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We’re Here

Everyone is asleep but me. I’m sitting in our new house. It’s empty and hot upstairs. But we made it to Ohio safe and sound.

This move has been hard on the kids. Joshua is especially emotional, and Dwight…well, he’s just annoying as hell. Sorry, I’m trying to be positive here, but the stuff coming out of his mouth makes me want to stuff a sock in it! It doesn’t help that he decided to wake me along with his two brothers up at 6:45 this morning. We were staying at my sister in laws (Tina’s) house and we decided to put our boys in one room so that they wouldn’t stay up late talking to their cousins. But it didn’t matter because Dwight woke up and decided he was bored, so he woke up his brothers and with all the noise he was making doing that, he woke me up too (I was in the next room). Needless to say, everyone was tired and we all had to show some patience with one another.

We had a nice little welcome to Ohio. I forgot how things can change from state to state, and well, when I get used to something, I like it that way, okay?

So with that being said, I have to know, what kind of state does not serve sweet tea in a restaurant? Yes, I tried to order a sweet tea and you know what I was told? I was told that they don’t serve that kind of tea here, but they had three different types of flavored tea! (Mint, Rasberry, and oh…I don’t remember the other flavor). Okay, that was funny. I can take funny, even though I really wanted some sweet tea.

But after dinner, I could not take all the people staring at my husband and our family after he knocked his class over and it broke. I understand that something like that might get a person to turn around to see what happens, but to continue staring for ten minutes straight? (Until we left!). I was so irritated. Maybe I was just tired, but seriously, one woman just about broke her neck in order to turn her head all the way around behind her to not just check out what was going on, but to stare intently at my husband and myself. HAS ANYONE NOT TOLD YOU THAT STARING IS RUDE? That’s what I wanted to say to her, but instead, I made eye contact, and continued to stare her down until she got uncomfortable and turned around. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the young man, I’m assuming her son, from continuing to stare at us. (Nor the woman way across the restaurant who watched us from the moment the glass fell until we walked out of the restaurant. Has anyone not seen a glass break? I swear these people were whispering about us the entire time. You know what I mean? When people keep looking over at you and then talk so you KNOW they are talking about you?

I don’t know, I guess if it had been a server, then maybe it wouldn’t have been so interesting, but it was my husband, and here we are with 6 kids. Yes, SIX, because we somehow managed to convince my sister in law into letting us take her oldest baby with us. (He’s 12). He decided to come along for the ride and we are thrilled that he is with us. Hopefully he won’t regret being with us while his mom and family is at the beach!

The movers deliver our stuff tomorrow. THANK GOD. I’m looking forward to sleeping in a real bed tomorrow night! Speaking of, we have people delivering stuff around 7:30 tomorrow morning. I probably should get some sleep. I’m off to bed.


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Need a laugh?

This baby’s laugh is so contagious! I love it!

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Loading Up

The movers just about have everything loaded up. Whew! Thank God I’m not doing the packing and loading! This empty house makes me sad. So many wonderful memories.

But the kids’ laughter still echos through the house – maybe because Dad is rolling around the floor with each of them. Nothing like an empty living room to torture the kids in!

I have to admit that I’ve never been one to enjoy change. Once I get comfortable, I want things the way they are. But isn’t that just like God to keep us out of our comfort zone so that our faith grows and we have to rely on Him? I suppose life would be boring if every day was the same. The life I’m living is an adventure. Some days are bad, others are great, but every day is full of His blessings. I am overwhelmed at what God has done in the last two years in my life.

We went from having 4 to 5 children. (Tax Credit – woo hoo!)

We made great friends.

I met Suzy and Marquis who introduce me to the world of blogging.

Scott and I found an awesome church to get planted in.

During our goodbye at church on Sunday, our pastor talked about how we gave without expecting anything in return. The funny thing is, yes I poured myself into some of the ministries, I was passionate about it, but I received so much more than I ever gave. The return was 100-fold. I developed friendships that will last a life time, I grew spiritually, and I saw the church that I love grow, change and transform into a church that was ready to receive new people into their family. Yes there were some frustrating moments. Yes, there were some lost battles, lost relationships. But I’ve trusted that God is in control and knows what He’s doing in all that. There were far more victories than there were losses.

The fact that I count these people as my family is one of the biggest victories. Every time we’ve ever moved, I’ve done a horrible job of making friends. Probably because I haven’t been willing to open up, step out, and try, but here, it was just different. To hear so many women share how much they envied me for being so “outgoing.” Oh how it made me laugh. If they’d only seen me months before in Virginia with my ONE friend. Yes, my one friend who I only allowed to get close to me the last six months we were there. That’s who I’ve always been until I moved here.

I really did receive more than I gave.

But it’s time to move on, and like a friend shared with me last night, I need to be – no- I’m willing to receive all that God is wanting to give me.

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Bitter Sweetness

Today was our last Sunday at our church. Scott and I have been really involved in our church and have become very close to many of the people there. So today we had to say goodbye, and we were overwhelmed with the love our “family” poured on us through prayers, cards, and a wonderful lunch after the service.

