocent in spite of the conversations going on around him. As much as he hated it, I’m glad he heard it from us first…We’ll do a final review in a few months…after he’s recovered from the pop quiz!

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Here are some pics from this weekend!

This weekend was busy and fun all at the same time. My sister in law and her crew came down and we managed to celebrate Donavan’s 13th birthday, get Easter stuff together for 8 kids, play poker, color eggs, play in the sprinkler, and do an Easter egg hunt all within a matter of days.

I still haven’t recovered, but that’s okay! Pacey is still going on and on about Easter…every aspect of it from the true meaning to the candy.

Tomorrow I will have to blog a funny little story…my husband decided to have another talk with our 13 year old about s-e-x…don’t read it if you are uncomfortable talking about THAT! This conversation got pretty bad…and to make things worse, it was in front of our two and four year old! Probably not very good timing, but too late now!

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Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the encouraging comments and prayers. I’m not going to lie and say that there aren’t times that I haven’t stopped and thought about the “what if’s” in my pregnancy situation, but every time I do stop to pray, I regain my trust in the Lord and I am so encouraged that there are others around me praying.

I found a website where several moms posted about their similiar experiences and all of the women who posted had a positive outcome, so that really made me feel better…

And today at church the funniest things kept happening. We were in the middle of our praise and worship and we would sing songs like, “Amazing Love” and when we’d hit lines like, “I’m alive and well…Your Spirit is within me…” the baby would just start going crazy…kicking and moving around, EVERY TIME during that line! It was so funny. I was like, “God, are you trying to tell me something?” Then a friend approached me after church and told me that she couldn’t get me out of her head the whole time that song was going on. Hmmmmmmm… Other songs played and the same thing would happen, but I’m so sleep deprived from all the fun we had with my sister-in-law and her gang being here over the weekend that I can’t remember any other songs we sang right now!

Anyway, I’ll post about the weekend tomorrow. We had fun but with 8 kids, it was crazy at times. It seems so quiet in my house now!

Suzy, thanks for asking for support and prayer. I really appreciate it. 🙂

I’ll keep everyone updated on the pregnancy, but this situation probably won’t be something we will find anything out on until the baby is born. Even if I do an ultrasound later on to keep an eye on the cyst, it may never go away, or it may not go away until after birth. So I don’t know if it’s worth getting another ultra-sound…it may just make me worry more!

So tomorrow, I’m posting pics…We had a busy weekend and I’m beat. It doesn’t help that the adults stayed up so late, but by the time we got all 8 kids to sleep, we definitely wanted some down time!

Okay, I’m so tired I’m still rambling…can’t imagine what I’d be like talking on the phone right now. I’m hanging up now. Good-bye!

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