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So Scott and the boys got a haircut tonight and I decided to take a walk 2 stores down to the tanning place. They had the Mystic-Tan. You know, the spray on tanning machines. I asked the girl if she knew if it was safe during pregnancy.

She told me that a manager at another store was recently pregnant and used it through out her pregnancy and was fine with it. Cool. They had a special going on and today was the last day, so I signed up.

I got in that little box and those sprays started shooting and I thought I was going to DIE. The fumes were so strong I had to step out of the box before it finished spraying the front. I got back in thinking the back might not be as bad, but I was wrong. This thing only lasts 30 seconds total (front and back) so you’d think it would be okay to handle…but I didn’t anticipate the fumes.

I came out feeling like a moron and praying my baby isn’t born with asthma or something worse after that experience. I searched online and pretty much everything said it ‘should’ be okay. I’ll call my Dr. tomorrow to see what he says, but I still have 8 more tans left and I’m going to have to convince my husband to get his naked self in that box for me so we don’t waste the $!!!

Stupid Stupid Stupid Me! Why didn’t I just stick with the lotion on my bathroom sink?


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Sunday Drama

I was nearly shaking when I left the church preschool classroom Sunday. I just can’t stand the whole high-school drama crap, especially when it’s at church… I told Scott I suspected a particular girl is ticked at me and even has her mom disapproving of me, but he said I was being overly-sensitive. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying it like, “poor me…” I honestly don’t really care what she thinks about me. I couldn’t be friends with this girl anway, we don’t click and like I said, I can’t stand the high school drama…I’ve been out of high school way too long to deal with this stuff…I could share all the situations that have led up to this, but here’s the jist of it…

I ended up taking on getting curriculum for the 2-4 year old class room because the lady who was responsible for the “nursery” wouldn’t do it, even after repeated requests from parents and the pastor. He told her she would be responsible for infants and I would be responsible for the preschoolers.

There was a bit of conflict between us over this, but I had the pastor backing me up and she really didn’t have much of a choice. So she gave me what I needed to carry on. We’ve had several issues and she knows I’m not going to back down on things I feel strongly about, which I think she may not be used to from most women our age in the church. But as time passed, I think she’s started to resent me more and more. I’ve noticed some passive-aggressive behavior from her and her mother, and I told Scott that I’ve been noticing that she’s doing little things here and there and that her mom won’t hardly even speak to me anymore. That’s when he said I’m just being “sensitive.” Maybe I am, but I don’t really care about what they think about me, which is strange because I do have issues with that when it comes to most people, (or maybe it’s just people I look up to…)

Back to subtle signs of resentment…there have been some obvious ones, but…the most obvious is when she stopped bringing her son’s diaper bag in the classroom when she brought her son. This only happened after I was given responsibility for the preschooler’s class, so both times I’ve been in there since then, her son has pooped in his pull-up and I’ve had nothing to change him.

The first Sunday this happened, I sent my son who was helping me to her with a note asking for the diaper bag because he’d “made a mess” and she came in with it. She changed him herself. I would have changed him if she’d given me the bag, but she walked in looking somewhat mad and got right to it. While she was in the room, I kept trying to talk to her and she wouldn’t respond. (I guess I’m a little slow on picking up on these things).

As we continued the class, (and I had such a cool lesson that week), I realized she was spying on us. She kept peering through the window of the classroom door. She’d come in and take her son out, then bring him back in a few minutes later…and “leave.” It was strange, but I chose to ignore her. There were more obvious signs she disapproved of what I was doing in class, but hey, that’s not important…let’s just get to why I was fuming last Sunday…

So this last Sunday, the teacher never showed up so I went into the class room and since I had NO LESSON (the teacher had it), I pulled out some play-doh and let the kids play. I was told it was going to be a short service anyway. So just before church was dismissed, a friend who came in and was chatting with me asked me if this boy was actually in the process of ‘going’ because he started squatting…I checked and sure enough, he’d already gone. AGAIN, no diaper bag…but literally 30 seconds later his mom walked in. I let her know I’d just checked him and he was dirty. She said okay and walked out with him.

