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A What Award?!?

Wow. How cool is this? Alpha Dude surprised me with this Thinking Blogger Award. What a surprise, considering some of the stuff I blog about! 🙂

Anyway, here is what he said about me:

4) Real Life in South Carolina. I don’t know her real name, but her husband has the coolest name! This amazing lady is raising 5 children and lives to tell us about it almost every day. She is a great mom even if some days she doesn’t think so. She learns things on her daily adventures and I appreciate her for letting us in on the lesson learned. She and her husband Scott (see, I told you he has a cool name) also have a son named Joshua. Awesome.

So now I get to choose 5 blogs that make me think and say:

Congratulations, you’ve won a

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging.The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to
this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of this prestigious award,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

Now I have to say that many of the posts that make me think have already been nominated, and since they’ve already been tagged, I have to choose other blogs. So here goes:

1. Suzy at Faith In Florida – The one who first introduced me to the blogging world – This woman is amazing. She’s just so real, I think all of her readers feel like they truly know her even if they’ve never met her. (I have met her and she is who she says she is!) She reminds me of the woman described in Proverbs 31. She will do anything for her family and has so much wisdom. She is so creative and even though she’s experienced the pain of losing her baby sister, she’s just so strong. I say this because she is one woman who doesn’t seem to have walls built up around her. She isn’t afraid to make herself vulnerable, share her true feelings, and I admire her for this. It doesn’t hurt that she knows how to write either. (She can even make a lunch at Subway interesting!) She just recently started working for a newspaper in her home town. I figure if they are willing to hire her, she must be good! Seriously, I think she will write her own book one day. I could go on and on about this woman!

2. Jayleigh at Jayleigh’s Grand Adventures – I love how Jayleigh can blog about a bad day, and then end it on a positive note. She has this thing where when she’s venting about something gone wrong, she will list at least five things she’s thankful for. She’s inspired me to think more positively. I love how much she loves God and how she shares her thoughts and struggles, how she holds onto her faith as she waits for God to bless her and her husband with their first child.

3. Eddo at Posted Note – What can I say? He’s funny, talented, and a man who isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks. I just started reading his blog, but I love how he gives great relationship advice. He seems to have a lot of wisdom and I could always use a little more wisdom in my life. I think he’s going to make a woman very happy one day. Besides, he lives in Texas and I love that state!

4. Deborah at Sister Talk – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Deborah’s blog and ended up reading exactly what I needed to read to get me through something I’ve been going through. The timing is always perfect and I leave her blog feeling encouraged. She is such a blessing!

5. Ben at Married In Minnesota – I guess I’m a sucker for men who love their children and adore their wives. It also doesn’t hurt that this man is hilarious. He even makes eating pizza out to be something, uhhhhh…well you just need to read the post. But Ben has a serious side too and he isn’t afraid to show it.

So those are my five picks. I could have picked 5 more, but since I’m only limited to five, these are the people I chose. So to the five of you, Congratulations, you make me think! 😉 To those of you who are on my blogroll, you make me think too and I wish I could pick more than 5. If you winners choose to pass on this award, the rules are posted above. Have fun with it!


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Unblog Me

This week I’ll be working on finishing the posts I started last week. I’ll also be working on painting my house. And today, I’m desperately working on not crying or puking. I went to bed so nauseated last night, yet once I fell asleep, I crashed hard. I had some pretty intense dreams. And then I woke up this morning still very nausiated. But there’s no time for being sick. Our house goes up on the market April 2nd.

Anyway, last night I did get a good laugh at the dinner table (that’s been happening a lot lately). We had breakfast for dinner last night. Not as in scrambled eggs and toast, or even pancakes, but as in cereal and donuts (I had left-over biscuits and gravy and I probably won’t be eating that for a long time now that I’m feeling yucky!).

So Dwight pours himself some cereal equivalent to Raisin Bran, only the raisins are huge. Scott, being the tease he is, says, “Oh my gosh, those look like huge rat terds!”

Dwight tries to brush off the idea that he’s about to eat rat terds but Scott doesn’t stop, and next thing I know, all of us are talking about Dwight’s Rat Terd cereal. “Could you please just stop?” Dwight whined. He doesn’t realize how much fun he makes it when he whines like this!

So just as he takes a bite, I ask Scott, “Would you say those are rat terds or more like Gopher terds? It just seems like a rat’s butt isn’t big enough to poop out something that big.”

Dwight tries so hard. He makes a comment about me checking out rodent butts, but we are going on about the different kinds of animals that could produce a terd that big. We do this, of course, because we know that he just can’t take it. So he pushes his bowl back. “Okay, I’m done!”

“Oh please! You’d never make it on fear factor!” Scott teases. That does nothing.

“You’re just giving your mom something to blog about!” He continues.

That did it. Dwight glared at me as he pulled his bowl of cereal closer and started eating it. “One day…” He threatened. “You just wait! One day I’ll go to a friends house and I’ll find your blog! You just wait! I’m going to unblog your blog!”

I. Was. Dying. That statement right there was just so blog worthy! He really thinks he’s going to find my blog and “unblog it.”

Then Scott says, “You should let Dwight start his own blog.”

I was almost rolling off my chair. I can only imagine the things that would come out of his fingertips. But the great thing is, I don’t have to imagine.

So, it’s been decided. Dwight will start his own blog once school lets out. I think it will be a great summer project. I can’t wait.

