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Ring Around The Rosie

These are the moments I cherish, and the kind of days I’ll always remember.


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I went in to the Urgent Care Clinic Monday morning.  They diagnosed me with Acute Bronchitis and a Sinus Infection.  No wonder why I was so miserable!

 Today is the first day I began to feel half way normal (although I’m still not 100 percent!)  And poor Madison is coughing and congested now!  I hope she’s not getting what I had, although it is very possible.  She goes in on Friday anyway for a well baby check up.

I’ve had a hard time not being bummed the last two weeks I’ve been sick.  My Christmas tree is up, but still no lights or decorations.  My house is trashed and there are boxes still waiting to be sent to family.  I so wanted to get this stuff done, but it’s just been too hard.  I’m not used to getting sick like this, so when I do get sick, I’m still so hard on myself about not getting everything done that I think should get done.

Oh well.  That’s life.  I’m off to bed.  I have an appointment at Dwight’s school bright and early (7:15 a.m.) to discuss an IEP plan for him.  (Thank God).  He needs help and it seems like the faculty and staff are eager to help Dwight out.  Can I say how wonderful it is to see this?  Do you know how many schools try to ignore the problems and deny there are any issues in order to save themselves the extra work? 

Okay, I’ll save that subject for another time.  I’m tired and having a hard time focusing!  G’Nite All!

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She Needs Your Help

Can you all please stop by Suzy’s blog and tell her which one you’d choose?  1, 2, or 3?



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My mom sent me an email a couple days ago and let me know how my sister is doing.  (This is the sister I last blogged about).  She got married in June and as could be expected, she and her new hubby are having a fun time figuring out what wedded bliss is supposed to mean!  That first year is certainly an adjustment period! 

But what broke my heart, and literally made me cry, was the part about my niece.  She is so insecure and gets upset when her daddy and new mommy fight.  When I read how upset she was, I could feel that little girl in me freaking out too.  It’s such a scary feeling when Mom and Dad just aren’t getting along!  The real tear jerker was when she told my mom that she missed me.  Ugh.  Just rip my heart out why don’t ya? 

Here I’ve been, complaining about my sister and I’ve completely forgotten I have a little niece that I just adore, and she adores me and all 5 of her cousins!  And it sucks that we live so far apart because it’s not like I can just stop by or ask my sister to bring her by for the weekend.  How I’d love to be able to do that!  Especially now while my sister and her husband are trying to figure things out.  I’d love to be able to help.  I’d love to be there for my niece and show her that we are all a family now and that she is so loved.

Gosh, if you all could just see her.  She is so special.  I get jealous that God didn’t give her to me, (as if I don’t have enough kids, right?), but at the same time, I see just how perfect a fit my sister and her new daughter are for each other!  I think they really compliment each other and do each other good. 

I really do hope they are able to work things out sooner rather than later.  I think it would benefit them to continue with counseling.  They went to premarital counseling, but there is so much information out there and it would probably be good for them to have someone on the outside to help them see their own short-comings and help the other to see how their actions make their partner feel.  I want my sister to have a happy, healthy relationship, not just survive marriage.  So many people do that and it just isn’t how God intended for marriage to be!

One thing that changes the dynamics of their relationship is having a kid involved right away.  They say most couples fight about money when they first get married, but Scott and I fought about Dwight when we first got married.  I remember we literally got in a huge fight in the middle of Seattle over a Beanie Baby!  I wanted to get it for Dwight (who was 5 at the time) and Scott thought it was too girlish to get him a “baby doll.”  I think it was a dinosaur, and tried to justify to Scott that it was boy enough for Dwight!  But to Scott, it was a stuffed animal.  Finally, we both calmed down and Scott let me get him “the stuffed animal.”  He was mature enough to stop and let it all go.  That was our first “big” fight, and it happened in front of his cousin and her husband.  I’m sure they found the whole thing amusing, and Scott and I can laugh about it now.  (But only because he let me get it!)

But through out the year, we did have our disagreements on how to raise the kid!  I thought he was being to hard on the boy, he was afraid I was going to turn the boy into a pansie.  I think in the end, we balanced each other out, but we had to work together and get past our own frustrations in order to do that.  I had to step back and let Dad be Dad and let him teach Dwight a little bit about manhood.  I had to not come running every time Dwight fell down (which happened all the time!)  And yet there were times Scott had to let me be the nurturing one. 

I think my sister and her new husband can get there too, but they are both going to have to be willing to work through this together, with a mutual respect for each others’ roles in parenting.  I hope they do, because my little niece deserves to feel safe and secure with her mommy and daddy.   

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This Cold Needs To Go!

