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or firewoman…

okay, firegirl.

My sister and I saved hundreds of people, running up and down the grocery store aisle, putting out the fires. It was quite the heroic act for a girl only about 7 years old.

Still, there were ungrateful victims in the store. I remember an older man walking by with his shopping cart, staring at me sourly as I ran past the aisle to put out a fire reaching out to grab him. If he’d only known what kind of danger he was in! Seriously! Why were these people not heading for the exits!?!

“What are you doing???” My mom came around the corner with her cart. “Both of you, come here now!”

Michelle and I followed her command. Why was she upset?

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“We’re pretending to be firemen.” I explained. “We are putting out the fires!”

“Lynn, the way you are holding your hose, it looks like you are trying to pee like a boy! You need to stop doing that right now!”

My cheeks started burning. That is why the old man was scowling at me! He thought I was pretending to hold something I really didn’t have and I was pissing all over the place with it!

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To My Baby Sis

Today is my youngest sister’s 22nd birthday. I remember as a kid, thinking about our ages. “Wow, when M turns 21, I’ll be 28!” I marveled. 28 was so OLD.

But today she is 22. I’m beyond old…I’m almost 30! 😉 And she is still just a baby in this big cruel world.

I wonder what she is doing today. I wonder if she knows how excited my other sister and I were the day she was born. I wonder if she knows how much she is loved. I wonder if she understands how much our hearts break at the thought of where she is at in her life right now. I wonder if she knows how much I regret not being more protective over her as we were growing up. But I guess I was just a kid myself.

My sister and I rarely talk…maybe twice a year if it’s a good year. If my Mom happens to be with her over the holidays, she’ll put my little sister on the phone, and we make small talk because there’s not a whole lot to say when you aren’t close to somebody.

I wish we could be closer, but I don’t know how to be close to her. My heart aches for the pain she has brought on herself from decisions she’s made, and I pray that she isn’t getting into “big” trouble again. The last thing I want to hear is my sister is back in prison. No. The last thing I want to hear is that she’s OD’d somewhere, at some party surrounded by people who never really cared about her in the first place.

I pray that she is doing okay and that she isn’t screwing up her life. I pray that she realizes her full potential and lives up to it before it’s too late. I pray that she could just grasp the depth of God’s love for her…she is so special, yet she hides behind whatever she can, whether it’s lies or lack of communication so that her family can’t even express their love for her the way she desires to be loved. I wouldn’t say she is hard, she just seems numb.

But I hope that today is the beginning of a new life. I hope today she has the best birthday ever. I pray that she realizes how much she is loved and what could just be if…if she’d just stop numbing the pain and start taking the steps towards healing.

Happy Birthday, M.

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Practical Joke Foiled

I was trying to be a baaaad, baaaaaaaaad girl. But it didn’t work. Guess that’s what happens when good girls try to be bad, it just doesn’t work out.

See, Scott works for P&G selling coffee, dogfood, and snacks to a certain store. So when he showed me this web site on coffee, I decided to go to the “Wake Up Call” page and plug in some cell phone numbers. You know, my sister’s, sister-in-law’s, Pastor’s…

I got a good laugh out of it as I thought about the early morning phone calls these people would be receiving inspiring them to get their lazy butts out of bed. But just to make sure this thing was going to work, I entered my cell too. Little did I know, but should have expected, that the company texts a confirmation code that you are supposed to reply to on your cell so the wake-up call will actually be activated.

Dag Rabbit! (That’s what my oldest used to say) Foiled again!

Oh well. I predict my sister will be the only one curious enough to confirm the call. At least it specifically says “Folger’s Wake Up Call” on the cell so that everyone will assume it was Scott. hee hee

As far as the rest of my life is going:

1. Grocery shopping has finally been accomplished – Friday night. Scott ended up joining me since we had to get costumes for the kids. Bad idea. We doubled our normal grocery bill and ended up with19 bananas.

2. Scott bought and installed a brand new faucet. Woo Hoo! I can use my sink again. Thanks, Honey!

3. I got summoned for Jury Duty…isn’t that just what I needed now? I actually checked the mail as I was getting into the van to go shopping Friday and saw an envelope from the City of ________. I thought it was regarding my water bill – we’ve been inquiring as to why it’s so high…to my surprise, it had nothing to do with water.

Yes, I cried. Like I need one more thing to do. The best part, they want me to come in on Nov. 7th, the same day Scott is flying out on business. What to do? I guess I’ll show up with my three kids and ask the judge to excuse me from duty. I hope he doesn’t hate me for doing that!
But seriously, what else am I supposed to be doing with a breastfeeding baby?