Scott and I’ve questioned whether or not we’ve made a mistake leaving here…but I think God made it clear that He wants us to go considering He closed all the doors possible for us to stay. Scott told me that today at church he felt like God spoke to him and told him that we are going to be facing some decisions soon on where we need to be regarding his job. I don’t know if that means he could end up working for someone else, but we’re open to where ever He leads us.

Ever since I’ve been married to Scott, I haven’t felt like I had a place to call home. Even though I grew up and lived in the same town for the first 20 years of my life, once we got married, I knew it would never be home to me again – even though my mom and sisters and one of my best friends are still there. They are my family, but if they weren’t there, I’d never return for a visit.

But over the last nearly two years here, it’s become apparent to me that THIS place is home. And knowing that now leaves me in a bitter sweet state because for once in 9 years, I have a place to call home, and at the same time, it really REALLY sucks to be leaving home.

I’ve shed lots of tears today. I’ve questioned God on why He keeps moving us around. I’ve asked Him if He will ever let us settle down in one place because I know that God has called Scott and I to serve in newer churches and help them grow. I wonder how long that calling will last, and if we could continue to walk in that calling if we settled in one place, or if God is preparing us for a new calling.

I take comfort in knowing that God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows where we need to be and what our future holds. He knows how much I’m going to hate leaving here Wednesday, and how I’m afraid that I’m going to get to Ohio and have a panic attack because I’m not home anymore. He knows Scott and I are going out of obedience to Him.

I can’t even cry anymore. I’m emotionally drained.

On second thought, maybe I can.

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I had to respond

after receiving another comment about my Kelly needing to be tested for ADD. Someone else “ditto’ed” the last comment and ended it with “lol.”

Oh, I’m sorry, was that supposed to be funny? Why are we so eager to diagnose kids with something that we think can so easily be cured with a pill?

What happened to kids just being kids, having energy, being free?

Kelly – I envy her. She is a free spirit. Me? Not so much. I’m too busy worrying about what others think about me. I hope that nobody ever crushes her spirit and that she’s always able to be who God created her to be. I guess that’s why I felt like I needed to respond. Even if the previous commentors don’t read my response, maybe others who are tempted to “ditto” the comment will keep their opinions to themselves!

Packers are coming tomorrow…it’s going to be a busy day!

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I feel bad for not being able to post regularly, but things have just been crazy. Madison is sick with some sort of virus and is super clingy. She literally sucked me dry so I had to make her a bottle w/ formula in it last night before she’d go to sleep. But hooray! At least she is taking a bottle now so I’m certainly not complaining!
I keep going back and forth on feeling bad myself, but probably not as bad as Madison. I haven’t tried to suck anyone dry yet at least.
(Okay, that didn’t sound right…)
Obviously I’m way tired from getting up every hour with the fussy lil toot. But I’ll live.
The packers come Friday. I have about 6 loads of laundry to do before they come in and take my house apart. I can’t wait to get through the actual moving part. We leave here the 23rd, drive to my SIL’s for the night, then drive the rest of the way to Ohio on the 24th. Our stuff won’t be delivered until the 26th, so we’ll be “camping out” inside the house until then! But we do have to get there because our new appliances will be delivered the 25th. Hooray! I’m so going to love my new washer with the nifty “Hand wash” cycle on it. I. Am. Spoiled.
And the news of all news? We found out that the company already has plans to move us again – next summer! They want Scott to switch jobs with another guy on the snacks team and he’ll be ready to move next summer. Wow. So we will be doing this all over again in oh, 12 months? That gives me one summer and one winter in Ohio. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. But we’ll be going to Arkansas so I’ll get to see the place after all. Oh, and we aren’t even telling the kids that we’re probably moving again in a year. I don’t want them to give up on making friends while we are in Ohio!
Of course anything can change at any given moment, so we may end up in Ohio longer than what’s planned right now. At this point, I don’t even care…I’m just along for the ride!
Madison goes in for her last treatment on her birthmark tomorrow. At least her last treatment here. Everyone says it’s looking lighter, but I don’t think it’s because of the treatments, I just think it’s naturally happening as she gets older. I can’t help but laugh when they put the electrode thingies on her. She looks so funny! Just for kicks, I’ll leave you with this picture…

Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt her. She just fusses when we put those sticky things on her face! (And what girl wouldn’t?)

See? It’s not so bad!

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But the latest comment I received on YouTube regarding Kelly’s singing video has me ticked off…how do you suggest that a kid needs to be tested for ADD after watching a two minute video???

Do I think she has ADD? NO. Dwight does, I know what the symptoms look like. She does not act like Dwight did/does. Although I admit she was a bit distracted in the video…why would someone – a complete stranger, feel they should even suggest such a thing? They don’t know anything about Kelly!

And I guess it ticks me off because even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have ADD, that suggestion will be in the back of my mind now…

I’m in the middle of moving, life is stressful – the baby is sick and Scott is out of town…

Like I need one more thing to worry about…

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