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I got up this a.m. at 6:45 so I could get Hannah and Pacey to their 9 a.m. appointment on time. Hannah has a planter’s wart on the bottom of her foot and I was bringing her in for her 2nd treatment, while Pacey just needed to have his ear checked to be sure his infection was gone.

I slept horribly last night and woke up exhausted. I did not want to do this… I got Hannah and Pacey up, dressed and ready to go and we got out of the house by 7:45. Within that hour of getting ready, I’d already dealt with the older boys on whatever issues they brought to me and I was over it…when Donavan replied to me with, “Are you in a bad mood or something?” That was it. Did he really HAVE to ask that?

So I get on the road, hit the highway traffic which wasn’t as bad as expected, thank God…and get to the hospital nearly 30 minutes early. Okay, good. Only problem was, I couldn’t get to the exact parking deck on the directions, so I just parked in the one I normally park in when I take Donavan and decided I’d find my way to the tower through the sky walk.

After loading the kids up in the stroller, I got marching. I get into the hospital and make it into an elevator…even though some impatient man was trying to hurry up and push the button before I could make it in. Seriously, he was looking at me like he didn’t have time for me and kept pushing the button over and over and over again. Can you believe the nerve of that man? I’m 7 months pregnant, pushing two kids in a double stroller and he can’t wait 5 more seconds for me to get onto the elevator? Fortunately, another kind man stopped the door from shutting on me. I wanted to say, “Ha Ha!” But I didn’t, because even though inwardly I’m not, outwardly I’m more mature than that!

I get out of the elevator and let’s just say that I marched for 30 minutes. I couldn’t find the damn tower! I stopped and asked for directions twice because I kept ending up in the wrong towers. 2nd time, I was like, Okay, I got it now. So I got all the way across two sky walks to another parking deck where the employees have to unlock the door for you to access your car (or in my case, another skywalk) and I asked them if I’m still heading the right direction.

A man looked at my little flyer with map/directions and said, “Oh, woah…You are at the wrong hospital altogether!” Are you kidding me? Well, that would explain why I can’t find the right tower! I just wish the other 3 women I stopped to ask could have said, “We don’t have a tower by that name in this hospital.”

So I’m completely flustered by this point and trying to rush back through the skywalks to get to my car so I can get to the correct hospital when a group of women walk by, talking and laughing loudly. Trying to avoid running into one of them, I scoot my stroller over while walking and hit the doorway with the right wheel. Pacey goes flying out off the stroller and onto the floor…so then I had to listen to the women laughing and talking about me throwing my kids out of the stroller…I laughed along at the first joke, ha ha, very funny…but when they wouldn’t shut up, I about lost it. I think the last lady figured I didn’t think it was funny anymore when she said, “Your son needs a seatbelt!” and I kept walking without acknowledging her, because I didn’t hear anymore comments after that…but then again, I was walking away…maybe they were still talking.

I called Scott on my cell…crying…”I’m at the wrong freakin’ hospital!”

“I’m sorry…”

I don’t know what I excpected from him, but I wanted more than that. I wanted him to rescue me from this morning even though he was miles away. Oh forget it. “I’ll call you back later.”

I get down to the parking deck and get the kids loaded up. By this time it’s after 9:15, so I call the office, let her know I was at another hospital, and ask if they still want me to come in. Yes, go ahead and come on in. So I leave and drive around for, oh, I don’t know, 45 more minutes. I don’t know my way around this city too well. I don’t live in the city. I tried following the directions the man gave me, but couldn’t remember the last few streets. I’m dealing with the little ones whining when I get a call…”Mom, am I still grounded? Dad told me to call you and ask you.” Yes, Nathanuel was grounded again yesterday…but I’d already told him we’d talk about it when I got home. Now he’s calling me and I’m stressed trying to find the hospital. And to top it off, Scott told him to call me? He must have lost his mind! “I told you we’d talk when I got home…don’t call me back!” I yelled as I tried to concentrate on where I was going.

I felt like I was SO close, but couldn’t find it. I kept ending up in the middle of the city where all the businesses are and I knew the hospital wasn’t there.

Forget it. I managed to get myself back on the highway about 10:10, when Scott called me and said, “Did you know Jake ran away?”

Here come the tears again. Do I really need to hear this? I specifically told Nathanuel to let the dog back in before I left. Turns out a lady in the neighborhood called Scott to tell him, and also informed him he hurt his foot and that it is bleeding. Scott tries calling home to let the boys know the dog is gone, but they won’t answer the phone. So Scott was on his way home from work to get the dog and find out what the boys are up to.

