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Bear With Me

I’m having a hard time keeping up right now. Not that Madison is a horrible baby, but I just plain forgot how much work is required in caring for a newborn! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every minute of it, (well, almost every minute), but my house is a wreck, pantry needs to be restocked, and I’m behind on all my favorite blogs!

So, I will get caught up…and I’m working on commenting on them too…

Please bear with me!


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When I was pregnant with Joshua, Scott and I made a bet. He didn’t think I’d learn how to sew, and he’d bought me a sewing machine years before because I wanted one.

So, he challenged me to make 5 baby outfits before Joshua was born…If I did it, I’d tell him what I wanted…if he won, well…let’s just say I wasn’t going to let him win…he’s a guy, I’m sure you can imagine what he may have wanted!

So, I learned how to sew and made this outfit for Joshua. I was so proud of it I kept it and thought it would be cute to put Madison in her big brother’s pj’s. Joshua was so proud to see his baby sister in his little baby clothes.

She is starting to look more like me. (Hooray!) This picture here looks a lot like some of my baby pictures. She does have her daddy’s lips and chin though!

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She’s Filling Out

Madison loves to eat. She has little chubby cheeks now!

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Do NOT let your guard down…or this could happen.

This is Madison’s bassinet sheet. I woke up yesterday morning and found a wee little dirty diaper.

As I began to clean her cute little bottom, I saw that she was ready to squeeze out some more poo, so I held the diaper over her for a minute. All was quiet, so

I assumed I was safe. I removed the diaper altogether when…

BLAST OFF! Yellow Seedy poo everywhere. Well, I figured she was surely done by now, so I scooted her little body up to the top of the basinet where I figured I could clean her up and then remove the sheet. I started to clean off her little bottom again, feeling all was well.

PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT! Again. Yellow Seedy poo spewed everywhere, along with urine. And not a clean spot on the bassinet for poor little screaming Addison. I managed to dirty 3 diapers in one diaper change, two hadn’t even been used yet! That was my limit, it was time to ask for help.

“Scott…can you come up here? I need some help! And don’t laugh!!!”

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4 Days Old

Here are a couple more pics taken yesterday. Madison is so alert when she is awake and knows her mommy and daddy’s voice.

The red mark under her nose is actually a hemangioma birthmark. We are going to take her to a pediatric plastic surgeon to see when she will need to be treated. I guess hemangiomas can grow and this would be a problem since it is located between her nose and mouth the way it is.

Otherwise, she is perfectly healthy. She had her 1st Well Baby appointment today. She was very alert and the Dr. even got to see her lift her head up and commented on how strong she is.

This afternoon I decided we’d nap together and after feeding her, she was lying against my chest sound asleep when she smiled the biggest smile and then laughed. It was so funny. I know it’s gas bubbles but it was just too cute.

And now…baby calls…feeding time!

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Meet Madison

Here she is!

Born 11:14 a.m. 7 lbs., 6 oz 19 1/2 inches long

The proud brothers & sister!

I’m working on the details, but I forgot how crazy things get with a newborn. I’ll post more details as soon as I get them all typed up. It’s just so hard to type with one free hand! 😉

Princess 21 said…
She is absolutly beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!
1:30 PM

Ben said…
Thumbs up!
4:07 PM

Jayleigh said…
Congratulations! **hugs**
5:01 PM

Faith in Florida said…
Those are awesome pictures Melissa!
10:36 PM

John Cowart said…
The older ones are cute, but you’re getting better and better at this kid thing.
9:18 AM

Donna said…
She is so precious!! Congrats! Praying for you!
10:03 AM

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The Big Day

I go in tomorrow morning for my C-Section. I’m a bit nervous and hope I can sleep okay tonight. The thought of laying there awake with my body opened up on a table is a bit disturbing. But I have gone through it before.

Patrick is the most nervous about this surgery. I guess he understands the possibilities of loss a lot more than any of the other kids. He’s lost a brother to abuse, and then several women who were supposed to be mother figures in his life, as well as his father, simply because drugs became their only concern. It’s sad…and I’m trying to reassure him that everything will be fine.

The kids are otherwise very excited about getting to meet their baby sister. Joshua is thrilled, he’s been counting down the days. I hope he realizes what he’s getting himself into!

Suzy is watching the two younger ones for me. Thank God for her. I wouldn’t be able to have my mom there with me otherwise!

I doubt my room has internet access, so I will ask my mom to post pictures for me. If she isn’t able to get any up before I get home, I’ll post when I get home…hopefully on Saturday!

As you can see, I’m a bit scatter-brained, so it must mean I need to wind down and try to get some rest. Thanks for all the prayers and I’ll be posting soon!

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