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Tooth Fairy

Joshua lost a tooth last night.  I can’t even begin to describe the excitement he felt when his little tongue wiggled that bottom tooth right into his 6 year old hands.  “I’m the first one in my class to lose a tooth!”  He shouted.

He requested to get a sandwich bag to put his tooth in.  When he came out with a half gallon sized bag, I made him put it back and get a real sandwich bag.  His tooth wasn’t that big.  He eagerly approached me with the sandwich bag and we put his baby tooth inside, sealed it shut, and discussed our plan of action with Dad.

Later that evening, Joshua put his little tooth under his pillow and went to sleep.

This morning, Scott jumped out of bed and said, “I forgot about the tooth fairy!”

“Oh yeah!”  I said, and then went back to sleep.  It obviously didn’t bother Joshua that much or he would have awakened us with tears.  Knowing this, I was able to sleep for 2 more hours.

When I finally got up, Scott told me that he asked Joshua if the tooth fairy came.

“Nope!  My tooth is still there!”  He said. 

“Well, maybe you should go check again.”  Scott said.

“I already did.  The tooth fairy didn’t come!” 

“Joshua, I really think you should go check again.”

Joshua disappeared upstairs to his room and never came back down.  After about ten minutes, Scott decided he’d been gone long enough and went up to check on him.  He found Joshua sitting there in tears, holding his two dollar bill.  Yes, the tooth fairy left him a two dollar bill! 

When Scott asked him what’s wrong, Joshua responded with, “The tooth fairy came and left me this dollar bill!” 

“Yes, but it’s a two dollar bill!” Scott explained.

“Yes, but the tooth fairy took my tooth!”

Scott tried to explain to him how the deal works, but it wasn’t good enough.  “Dad?  Do you think if I put the dollar bill under my pillow, will the tooth fairy give me my tooth back?  I want to take my tooth to school!”

There was no convincing him that taking the money was the better way to go.  He has a “treasure box” at school filled with all sorts of treasures meant to inspire him to write.  He’d already determined that the tooth was meant to be stored there. 

So the tooth, errrr…I mean truth came out.  “Joshua, I’m the tooth fairy.  Keep the $.  Your tooth is in your mom’s drawer in the room.” 

So Joshua got the best of both worlds. He got to keep his tooth and the two dollar bill. 

That, and he got to hear his dad admit that he’s a fairy.  I never thought I’d hear my husband make such a confession…but it kind of made my day.


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Things have been so stressful lately and I haven’t been able to figure out why.  It’s not like there’s one major event going on in our lives that’s causing the stress.  It’s more like there’s a little bit of everything going on.

Scott’s West Point reunion is this coming weekend and I’m not even close to being ready to go.  To make things even better, Scott is going out of town on Tuesday, and then gets back Wednesday evening.  Wednesday evening is the night before we are supposed to leave.  How are we going to be ready to leave early Thursday morning? 

I still haven’t found anything to wear to the reunion.  I hate clothes shopping, and having sick kids in the house haven’t provided me with many opportunities to get some clothes that actually fit me.  (Especially when I’ve been making trips to see the doctor instead!) 

Oh yeah, and Kelly seems to have relapsed.  She has a fever again.  I thought she was on the road to recovery since she made it the entire day without a fever yesterday.  But she is miserable today. 

So with all this “negative” talk, I guess I should let you all know that I called in late this morning and got the results to the blood test.  Negative.  I figured that would be what I heard, especially since I took a test this a.m. and it came out negative. 

I’d already decided that either way I’d be happy.  I do want another baby, as crazy as it may sound.  And I admit I was a little disappointed because I’m convinced those “surprise babies” are just super-special gifts from the Lord. Anyone I’ve ever known who’s had a surprise baby end up with just super awesome kids who in one way or another, change their lives entirely (in a good way)!

So, I was a little disappointed, yet a little relieved.  I really would like to get my body back before I even think about trying for another!

As far as my back is concerned, I don’t have to go on all the drugs for my back right now.  Another doctor told me if I want to try taking Advil first, I can contine nursing Madison, but if I have to go on the stronger stuff, then I’ll have to “pump & dump” or stop all together.  The idea of just stopping cold-turkey would just be too traumatic (for both of us)!

Oh, and this morning, I went in to get my eyes checked out.  The good news, the problems I’m having are fixable with some prescription drops and lots of lubricating eye drops.  The bad news, no contacts (again) for at least two weeks.  I guess I can live with that kind of bad news.  The optometrist I saw was great and she was able to answer my questions. (Like, why is it that sometimes I can see great and other times I feel nearly blind?)  She was awesome.