4. I talked to one of the more dedicated and supportive moms in the church re: Children’s Ministry. She was excited when I asked her if she was interested in taking on the role of “Coordinator.” She is certainly a better fit and I think that since she’s been with the church for so long, she will get a little more respect from the other women. I haven’t told the pastor yet…but hey, he put it on us to make the decisions and run with it, so we did. Funny thing is, all these women found out before I did that I was the “coordinator.” She laughed when I told her how I found out. What a mess. But thank God it is getting resolved. I feel like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

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A Time To Embrace

How long can I post about NOT going grocery shopping?

No, I did not make it out again. Let’s just say I had a loooooooong night. Grunting Baby stirred all night long, AND somebody kept kicking the walls last night. I got up twice trying to figure out who it was. (Might as well, I was awake anyway). Never did find out who it was.

I just couldn’t go. I even made it as far as getting my makeup on and getting the diaper bag packed, but I just couldn’t bring myself to get in the car. I felt like a failure. I was in a “mood.” Why does it seem so hard to do this?

So instead I got online and started reading some blogs…when I came across this one.
Wow. Thank you, Faith in Florida. I will embrace the moment…because it will only last for a moment. One day I’ll only be shopping for two, and I’ll have plenty of opportunities to go shopping at any time I want, AND I’ll get to sleep as much as I want. I am living my dream right now. I don’t even know what my dream is after my children are all grown up and move out. What is after that? I don’t even want to think about it.

But after giving up on shopping, I took a nap. It wasn’t the best, but I did get some sleep.

Then I got up and started to make dinner when this happened…

Yes, my faucet broke off. It can’t be repaired. We have to buy a new one. So what’s next?

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…THIS is next. Everything is ALL better.

Fortunately, Scott came to my rescue and turned the water off. In the meantime, I have to go to the downstairs bathroom if I need water in the kitchen for any reason.

So MAYBE I’ll get my shopping done tomorrow. Maybe I’ll buy a faucet. MAYBE. No promises, no expectations…I’m just embracing the moment, taking each day as it comes, and thanking God for the amazing opportunity to live my dream.

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We never made it out. It rained and poured into the evening. We gave up by dinner time.

Scott made the best meal for dinner though. It smelled so good. Red beans and rice. Garlic and onions and smoked sausage with some parsley poured over steaming hot white rice – mmmmmmmmmmmm. Too bad I couldn’t eat it!

That’s right! He filled the house with this delicious aroma and tortured me as I ordered my stinkin’ pizza – because pizza – the right kind at least, won’t give the baby gas!

Tomorrow…tomorrow I’m getting groceries.

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Rain Rain Go Away

I need to get groceries today!

I already sent my husband out yesterday to get a few things to last us a day or two, but we really need groceries. Of course, the day I plan on going to get them – the day Scott decides to work from home and I can keep most of the kids with him – it rains. A little drizzle is fine, but as soon as I get the baby changed, fed, burped, buckled and covered, it pours. Forget that! It’s one thing if I get wet by myself, but I’m not dragging my 5 week old child out in this just to get groceries, not worth it!

I’ll wait it out, and pray that it slows down soon so I don’t have to drag my other 2 munchkins with me tomorrow before my 3:00 6 week post-natal appointment.

In the meantime – Madison is enjoying her swing!

Awwwwwe, how sweet! Scott just offered to go grocery shopping with me later if I want to wait. I’m always up for some company while shopping, even if we will have to keep Kelly and Joshua in line.

And on a silly note, I keep wanting to call Madison anything but her name…for example, I’ve found myself calling her Kelly, and even my friend’s daughter’s name, Eva. What’s up with that? I LOVE her name, and yet I can’t seem to remember it! It’s understandable to accidentally call her Kelly, since I have another daughter named Kelly. Shoot, I call my boys Fox or Jake (our dog’s names) sometimes!

But Eva? Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m in the same place my friend was with her second born, who happens to be Eva. Her firstborn was a son whose personality is almost identical to Hannah’s and then she had a daughter. Addison is the second child I’ve given birth to (although it feels like I’ve given birth to five children for some strange reason), so maybe that is why I keep calling her Eeeeee (and then stop myself from saying vuuuuuuuuuuu).

Who knows, there may be more to it, but one thing is for sure, my subconscious works in such quirky and mysterious ways!

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