After everyone had cleared out of the room this girl’s mom (the boy’s grandma) came back in with him and asked me if I had extra wipes. I got them for her and she fussed, “he is such a mess, it is all over him. It’s even all over his shorts…SOMEBODY didn’t change him.” I knew what she was implying, I’m not that slow…I was a little thrown off by what she said though…I explained that I’d just checked him right before the mom walked in. I wanted to say that it was kind of hard to do anything without a diaper bag, but I swear, I couldn’t have said it without cussing at her…I was so mad. (Stupid to get THAT mad, but pregnancy does strange things to a woman when it comes to emotions!) I think I did good to just explain that it all happened within moments of his mom showing up to get him. She didn’t say anything else to me.

I left church ticked off…and after thinking about it last night, I really think I should just pass on the nursery responsibilities to someone else. I know someone I could ask, she used to be a preschool teacher. I don’t know if she wants that much responsibility, but if she did it, then this other girl and her mom would have to get over being mad at me about this whole situation (or not, but it wouldn’t really matter anymore), and they really would have no right to be mad at this other woman because they surely couldn’t feel like this other woman just came in and “took over” as she outright accused me of, right?

All I wanted was for the kids to be taught something at church…I didn’t ask to do this, I was asked to do it. I just wanted our pastor to be aware that the parents wanted their kids to be taught and that we needed something done. I thought he’d just ask her to get it done, but at the same time, I did let him know I was willing to do what was necessary to get it going. I wanted to “help.”

I hate that there’s all this drama involved. I still haven’t decided if it’s worth talking to this girl and her mom about the situation now that I’ve cooled down. I feel like telling them that if they aren’t willing to leave a diaper bag for the kid, then they don’t have a right to be upset when the teacher has nothing to change him with. Isn’t that fair?

Yeah, it’s been eating at me a bit. But God is so cool. Tomorrow I’ll share how He ministered to me through this situation, but as for now, this post is LONG enough and my husband is waiting for me to come to bed.

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The Dress

I had to throw in a picture of the dress…isn’t she adorable?

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Hannah’s Party

I finally did it! I got it together and finally threw Hannah a birthday party, nearly a month after her birthday. With that extra time though, it was much easier to get things done. Birthday presents were bought and wrapped a few weeks in advance. Party favors were bagged up 2 weeks in advance…it was nice to have all that done.

The only thing I had to do was get the house decorated. With 8 kids in the house (Family was still here), it needed some work, so we put the older kids to work while confining the little ones to the bedrooms. I let the kids do the streamers too. They enjoyed wrapping them all the way up the stairs. I did lose it a bit and realized I was way too stressed for my own good. After I stopped to figure my irrational self out, I realized I was stressing because the little boy I blogged about earlier that hurt Hannah was coming. It was kind of funny because I never mailed out an invitation, but his mom remembered her birthday was April 30th and asked when the party was. I guess I could have said, “You’re not invited” but didn’t feel right about doing that.

To my relief, he actually “behaved” better than I thought…nobody else got hurt at least. I think he may have felt a little more intimidated being around new kids, so he wasn’t as comfortable to act out towards them.

I hope the kids had fun. They played Pin the Tail on the Donkey and I got Hannah a pinata. The kids enjoyed that. I had to make the older ones close their eyes to pull the strings though (no batting at the “Princess pinata”) because they know how to figure out which one to pull to get the candy to drop! The boys party will definitely be a pinata bashing party though…they love to beat those things up…Scott also managed to find a good deal on a bouncer and went ahead and bought it. What a life-saver. We used that thing for the kids all weekend long. I think it saved our sanity!

Anyway, Hannah really enjoyed having her friends over and getting to dress up like a princess. She got a kitchen play-doh set, a fur-real kitty, a princess puzzle, some jewelry, and her most favorite of all…a REAL Princess Dress! Actually, she got two of the same dress…Suzy has Hannah pinned on what she likes, and picked out the same dress my sister-in-law picked out. Of course, I made her open the dresses up last because I knew that once she did, she’d forget about all the other wrapped presents (and even cry about me making her open them) because she’d want to put on the dress…and sure enough, before I could blink twice she’d stripped down to her undies and begged me to get the dress on her. She has no shame…this was in front of everyone!

So, she got to wear her princess dress and was surely a happy little princess. My S-I-L took the other dress for her daughter and gave me $ to pick out another dress, which is good because the way she’s wearing that pink one, she’s going to wear it out in the first week if we don’t get her another one to switch to! We’ll have to do some more “princess shopping” tomorrow. That will be fun…

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It’s been a crazy few days. I’ve been MIA when it comes to the internet!