So good things are happening all around us, but the negative things keep sneaking in.  I really wish it would all just stop.  I actually imagined time standing still for me the other day.  Everything was frozen in place – kids, dogs, airplanes, EVERYTHING.  And then I imagined getting caught up on everything.  I imagined having all the time in the world to get it done, and then once I was done, *snap,* and time went on again.  *Sigh*  It was such a lovely fantasy.

All this stress and craziness seems to be taking a toll on the entire family, especially Scott and me.  These are the times we both should be coming together and looking out for each other, but it doesn’t feel like either one of us are doing that right now.  At least not consistently. 

I’ve been a bit critical and I opened my big mouth and said some things that I shouldn’t have said.  Certain things have been bothering me, but I’ve let it build up inside until I just didn’t hold it in any longer.  I tried to apologize, but I’m sure I hurt his feelings and he needs his time.  So now Scott is hibernating in the bedroom.  And me?  Well…I’m blogging.

We’re both checking out for a moment. It almost feels like we are treading water and about to reach the point of exhaustion.  I hate going through times like this…but we’ve done it before.  By God’s grace we’ve survived.  It just really really sucks right now. 

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Scott made it in late this morning.  I guess after seeing how miserable I was, he told me he was taking me to the doctor.  So after Joshua got home from kindergarten, we loaded the kids up and he drove me to the Urgent Care Clinic. 

The doctor came in and asked me a series of questions.  He checked my ears and found quite a bit of fluid in my middle ear.  He suspects that is what is causing the dizzy spells. 

I shared some other symptoms I’ve been experiencing along with my back pain, and he asked me, “Is there any possibility AT ALL that you could be pregnant?”  Of course, he was about to prescribe me muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, and pain pills, so he had to ask. 

And I had to say, “Well, I guess there could be a small possibility.”  I’m not on hormonal birth control, so I know my chances of getting pregnant are higher. 

So as a precaution, he told me he wanted me to take a pregnancy test.  In the bathroom I went, and peed in a cup.  “I’m sure I’m not,” I told the nurse,

“Well, we just want to be sure.”  She responded.

I went back to “my room” and I waited…and waited…and waited for the results.  I prayed that if I was pregnant, that it would show on the test because if I was, by some small chance, pregnant, I would just barely be pregnant…like, days pregnant.  In other words, I don’t know how it would show up on a urine test, it would have happened just days before!  But really, there’s no way.  I calculated the date of my last period with the times/dates Scott and I…well…you know.

yeah…there’s no way.

So after deciding I could trust God with the results, the doctor finally came in and said, “Well…when trying to read the results of your test, there was a faint line.  But it’s so faint, we aren’t sure if you are pregnant or not.  We want to take a blood test.” 

My jaw dropped.  I’d just spent that entire time waiting and convincing myself there’s no way.  Now he’s telling me that I might be pregnant.  “That’s not the answer I expected from you.”  I told him.  He assured me that the line was just as faint as could be and they just wanted to be sure before they prescribed any medications for me.  Good doctor.  He actually cares.

He sent the nurse in to draw blood.  As I was trying to convince her that I just couldn’t see how I could be, she told me that she is currently pregnant with her third baby.  She was on the pill.  She too thought there was “no way.”  She saw the line on my test, but said it could very well be a false positive.

So now I’m told I have to wait.  I may not find out the results of my blood test until Sunday. 

I’m not good at waiting.  As I walked into the waiting room, Scott asked me what was going on.  “Let’s just get out of here.” I whispered.  Once we got outside, I told him the news. 

It was just kind of shocking.  As I talked about how it couldn’t be possible, Joshua asked, “Mom?  Are you pregnant!?!?”

Scott and I didn’t know what to say.  We were silent.  Finally we both said, “NO.”

He drove to the nearest grocery store, and at my request, picked up a pregnancy test and baby formula.

He also picked up:

A snack pack of Kit Kats

A snack pack of Mounds

A snack pack of Reeses PB Cups

Another snack pack of Reeses PB Cups


and 2 take and bake pizza’s

I guess I don’t have to ask how he’s taking the news.

And I have to figure out how this happened.  But I’m still thinking there is NO WAY.  I’m really expecting them to tell me the test came out negative when I call in tomorrow…or if I have to wait that long, on Sunday.


There is No Way I am pregnant.

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My husband called me to let me know he wasn’t going to be making it home as scheduled.  He was supposed to be flying in from a business trip in Arkansas, but his flight was delayed and since he’d end up missing his connection, he decided to just stay there one more night and fly home in the morning.  Everything in me wanted to scream.  What the hell?  Why does it seem everything is going wrong?  Why, why, WHY? 

So, I admit it.  I tried.  I tried to keep my head up.  I tried to keep a good attitude.  I even looked at the calendar and thought about how I made Scott write down that he wouldn’t be home until Friday because at the time, we weren’t sure what day he was coming home. 

“It will be better for me to just think you aren’t coming home until Friday than for you to say Thursday and then change it on me.” 