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This week has been crazy busy. I can’t even begin to describe how busy it has been! I started three blogs but haven’t had time to finish them! At least I started them so hopefully I won’t forget what I wanted to add to them!

Oh yes, and I’m so tired! I can tell I’m completely exhausted because I keep ending my sentences in exclamations marks. I think that’s my way of trying to keep myself alert!

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have time to post my other blogs! Until then…


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Scott gave Joshua a cute little pirate sword and eye patch the other day. Of course, you know how moms are. I warned him, “Joshua, you be careful with that eye patch. That rubber band (that wraps around his head to hold it in place) could pop you if you mess with it.”

But how can a kid resist?

Next thing I know, Joshua is laying on my couch wailing. I come into the living room to check on him and he will NOT get up off the couch. So, I walk up to him and see that his eye is a little red.

“You’ll be okay.” I said. “You just got to more careful.”

“Mom?” He squeaked with his high-pitched whiny voice he has whenever he’s crying about something oh-so-traumatic.


He asks me a question but I can’t understand him through his blubbering.


He asks again.

“Hon, I can’t understand a word you said!”

He says it again.”No, you did not knock your eyeball out, it’s still there.”

“NO!” he says, frustrated. “I SAAAAAID, Did I SHOCK my eyeball out?”

I couldn’t resist.

“HMMMMMM. Let me take a closer look.” I mess with his eye a bit. Then I cover his other eye with my hand. “Can you see this?” I ask as I wave my hand in front of his “shocked” eye.

“Yes.” He sqeaks.

“Well, I think you’ll be okay then.”

“But is it still in there?”

“Is what still in there?”

“My eye.”

“Yes, Joshua. Your eyeball is still in it’s socket.”

“Are you sure!???”

“Yes, Mr. Dramatic. I’m sure. It would take a much bigger shock to knock your eyeball out of it’s socket. Don’t worry.”

Sigh. I hate to admit it, but Joshua is just like his mama, imagination and all!

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I’m not going

to the Spiderman 3 movie premiere with Scott, and frankly, I’m relieved! I feel like all this pressure has been lifted off my shoulders. Honestly, it just seemed like one more thing to do on my never-ending to-do list. Now I can focus on getting this house ready to sell without the pressure of looking anorexic or sexy. (Although I still haven’t figured out how Hollywood has gotten away with calling super-boney as sexy!) It’s not that I wanted to look like the stars, I just didn’t want to feel inferior and ugly around all those gamourized people.

The best part of it all, I still convinced my mom to fly out for those four days even though I won’t be needing childcare now. It will be a short trip, but she’ll be spending time with us while Scott’s living it up in New York. I’d trade a day with any actor for a day with my mom in a heart beat!

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This Dude is good. He first got my attention when I read his snake post. The next day I read about the day he never made it in to work. Talk about a bad day!

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Okay, this is too funny to not post.

We (the family) sat down tonight to eat a late dinner and the conversation got quite interesting. As in, PG-13 interesting!

Dwight: “Dad, you know that song? What does that song mean? ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the field?”

Dad, looking at me, says, “Hey, that sounds like an Amish song!”

“Yeah!” Dwight chimes in, not knowing what Scott meant by that. “What does it mean?”

Dad: ” Dwight, it’s ‘My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.’ Not field. What do you think it means?”

“Well, she said boys…”

“Yeah, what does boys mean, Dwight?” Dad asked.

Ohhhh! Balllllllls!”

“WHAT?” I ask. “No Dwight. That’s not what that means.”


Dad: “Dwight, what does ‘boys’ mean?”

“Boys have balls!”

Me: “Dwight, boys are boys…men…males. As in not female. That’s what she means.”

Dwight: “So why would a milkshake bring the boys?”

Dad: “Why do you think?”

“Because their thirsty?” Patrick asks.

“Oh! Because she makes milkshakes for them.” Dwight concludes.

“No, Dwight.” Dad says.

“Yeah, because the boys like cherries and strawberries.” Patrick argued.

“Dwight, what’s a milkshake? Think about it?” Dad asked.

“A drink they make with milk and ice cream.”

“No.” Dad answered. “What else can it mean?”

“I don’t know!” He answered, frustrated.

“Dwight, where does milk come from?”

“Cows!” Patrick exclaims.

“Where else does milk come from?” Dad asks.

“Ah! Breasts!” Dwight says.

“So what is a milk shake?” Dad asks.

“Do the guys grab the girls’ breasts and shake them?” Patrick asks.

“No.” (This is when I jump in and make it clear my boys better not try that one on a girl!)

“Hon, do you want me to show them?” I asked.

“Yes, would you?”

Noooooo!” Dwight screamed, knowing he’d be embarrassed.

“When there’s a social gathering, what do people do?” Dad hints.

“Girls breasts shake when they have sex!” Patrick shouts. (Dear Lord, where is this conversation going? He’s 10 for crying out loud!)

“Okay, Patrick, but no, that’s not what it means.” I say, a bit shocked he came up with that one, but trying not to show it.

“What ELSE can make a girl’s breasts shake?” Dad asks.

They remain clueless for another five minutes…

“Okay, I’m going to show them.” I said. I stand up and show them a milk shake,which is nice, because I’m nursing and I can actually show them a real milk shake instead of wishing my milk would shake.

Ohhhhhhh.” Dwight said. “Why would that bring the boys to the yard?”

Heh Heh. He’ll forever be marred with images of his mama demonstrating a milkshake for him.

My milkshake scares all my boys from the yard…

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