By the time I get home, Scott got the dog, but he and Donavan are outside spreading ant killer and figuring out where the dog got out of. I go inside and find blood spots all over my floor, all over my carpet. Jake is walking around, happy as can be, but his paw is stamping blood spots everywhere he goes.

I tell Nathanuel to put him up in his kennel…he answers me with, “I’ll take him outside.” Nothing drives me more insane than when I tell him to do something and he tells me he’s going to do something else. Besides…he just ran away, why would you stick him back out there to do the same thing over again? He didn’t have an answer for that question…

I go in my laundry room and let me tell you, that was the last straw…it was REARRANGED. Everything was moved around. I knew who the culrpit was. Donavan tends to do this in rooms on occasion…he’s done it in this room before. I’ve told him not to. So I freaked because then I can’t find things when I need them and the place really isn’t organized.

After throwing my fit…I started having contractions…Okay, time to calm down…I convince myself that I just need to get the kids fed and then go back to bed.

So now I’ve managed to get the carpet cleaned up, feed the little ones and myself, and have a good conversation with a friend who really has more reason to complain than I do. My life isn’t horrible, it’s just been a bad day (not a tragic one) and I’m in the worst of moods.

I guess a bad day is bound to happen one day or another while I’m pregnant…I think I’m going to crawl into bed now, take a long nap and then cancel our Married Couples meeting. There’s just too much going on right now and I know when to say when!


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Trust Me

Hannah was being her silly Hannah self yesterday. She cracked me up with the following conversation right after she accidentally tossed her toy across the room:

Me: Girl, are you throwing stuff around?

Hannah: No, I not.

Me: Are you sure about that? I think you are throwing your stuff around!

Hannah: No, I not! Trust Me, Mom! I not throwing stuff.

Me: What did you just say?

Hannah: I said Trust Me. You got to Trust Me, Mom! Trust me…trust me, Mom!

All this after we just had this conversation. At least I think I have this one figured out (it took some thinking though). She was trying to tell me in her own little way that she will be gentle with the baby…because anytime she asks to hold a bug or frog, or whatever backyard creature we may find, I tell her to be gentle and when she starts to squeeze too hard, I tell her to stop or she is going to kill it. If she doesn’t listen, I won’t let her hold the critter anymore explaining I don’t want her to kill it…so, THAT is where I got her little promise from.

So, now my just-turned 3 year old is telling me to trust her! Isn’t that hilarious? I thought this conversation would hit me when she turned 11 or 12…not 3. Yeah, this is the same girl who is always getting into trouble. The same girl who kept flushing a stopped up toilet until she managed to get an inch of water all over the bathroom floor. The same little girl who came in from the backyard to tell me she “tried to escape, but couldn’t” because the fence was in her way. I didn’t even know she snuck outside! Yeah, this is my Hannah, and now she’s telling me to trust her!

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Thanks To Jemmers…

How do you show your thanks and appreciation to a person who doesn’t even know you, yet came across your blog site and then took the time to get the information you needed from her husband and then emailed it to you? Well, I have to say thanks to Jemmers!

Agonizing over the baby room and how to fix the slime dilemma…I was lost. Yet she talked to her husband and emailed back what I needed to know. Sure enough, my husband and I went out and bought a belt sander Monday night (since we figured we could use it to sand down some furniture we are going to refinish one of these days) and then I got busy sanding away yesterday. It took me about 3 1/2 hours of sanding to get the slime down enough to paint over it with kilz as opposed to a week of trying to sand by hand or using an electric sander! So, I definitely want to say thanks to this wonderful, cute little lady who was kind enough to care!

I’m posting updated pictures on the progress of the baby room on my Pregnancy Then Baby site…slowly but surely we are getting somewhere!

I did manage to get the room sanded, patched, and mostly kilz’ed. (Is that a word?) Decided I’m still going to have to do the sandwash, but now I’m pretty excited about the idea.

I went to The Home Depot today…left the house around 10 a.m. and wouldn’t you know it…didn’t get home until 3…

Okay, I actually got all the way there, loaded the two little ones in a shopping cart and realized once I was in the paint section that I left my baby room wall hangings at home, so it would be impossible to decide on paint colors without it. I had to drive back home, which took a bit longer since they were doing construction on a road on the way home. By the time I got back home, we were starving, so since I was driving by the local pizza place anyway, we stopped for a bite to eat. I was able to get a medium cheese for $6. Not bad.