This cold is seriously kicking my butt.  I thought I was getting over it, but apparently it’s going to take a little longer.  How I long for the days when NyQuil can once again wait for me on my nightstand.  It has been years since I’ve had NyQuil now.  And it will be a couple years more!  But after I birth and wean this baby…

I know I sound crazy missing NyQuil so much (perhaps I sound like a bit of a druggy), but it’s amazing how much you miss those conveniences and comforts when you can’t have them!  (And this is coming from someone who very rarely takes medicine!  Even when my doctor prescribes me Percocet after surgery, I drive my hubby crazy because I’m constantly waiting too long to take another and end up miserable and in pain…but I just don’t like the way it makes me feel).  But NyQuil?  NyQuil let’s me sleep when my nose and head and throat is congested to the point of misery.  I like sleep.

I really never intended to blog about NyQuil, and I know my posts haven’t been all that deep lately, but right now I’m just hanging on.  I’m reading other blogs, and not commenting so much on some, especially the ones I really want to give my input and opinion on, but I’ll get to you, I promise! 

In the meantime, I’m going to fight off this cold and pray the antibiotics are working and Madison will recover fully from her ear infections (both ears!  Poor thing!).  She’s still acting a little unhappy, so I really do hope we won’t have to do another round of antibiotics on her after this.  I’m with the doctors on this one…only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary! 

Okay, I’m going to attempt to sleep now.  It’s after 11 and I am going to have a relatively busy day tomorrow.

By the way, the weather turned out to be freakishly nice today!  65 degrees according to weather.com!  Thank you, God!  I so needed the nice weather on the one day I had to run to my son’s school to pick up cookies, and Home Depot to get paint, and let’s not forget about standing outside to pump gas, and picking up my son’s prescription.  Yes, I did some running around today, and I didn’t mind it the least bit because today, I wasn’t cold!

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Last night I had a dream that it was getting time to move again.  (Why do I keep dreaming about moving?).  But instead of moving to Arkansas like we thought we would, I approached Scott and told him, “I had a dream that we are moving to Georgia.”  That’s when he opened up and told me that he’d already set things in motion to move there, that things weren’t going good in Arkansas but there was a great opportunity in Georgia.  He told me it was meant to be…we were supposed to move to Georgia.

Next thing I knew, we were sitting in front of the sea.  There were these strangly built houses in front of the beautiful waters, but we were standing on an empty lot.  Scott said, “I bought this lot.  We can build a lakehouse here.”  I looked up and saw a “Sold” sign plastered across the Lot sign.  I looked down the line of houses and saw that there were other lots available too.  Some of them looked more appealing, maybe a bit bigger and in a better location, but he said that this was the lot he wanted.  I knew I had to trust him with this choice, because although some of the other lots looked nicer, it seemed that for some reason they might have been more expensive to build on, like the construction crew might have to do more work on the lot itself before building on it.  Some of the lots just didn’t look stable for some reason.  I knew we didn’t have a whole lot of space on this lot Scott chose, which bummed me out, but Scott explained to me that this was just going to be a summer get-away sort of place, that we still needed to go house hunting.  Either way, the kids were with us and they were running around the lot, excited as can be.  We were going to have a place in front of a lake, or ocean, or whatever it was in my dream!

I remember thinking in part of my dream that the waters had to be the ocean, because I realized, “Wow, we are just a few hours from Suzy now.  I can drive down to Florida to visit Suzy!”  And the town we were living in was just beautiful.  I knew I was going to love living there, even though I was disappointed that we weren’t moving any closer to my mom like I’d hoped to be.

Anyway, I don’t know why I keep thinking about that dream.  It’s kind of funny how I keep dreaming about moving.  We’re still trying to get settled into our home here.  Thank God we are not moving in the summer as originally planned!

So on to real life.  Today after picking Joshua up from the bus stop, I started on lunch.  I still have a cold and my throat is congested and sore, so I didn’t feel like making anything. 

“What do you guys want to eat?”  I asked Joshua and Kelly, looking for ideas.  

“Ramen noodles!”  Joshua shouted.

“Okay.”  Ramen noodles are easy.

“I don’t want Ramen noodles.” Kelly announced. 

“Okay…what do you want?” I asked, dreading her answer.

“I want crackers!” 

“That’s not a healthy lunch!”  was my reply.

And that’s when my brain kicked in.  “And ramen noodles is a healthy lunch?”  Okay.  I literally laughed out loud, and Kelly got her way, because crackers aren’t much different than Ramen noodles when it comes to nutritional value.  And I’m still sick, so my only goal for lunch today is to fill their little tummies  so I can take a nap.  They can win this one! (Just this once!)

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More Snow Day Pics

Just a few more pics from yesterdays’s fun in the…snow.

Group Photo!

Here’s the gang, ready to play!

Maddie plays with the snow for the first time.

Getting ready for a snow fight.  (Hey, this is serious business!) 

See the snowball flying in the air?

The dogs had a blast playing along.

Notice where Patrick is?  Hanging out in the back.

Mommy, I don’t want to come inside!  I want to go back outside and play in the snow!

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