I don’t handle change well.

Well, he was supposed to be coming home tonight.  Then he changed it on me.  I know things could be worse.  But knowing things could be worse doesn’t change my attitude right now.

It also didn’t stop me from losing it with my kids tonight.  Yes.  I lost it.  I yelled. 

I even told my oldest to just get out of the room and out of my sight when he farted and nearly killed me with his deadly butt-gas. 

“Oh, come on.  It’s not deadly,” You might say.  Well…you stand there and become the unexpected victim of his home-made stink bomb, because it’s bad enough to make you want to run into a wall and knock yourself out.  (It probably didn’t help that when I asked if he did it, he had the biggest smile on his face as if he accomplished some great feat).  I was simply trying to enjoy the beautiful view of the orange moon glowing in my back yard.  Dwight took the awe and romance out if it without uttering a word, and then patted himself on the back for it.  While I admit it was an accomplishment, I’ll never get boys.

And guess what?  News Flash!  Boys will never get us either.  My husband got onto me earlier this week for “not taking it easy.”  As if I can call in sick just because my back hurts.  See, I’ve had two sick kids in the house.  The laundry I almost got caught up on?  Yeah.  We won’t go there.  Dinner?  He says I shouldn’t have been cooking.  Dishes?  I shouldn’t have loaded the dish washer either. 

And it’s not like he’s just sitting there watching me work.  He spent 2 hours grocery shopping for me that night.  I had to wait on him to bring home the milk so I could finish dinner, but man was I thankful he did the shopping!  Yeah.  We ate after 9 p.m.  But it was a home-cooked meal, something we hadn’t had for days.  (Because we were out of groceries!)  I SO needed that.

He’s a good man.  I mean, he spent all day at work and THEN went grocery shopping for me, so I didn’t have to drag two sick kids and my aching back into the store for two hours.  But then when he got onto me, I had to laugh.  I had to laugh at the thought of being able to call in sick.  I don’t even know who I’d call, or who would come in and take care of my sick children, the dirty laundry, the dishes, and all the chaos.  Not my husband, because he’s in Arkansas.  But seriously, how I wish I could call in sick, just for a day.  But moms don’t get sick leave, especially when their own children are sick.

And to suggest that I should drop my “Motherly Duties” and just relax?  Are you crazy?  That’s like telling a soldier he shouldn’t defend his country, or his friends in combat, because his back hurts.  Moms were made to do this kind of stuff.  Somehow, we continue on, even when we don’t feel like we have the strenth to carry on.  God just built that in us…it’s a part of who we are.

So back to tonight.  My husband actually thanked me for my good attitude.  He’s a smart guy – he’s brilliant.  But tonight?  Clueless. If he could have only heard the thoughts going on in my head.  My attitude is far from good.  I’m just trying my best to keep it to myself…because honestly, I haven’t been this miserable in a long time.  They say misery loves company, but right now, I’m just going to keep it to myself.  It’s not like my whining and complaining is going to get him home any sooner.

 But do you know what my sick secret for making it through the day truly is?  The Office.  Wait.  A glass of wine (or two) and The Office.  Finally, I get to watch a new episode of my favorite show.  And watching that show just goes to show, in a twisted sort of way at least, maybe my life isn’t so bad after all.

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Leaving On A Jet Pack

Okay, I’m experiening a moment of temporary defeat.  I. am. miserable.  My back is killing me, my husband is out of town, and Joshua has missed his third day of school (although I think he’ll be able to go to school tomorrow).  Kelly is also still sick.  And my left eye is really driving me crazy!  So, with all this complaining, I think I really need a good laugh.  I figured since I’m trying to think of something to make me laugh, I’ll share the latest humorous, or off the wall stuff I’ve heard, from my kids, with you: 

Being the mom of five children, I learn something new everyday. 

Like this:  Did you hear how Jesus actually got to Heaven?  See, he died on the cross, and then God helped him come back to life (with His awesome power), and theeeeeeeeeen…then after Jesus came back to life, he strapped on a jet back (onto his back), and jetted up, up, and into the sky.  THAT is how he actually ascended into Heaven, for those of you who didn’t know.  It’s really rather simple, if you think about it. 

Of course, when I asked Joshua where Jesus’ jet pack actually came from, he told me, “I don’t know.  Why don’t you get online?”  (Duh!)                      

Also, Joshua’s miracle fish, Midnight Blue, passed away before our move from SC and is in Heaven.  He’s on the far, far, far, left side of Heaven where nobody lives.  He’s there with his wife and kids.  The sharks?  They are on the far, far, far right side of Heaven, (where nobody lives).  That way they can’t eat the little nice fish.  What do they eat?  Apparently they eat meat.  Again, we don’t know where the meat comes from, but I’m sure Joshua would just tell me to google it. 