We ate, then headed back out to The Home Depot. Once I get there and decide what I want, I approach the desk and the guy has no clue as to what I need in order to do sandwashing. I knew more than he did about it and I’ve never done it before. (Obviously he’s never done it before either but he does work there!) I had to tell him what I needed. In fact, I had to convince him of what I needed by pulling out the instructions booklet on the samples pamplet and show him what it said. Even after that, I went and grabbed the Sandwash Foundation and the Sandwash paint from the shelves and took it to him because I feared he’d just grab regular paint for the foundation and I wasn’t sure if that would work as well. There’s more to this complicated story, but I’m not going to get into it…I finally got what I needed and made it back home around 3:00.

By that time I was achy and exhausted. Scott and I both woke up with headaches this a.m. and I’m wondering if it was the fumes from painting last night. My body has been somewhat achy all morning too. I decided that, although I probably could if I really wanted to, get at least one coat of the foundation on the walls, that I need to take a break. My body is definitely screaming at me for working all day yesterday!

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Trial & Error

Posted an “update” on the nursery at Pregnancy Then Baby tonight, but I can’t say it’s really that much of an update…!

As far as the rest of life is concerned…I have to say one thing. I am a mean mother! But in my defense, I’m still learning, so sometimes a parent has to learn by trial and error. I provoked my son to what I’m about to share and now I know better! What a lesson for ME!

See…this son (and I’m not saying which one it is although it’s the same one I’ve been blogging about lately), got caught two days in a row not washing his hands and flushing the toilet after going to the bathroom. So, I told him (the first day that he got caught, that if he did this again) that he had to have his brother accompany him to the bathroom as a hand-washing monitor for three days…and if he did what he was supposed to for 3 days, then he wouldn’t be required to have a pee pal anymore. He apparently didn’t believe me, because he did it again the very next morning…so…I figured he thought I was bluffing…I mean…if I didn’t follow through, he’d NEVER wash his hands, right?

Look, I know it is kind of silly, but it just GROSSES ME OUT. I know for a fact that he got into MY cereal (Go Lean Crunch) that 2nd morning (and probably first) right after going to the bathroom. So there were PEE germs and other bathroom germs in my cereal (haven’t you watched all those 20/20 and 60 minutes reports on the germs found on JUST the toilet flusher?) You can bet I haven’t touched that box again. No way…I’m not eating it.

So, he makes it through the first day and what a pain in the butt it was. I rewarded Donavan for his duties and instructed my other son (not that I’m saying which son did this) that night that he better get it all out before going to bed because he wasn’t going to just wake Donavan up every time he had to go pee in the middle of the night. I didn’t want Donavan to feel like he was the one being punished here and the other son would have no problem waking someone else up…and would probably do it several times just because he could.

So Scott and I talked about it the 2nd night and agreed this was quite ridiculous (it was a pain in the butt for the whole family) and we were taking this whole situation too far (we’d both come up with the idea for him to have a pee pal). He said to me, “You know, if it makes you feel any better, your sisters probably never washed their hands after going to the bathroom when you were growing up with them and you survived that.” Oh, Scott…did you have to go there? Besides, when it’s MY KIDS, they need to wash their hands! I don’t want to have to think about how gross my kids are while I’m pregnant. Pregnant women…well, when the nesting thing settles in…it’s over…just don’t even go there. Things have to be CLEAN!

I’m naturally that way anyway, clutter up my house all you want, (that eventually drives me crazy too), but germs…No…I hate germs. I buy those big bulk pkgs of disinfectant wipes (comes w/ 3 containers) at BJ’s, which is much like Sam’s Club or Costco, and we go through 3 of those container things in a month easy…not the size you get at Wal-Mart, but each one is twice that size. Yes, I’m a freak.

So the next morning I woke up and decided to go tell Nathanuel he didn’t have to have a pee pal anymore and saw that the boys’ bedroom door was open. So when I opened the door, I asked him, “Did you go pee?” He slapped his forehead and said “Yes” in such a guilty manner…but little did I know that it was the beginning of his confession…”Mom, can we please talk about this somewhere else?”

See, he’s been saying that he lies about stuff because he gets embarrassed, so I told him that if he feels that someone else is listening, he can ask to talk about whatever the situation is somewhere else so he doesn’t have an excuse to lie out of fear that his brother will taunt and tease him about it later on. I escort him into the baby room and he starts to tear up.

“I couldn’t hold it, so when I let Jake out to pee (Jake is our dog), I just peed outside too. I couldn’t wait.”

“What?!? Where?”

“On the ground, by the back porch.”

“You mean the deck? Did you pee OFF THE DECK?”

“No! I went down to the ground!”

