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The very minute we were supposed to head out the door to take Dwight to his Feedback Appt. with his NeuroPsychologist, the phone rang. Caller ID told me it was Patrick’s elementary school, so I HAD to answer. What if he was sick?

No, he’s not sick. His shot records do not show that he’s ever had the Vericella vaccine and if I don’t know if he’s had the Chicken Pox, then I have until September 7th to get him vaccinated. How’s that for timing? September 7th? You mean the day I go in for my C-Section? You have to be kidding me, right? So, tomorrow I’ll be making phone calls to try to get my son in for a shot so he can continue to attend school.

So, I left the house in tears. This is the LAST thing I need to worry about right now. I’m trying to get last-minute church stuff arranged, make appointments, get the baby room set up (no, it’s STILL not ready), cook some meals to freeze, I could go on and on…EVERYTHING is piling up.

We get to Dwight’s appointment and she talks to Dwight a little bit. He ended up in tears because she mentioned that some of the answers he gave on some tests indicated he is slightly depressed and dealing with some anxiety issues.

“I NEVER SAID I WAS DEPRESSED!” he insisted, as he cried. I finally had to break in and explain to him that HE didn’t say it, but the answers he gave on the tests indicated that he might be dealing with some depression.

After he left, she gave us the rest of the story. I didn’t cry. I don’t know why or how, maybe because I got the tears out before we left the house. Maybe I haven’t fully comprehended what she was saying…

but I pray that the cyst the Dr.’s found on the baby’s brain is gone and that this baby is completely healthy because we have so much to focus on with Dwight and Patrick.

So she said that Dwight has several symptoms indicating he is mildly autistic. It’s so borderline that she said we are just going to wait and see how he progresses for now, but this could be an indication of why he has such a hard time socially. It makes more sense to us why he does the things he does…why we get so frustrated with him. But still.

She is suggesting that his Dr. consider medicating him for obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety/depression. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Scott and I are going to talk about it more later, after the kids are in bed.

In the meantime, we’ll be able to get him help in school and we’ll probably be taking him to a “psychotherapist,” to focus on social skills & anxiety reduction.

As we were leaving the Dr.’s office, we got into the car just as it started to storm. How ironic. When it rains, it pours…and it poured down the entire 1-hour drive home.


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By The End of the Day

I felt so guilty…I mean, what kind of Mom thinks this? But as I stared at my 3-year-old who was once again, challenging me…

Yes, I confess. I looked at her and thought, “I usually don’t feel this way, but today I really truly do NOT like you. In fact, I wish I didn’t have to deal with you. Why can’t I have a day off from you?”

USUALLY, even if she is a bit challenging, she has her cute moments that melt my heart away. But not today. Today her cute act just didn’t do her justice for all the naughty things she did. We had a rough day.

By bed time, when I told her to go upstairs and get in her bed, she just stood there and stared at me to see if I meant it. I told her I’d be right up there to tuck her in and that she needed to go now.

She stuck her tongue at me.

I watched her, trying to figure out if she was really doing what I thought she was doing. I tried giving her that mommy look, but she poked her tongue out a bit more. Yup, she knows what she’s doing.

Little girl, why do you have to be so hard-headed? I really do love you, but today, I do not like you!

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Assuming the Position

So this is how it’s going to be, is it?

Yesterday my daughter refused to listen to me. Especially once company arrived, she just pushed and pushed. Since my body kept wanting to contract, I just wasn’t a good mommy yesterday…I didn’t follow through with my threats. I shouldn’t have even made any…

This morning, I’d had enough. Last night I slept great, only had one contraction that I can remember…so I figure I’m good to go today…

And Kelly is still testing. (No surprise there!) I tell her to go do something, she ignores me. Today, she ignores me just once, and it’s being dealt with.

Today, I told her to go clean her room, and not only did she not go upstairs to clean her room, but she laid her little body on the hard kitchen floor. Next thing I know, she’s assumed the Missionary position and the damn dog is on top of her…Yes…doing exactly what you are thinking he’s doing.

Her excuse for not cleaning the room? “The dog is on top of me…I can’t get up!”

Not only was I grossed out, (horrified), she just gave me more motivation and determination to end this disobedience NOW. I can’t handle seeing the dog do that again. So, she was given another position to try out…

And when she gets older, and tries to ignore me when I tell her to do something…I’m telling her what the dog was doing on top of her. Maybe she’ll be horrified enough to do what I say the first time!

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My poor husband has really been taking up the slack lately. He’s been working his butt off, then comes home and ends up making dinner. One of my kids even implied that I “don’t cook.” It’s not that I don’t cook…I just that I haven’t cooked that much lately. There’s a difference, you know!