Also, when Jonah was in the whale’s belly for three days?  He ate sushi.

Patrick was rummaging through the kitchen drawer yesterday morning, looking for 2/3 of a teaspoon, for the water that goes in his instant oatmeal.  He was very frustrated that he couldn’t find a teaspoon that measured at 2/3, but probably not as frustrated as being forced by his dad to actually read the instructions on the instant oatmeal pack.  I’m just glad his dad was there to witness this event, and to be the bad guy who made him stop and really read the instructions.  I sat there as Patrick resisted his dad’s instructions and thought, “See, Buddy?  It’s not just me who makes you do stuff like this!” 

Sometimes being the bad guy gets old, but one day it will pay off.  One day, my 11 year old will be able to make instant oatmeal all by himself!  That, or he’ll be the one to invent a recipe requiring 2/3 tsp of water.

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Nice Matters Award

On September 7th, Deborah, over at Sister Talk, nominated me for this award:

Nice Matters Award

“This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

I know I’m a little late in responding to this, but I wanted to thank Deborah for her continued encouragement and for thinking of me for this award!  You were definitely deserving of this award!

There are others out there deserving of this award…and I know it because they too, have already been nominated…but I figure I’d go ahead and mention them again:

Alpha Dude – He’s already received this award, but that’s because he deserves it!  Just go read his blog.  He’s inspiring, honest, and funny, loves God, and loves his beautiful wife.   He’s always leaving an encouraging comment.  How can you not like a guy like that?

That Chick at Jason For The Love of God – Hey, she tells it like it is, and somehow finds the humor in just about everything.  She’s awesome!  And when she does leave a comment, it’s always encouraging…and for a minute you feel really cool that your blog was just visited by That Chick.  It’s like she’s famous or something.   🙂

I think these guys are deserving too (sorry if I missed out on the post where you received the award if you already did!):

Jayleigh at Jayleigh’s Grand Adventures – Jayleigh is so awesome, she’s actually emailed me to make sure I’m okay after reading certain posts.  I love her transparency and her encouragement. 

Jemmers at Foster This – Always looking on the bright side.  Life is an adventure for her and she’s willing to tackle anything head on.  She’s an awesome woman!

Frannie at Almabrilho.net – Positive and encouraging.  She oozes love out of every pore on her body. 

Heidi at Cameo Role – I love her honesty.  She’s not afraid to share her point of view and share her thoughts and perspectives with you.  There’ve been times she’s left a comment that I needed, even if it was just knowing I’m not alone in the things I go through!


Donna at Winfields Farewell – Always leaving an encouraging comment…and I’m glad to see that you are back in the blogging world!

And here’s one I haven’t mentioned before…go check out The Lucky Wifey.  LOVE her blog! 

I think you all are positive and encouraging and deserve the Nice Matters Award.  Congratulations!

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A while back a friend of mine started a blog and then accidentally deleted it.  She recently started up again, and I wanted to introduce her to you.  Please visit her at Winfields Farewell, and offer her some encouragement and support.  She is currently pregnant with her fourth baby! 

As for my little world…I decided not to take Kelly to preschool this morning because that meant I’d have to drag Joshua, who’s been hacking and coughing all over the place, out of the house and around all the little kids in Kelly’s school.  So…I called in and explained why she wouldn’t be going in.  Not five minutes later, Kelly came to me and I felt her head.  Hot.  Sure enough, she had a fever 100.5.  So this thing is super contagious.  Joshua’s fever popped back up again late this morning too…he might just be missing two days of school!

And me?  Today is definitely a Monday.  I somehow managed to hurt my lower back and am suffering from dizzy spells again.  I had plans to take Madison in for her 1 year pictures this week, and see the eye doctor because my eyes have been bothering me (again).  So all that has been weighing on me today and I had plans to make appointments and get things done.  Scott’s 10 year West Point reunion is coming up in two weeks, so I feel very limited on time to get some of these issues taken care of. 

But now I have to figure out what’s more important?  Dizzy spells or eye site?  Pictures or being able to stand up straight without moaning in pain?  You know why this happened, right?  This all happened because I decided to start going to the gym.  A couple of my neighbors even invited me to start working out with them, so I have NO EXCUSE.  Well, I HAD no excuse.  Now I have plenty.  I even told Scott that I was going to work out in the basement today…I was…until I hurt my back.  I know…poor me. 

Don’t worry.  When I stop to look at how things are going.  I almost have to laugh.  Do you know how ridiculous it is that things happened this way?  Or how about the fact that I can’t remember the last time I went to church because every Sunday, something seems to happen that keeps us from going (like getting sick!).  It feels like an attack.  It feel like “someone” doesn’t want to see me, or my family, succeed at anything lately…but this can’t last forever.  So with that in mind, I’ve already claimed my victory. 

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