You know how parents close their eyes when they hear something they really don’t want to hear? I discovered at that moment that they do that because they are hoping that when they open their eyes, that moment will have gone away and NEVER happened. But it never works. Once you open your eyes, you are back in the situation.

“Where the neighbors could see?”

Yes, he did…he peed into the bush by the back deck, just like a dog.

“and there’s more…” he said.

I close my eyes again…no…not more!!! I should have said I didn’t want to know.

“Then, when I came back inside, I didn’t wash my hands because I was afraid you’d hear me and know what I did.”

Okay, now this really is just too funny. Here he is so tormented and upset about this situation and I drove him to it. I’ll admit it! The whole purpose of this was to get him to start washing his hands and now I have him sneaking outside to pee and then not washing his hands so he won’t get caught. I realized it the moment he said he adopted his dog as his newest pee pal.

But I kept a straight face and said as sternly as I could… “You are going to have to tell your dad about this.”

Hey, I drove him to it, but I’m still MEAN. Scott needed a good laugh…okay? So we walk to my room and I tell Scott, “Nathanuel has something to tell you…”

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when Scott has a hard time composing himself. He covers his mouth with his hand as if he’s seriously listening when really he is trying his hardest not to burst out laughing. Nathanuel got the “don’t do it again” response along with a “You are going to disinfect all the stuff you touched afterwards, now go wash your hands.” We told him that he didn’t need a pee pal anymore (or ever again as far as we are concerned!)

When Nathanuel left, Scott and I finally let it out. Oh my gosh that is SO FUNNY! We are aweful parents! Seriously though, what are the odds that this would happen the morning after we decide we are being stupid about the situation and over-reacting? I guess in this house, the odds would be pretty high.

I still ask him if he’s washed his hands after going to the bathroom, and I haven’t brought myself to let him get into the food…I’d rather prepare it for him…we’ll just have to wait and see how he handles himself over the next several days…but I’m thinking he won’t be peeing outside again anytime soon!

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I really got it good the night that I told my boys about China (see last post). I guess my subconscious decided to teach me a lesson!

I had a night full of wild and crazy dreams. I woke up several times in the night, my heart racing, about to pound out of my chest…they were intense, full of action…and unfortunately, not the kind of action I would have liked to dream about. *wink*

The FIRST dream was what really got to me though. I’m convinced God’s hand was in it.

It started with Scott and I taking a tour of Jayleigh’s newly bought house. How we actually got to meet her and her husband in person I’ve still to figure out, but there we were in their house. (They’d just bought an OLD house that they decided they were going to completely renovate in this dream of mine). She brought us to this bathroom and showed us a shower, surrounded by glass. It was covered in grime…dried up brown mildew and filth. Scott and I walked inside of it and found that it was actually a portal to another world…or uh….country. (This had to have come from watching the Chronicles of Narnia!)

This was a country very much like the China I described to my boys. We were outdoors and there were people outside bathing together, just as I described to my boys. There were huts and animals everywhere…oh yes, and the toilets! It was somewhat exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Scott and I went through this world, exploring how the people lived their lives, and as we walked around, we discovered there was a man who decided to follow us. He didn’t seem threatening in an evil way, but he did seem to have an agenda…and I didn’t want to stick around to find out what it was. He was like some sort of authority figure that you only came across when you get in trouble.

So Scott and I started running from this man, determined not to get caught, and BARELY made it back through the portal (shower) before this man reached us. Jayleigh was still standing there, describing the work they planned on doing in this bathroom. Time never passed in the real world. But my heart was still pounding from all the running and hoping we’d make it back into OUR world before getting caught by this man.

And that is when I woke up. I was wide awake, trying to get my heart to stop racing, when I heard a strange sound…a weird clicking sound.

“Did someone turn the dryer on?” I thought. What the heck? It’s like, 3 a.m. and the dryer is on? I went into the hall to see if that is where the noise was coming from. Nope…not the dryer. I went back into my room, utterly confused…when I heard it more clearly.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. The sound was calling out to me. I turned my head and looked, and it was my SHOWER. drip drip drip drip drip drip drip…as it hit the shower floor it clicked, clicked, clicked, clicked, clicked. I opened the shower door, a bit freaked out. I mean, it was NOT doing that when we went to bed. I would know, it sounded so loud echoing through the bathroom. (Scott says I could hear a mouse farting in my sleep because I hear everything). As I turned the water off completely, I realized nobody had even taken a shower that night. So how the heck did the water get turned on to a steady drip?

“God, I get it. I will stop messing with my kid’s heads about China. Just don’t create some weird portal in my shower, okay?” (Hey, I’m pregnant, completely irrational, and it was 3 a.m.!)