Scott’s sister, her husband, and four kids are here as well as Scott’s dad. It’s amazing how quickly 8 kids can wear out 4 parents and a grandpa. But it’s good to be around family. We’ve been staying up way too late playing poker. I mean, the kids are finally in bed, it’s quiet, and we get to hang out and talk while playing a game. It can’t get better than that! (well, maybe a little better, we could all have more energy to stay up later!).

I FINALLY threw Hannah’s birthday party today too. I’ll have to blog about that tomorrow (or Monday) depending on how hectic it gets here. It went really well. I was kind of dreading it, but all the kids were well behaved for the most part.

Now my kids were exhausted after the party to the point of stupidity, but hey, we got them to bed by 9 (our goal was 8 but we did have 8 kids to put to bed).

I lost this last poker tournament and that is how I managed to get a moment away to post. I kicked some poker butt the last two tournaments though. The best part was taking Scott down. Oh yes, that felt good.

Anyway, I may be MIA for one more day, but then all of our visitors return home and we will be sad. We always get that way when family leaves, even if they do drive us crazy at one point or another when they are here, they’re still family. I’m sure I’ve driven my S-I-L a bit crazy at one point or another with all my screaming at my kids today, but hey, she’s stuck with me if she ever wants to see her brother, heh heh.

Okay, those are my random thoughts since I’ve been MIA. I need to get some serious sleep!

I’ll be posting on Hannah’s Birthday real soon!

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A Little Secret

Today Donavan told me his secret…

“Donavan, why are you whispering?” I asked.

“Because I don’t want Nathanuel to hear me, he’ll tease me!”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m a little slow these days.

“Nathanuel, go finish your homework in your room, please…”

His secret…he admitted that he actually does like a girl. All year he’s been shunning them and blowing them off when they talk to him. I’ve been trying to convince him that he doesn’t have to ignore them, that it is okay to be friends with a girl. Me and my big mouth! Now, he confessed, there is a girl.

And so it begins. Stay cool. It’s not that big of a deal…we can handle this…

He assured me that he isn’t going to “date her” because he knows where I stand (I encourage courting, not dating, and of course, courting occurs years later, like 20 years from now!) 🙂

I played it cool. I explained that ultimately, this is all his choice. If he decides he wants a girlfriend, I’m not going to stop him, judge him, yell at him, be upset with him..these are life choices that only he can make. (I’d rather him be open and honest about his choices with this than sneak around because he’s afraid I’ll punish him or be angry with him). I’ve shared my opinions with him, shared why, shared that when a boy and girl make commitments to each other at such a young age, they may be setting themselves up for a broken heart where a friendship may prove to be the better option. But that is their choice to make. I told him that these are his life choices, not mine to make for him. The only thing I WILL be upset with him for is if he comes home telling me that he got a girl pregnant! That, I admit, will justify a bit of anger from a parent (but still his choice, his consequences to deal with).

Then I asked him all about this girl. I let him talk and talk and talk about her to his little heart’s content.

He told me that she’s a Baptist, “so that’s good, because she’s a Christian.” (This became an issue when a couple weeks ago he told Scott and myself that he thought he should marry someone who wasn’t a Christian so that he could lead her to becoming a Christian. We strongly discouraged that plan of his!) Apparently she lives in our neighborhood, just down the street. Oh great!

I have a feeling he’ll be seeing more of her this summer…I better make arrangements to meet her. I swear, I am way too young for this!

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Today we went to the Discovery Museum to see the Dead Sea scrolls in downtown Charlotte. I’ve been waiting to see this exhibit for months! I love this kind of stuff.

I have to admit, I was really expecting some kind of spiritual insight, awakening, enlightening, something…

but as I stared at the ancient manuscripts, thousands of years old…nothing…I walked around, listened to the pre-recorded narrations on our individual “wands” and became more and more disappointed. I thought this experience would be more personal.

Maybe it was the hoards of people standing around each station. Maybe it was the way the museum set up the scrolls. Maybe my expectations were just too high. It just didn’t have as much of an impact on me as I thought it would. Then again, I was staring at stretched out gazelle skins with faded Hebrew, Aramaic, (you name it) writings on them. I can’t read Hebrew, Aramaic, or any of the other languages written on the scrolls.

So I’ve come to terms with the fact that this big “spiritual event” wasn’t so spirtual for me, but at least I can say that I saw them…

and in the meantime, reading my own personal “scrolls” might just make it all more personal for me. You know the one I’m talking about, the ones written in English, bound in leather, protected by a cover that zips shut. Maybe I’m being a bit shallow or missing the point, but this works out much better for me.

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