But tomorrow I’m going to the grocery store, buying some groceries, and cooking a good meal. I want him to be able to come home hungry and be able to just sit down and eat to his heart’s (or belly’s) content.

He’s been so sweet. This a.m. I told him about the contractions I had last night. Then this a.m. I had a few more. He called me a couple times and even asked me if the baby is moving okay. The concern in his voice was so cute. I can’t imagine going through this pregnancy without his love and support.

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Getting Ready!

Tonight we made the shirts…

Once Baby Sister is born, we’ll add her footprint to her shirt. We can’t wait!

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Boys Will Be Boys

Do you remember the grade school days when boys did things to get our attention, only to gross us out? It never ends. They just become men and grow more persistent at getting your attention.

The other night I was getting ready for bed and was still a little ticked at my man. I was trying to have a serious conversation with him in the bathroom, as I was preparing my tooth brush, when he poured water into his mouth, and then just sat there staring at me, letting the water slowly seep out of his mouth. He looked WEIRD.

“You are making it hard to talk to you about this.” I said…as he stared at me with water drooling out of his mouth. ”You are pissing me off!” I warned.

He just sat there, water still running out of his mouth, down his chin and dripping into the sink. No doubt in my mind, he’d do this all night until he got a response from me.

“STOP!” Okay, now we sound like the kids. I gave him THE LOOK. If you are married, you know what the look is. But as I stared him down, he looked so ridiculous the smile escaped my lips. He won, I lost. I’m such a poor sport, I called him a freak so I’d feel better – even if it is true!

Then he stuffed his pills up his lip. He looked like a hillbilly hick. He gave me his signature, “Golly, do I look good” and goofy laugh. I again, tried to ignore him, but he is persistent and experience has taught him if he just keeps bugging me long enough, he’ll get his response from me eventually, even if it’s just so he’ll leave me alone!

“Do you think they would have hired me at my job if I looked like this?” He asked…again, his goofy dumb laugh and “Do you want to buy some coffee from me?”

No, Hon, in fact, you’d be fired on the spot for looking like that right now!


We started talking about sex, particularly sex after the baby is born. Last time around, we waited four weeks after the baby was born…and I’m hearing from someone that they only waited 10 days. How? Wow. I mean, seriously! They aren’t wasting any time, right!?!? Really, I’m happy for them, but can I be a bit jealous too? I mean, after a C-Section, I can tell you it’s not happening 10 days later…

So I mention that to Scott and he says, “Well, I’m sure they only did it about like we have this pregnancy…”

So I say, “Ummmm…no, I’m pretty sure they were more active…”

He wanted to know how I knew…

“Because she blogged about a couple times…and just those couple of times has been more than what we’ve been doing the last 3 months. Do the math, Honey.”

So not 30 minutes later, you know what he wants to do? I’m telling you, our friends used to know us as the couple who never let too many days go by without some lovin’. They were jealous of us because after only 1 year of marriage, they were seeing very little action in the bedroom while we rarely missed a day.

But I think this pregnancy has messed with my poor man’s head a little bit, so this time around, we just haven’t been as active…that is, until I mention that another couple just might have outdone us this time around…

See, his competetive drive can work to my benefit after all!

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My husband drives me nuts…just when I find something to gripe about he shuts his computer and offers to work from home, even though he’d planned on meeting with his boss, so I can take Dwight to his 2 hour appointment without two clingy kiddos. Was he reading my blog? No, he was just being nice & supportive. He’s good. I hate it when he’s good!

So, we get up this a.m. and he goes into the office to meet with his boss before my Dr.’s appointment. Then he shows up and in the waiting room, he’s like, “I think I’m going to take the kids somewhere fun today…”

“Fun, like where?”

“Like the M-O-V-I-E-S’s”

Wait a minute…how is it that I, the 9 month pregnant woman gets stuck driving an hour away to take a kid to an appointment while he goes to the movies?

Ahhh, work schedule looks better now because he got a lot done and was able to meet with the boss this a.m.

So then we re-negotiated and ended up BOTH going to the appointment. We dropped Dwight off and they said we needed to be back in only 40 minutes! We stopped at a restaurant. Scott took off mid-meal because we were running out of time, and ended up waiting 20 minutes for him to finish up, then came back and picked up Joshua, Kelly and I at Steak N Shake.

It was funny though…I had a “Lifetime television moment.” I realized after Scott left that I’d left my cell phone in the car. He was gone for 30 minutes, and it occurred to me that if he just decided he was fed up with me, he could take off right now and I didn’t even have my cell phone with me to call anyone. I don’t have anyone’s numbers memorized. I had $5 in cash on me. I’d be so screwed!

I know he loves me, so I didn’t panick…but I was sooooooo thankful to see that Ford Taurus pull up into the parking lot again.

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