So after everyone was awake yesterday morning, I called the boys.

“You know all that stuff I was telling you about China? Well, I was just kidding.”

“I knew it!” Donavan exclaimed.

“Really?” Nathanuel asked.


“Even the toilets?” He asked.

“Even the toilets.”

“Well, what kind of toilets do they have then?”

“Toilets like we have.”

“What about the baths?”

“They have baths like we have”

“Well what about electricity?”

“They have electricity”

“Well, what about……..”

Yes, we went through every fib I told him the night before…that was my penance for my little white lies!

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Just For Fun…

I had to do it. It was just too tempting.

Scott and I have shared with the kids that if he continues on in his career, the company will more than likely send us to China for a couple of years. I’ve agreed to go with Scott on one condition…he has to let me adopt a little girl from China.

So we pretty much agreed that we would do just that if we went. I shared our plans with the kids, explaining that if we end up going, we would plan on adopting again. Granted, this won’t happen anytime soon. We are talking like, 6 years from now… I happened to mention some of the company perks of moving to this foreign country, like living in a P&G community where the houses are big and the kids get to go to the best private schools at the company’s expense. I was told that employees are paid so well that they can afford a house-keeper and a nanny. (NOT that anyone is raising my kids…that’s my job!)

But Nathanuel just won’t quit. He keeps saying, “I wish we could move to China now!”

So at dinner tonight, China was brought up AGAIN. I couldn’t help it.

“You know things will be different in China, right?”

“How?” (one of the kids).

Like there’s no plumbing in China. They don’t even have porcelain toilets. They make their toilets out of bamboo and place them outside. They don’t flush like our toilets, you have to use a plunger every time you go to the bathroom to get the waste to go down.

Donavan was grossed out. Nathanuel didn’t seem to mind (He was probably thinking he didn’t flush anyway, so this would save him from getting in trouble!)

I glanced over at Scott who had his mouth covered. He was about to lose it.

The water supply comes from a well. We have to get the water for EVERYTHING. They don’t have sinks and showers like we do either. In fact, we have to get in a big tub and someone else has to pour the hot water into the tub for us.

But the entire families take the baths together… Scott chimes in.

Yup. There’s not enough water supply any other way.

GROSS! Donavan was officially disturbed by this thought. I thought you said the employees were wealthy, not peasants! He argued.

Oh, Honey. You think that is peasant life for them? No, the peasants have it MUCH worse. The peasants live in mud and bamboo huts. At least our home will have a couple bedrooms in it.
Although we won’t have electricity. We will have to use lanterns for light. Oh yes, and handwash our clothes because they don’t have washers and dryers there.

I thought you said that we’d have servants! Donavan argued.

I didn’t exactly say that…I said we could afford a house keeper and nanny…but I argued back, we probably will have a housekeeper, but if she has to wash our clothes by hand, it will take forever to wash laundry for 7 people! Just think about it! She’d never get to anything else. You all are going to have to pitch in and do your part here…

I did it. Donavan was officially tearing up.

I glanced over at Scott who whispered, “You are HORRIBLE.”

I giggled.

“Are you just kidding?” Nathanuel asked.

“No. I’m just laughing at that look on your face.” I saved myself there…

Scott had to leave the room. He couldn’t contain himself much longer.

Without electricity, we’ll get to go to the market every day to get our groceries. We’ll have to since we won’t have a refridgerator. We’ll have to pick out exactly what we need for each day and then make our meals. That will be kind of cool, won’t it?

“Well if we can cook it… Donavan tried to reason.

Well, that’s why they eat a lot of Sushi in China, because it’s such a pain to get the fire started in order to cook the food.

They don’t eat sushi in China! That’s in Japan!

Yes they do! They eat Sushi in almost all of Asia.

No, I know they cook there. They have fried squid in China!

Sure they do, but they don’t just make it every day because it is such a pain to get that fire started. Sushi is much easier to make. That’s why there is only one McDonald’s in China…what city is it again? Hey, Scott, are we going to be anywhere near that McDonald’s in China?


How far do you think we’ll be from it?

About 1000 miles.

They were buying it. I couldn’t believe it.


Did you ever tell the boys you were just kidding? Scott asked me after we sent them to bed.

Oh no! I forgot! I even called them to tell them later on but they didn’t hear me and I got distracted by the little ones.


“You are horrible, Melissa! You are just Awwwwwweful!”

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Okay, for those of you who haven’t figured it out…my mom has left a few comments on my posts…but the cool thing is this:

My mom has started blogging!

I’m so excited. She’s always been cool like that.

The Gift of Mercy

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