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Kelly is Five!

Today Kelly turned five.  Of course, since her birthday fell on a Wednesday, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to celebrate, but we did manage to do cake and icecream and let her open a couple presents, (after I toured the hospital I’ll be giving birth at). 

Ugh.  I have to admit, touring the hospital made me a bit nervous.  In fact, for a moment I thought that maybe I should just opt for a repeat C-Section!  But no.  That would be the easy way out. 

Soooooo, Anyway, I’ll post birthday pics after Kelly’s party on Saturday.  We invited her preschool class, so it should be fun!


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Meshing with friends

Scott told me I needed to get off Suzy’s site and blog more.  I suppose I have been distracted lately…

But anyway, let me get caught up here. 

Saturday night Scott treated me to a special night out.  (Extra points for Scott for continuing to spoil his wife!)  We called our babysitter, got dressed up (pretty quickly, mind you – Joshua had a baseball game that lasted 45 minutes longer than we thought!), and joined our friends at Mesh for a rather unique dining experience.  We had reservations for 8:45, the earliest we could get in when we tried to make reservations online that morning.  So if you are in the Cincinnati area and want to try this place out, then make your reservations early! 

We went ahead and showed up about an hour early.  We figured we could order appetizers and hang out at the bar until our table was ready, but it wasn’t 60 seconds after we all ordered drinks (a diet coke for the pregnant lady!) when they went ahead and called us back to our table. 

The restaurant itself had a rather contemporary feel to it, and the people were doing just what the restaurant called us to do, interact, or mesh together (at least with the people we knew). 

Here I am, tired but having fun!

The staff was very professional and friendly, and the food was a unique experience.  Here are some pics of the food Scott and I enjoyed:

Compliments of the chef…it was a very delicious bite.  I could have eaten 10 more.


Oysters the only way my husband will eat them…COOKED!


I ordered the Iceburg wedge salad simply because it was the easiest one to omit the things I can not eat while pregnant.  (Like Bleu cheese!)


Scott’s steak and tuna.  (Can’t remember what it was called on the menu).  He ordered his medium, he got it rare.  So if you eat there, keep that in mind!  As you can see, the tuna is also not cooked all the way, so I didn’t take a bite of either!


My dish – Tilapia with couscous? in a saffron sauce.  Naturally, it just happened to be one of Saturday night’s special.  I ordered it thinking it sounded good AND really, how expensive can fish be?  Ha!  Should have asked!  Mine was one of the more expensive dishes.  Take one more look at my $44 cut of fish.  All in all, the dish was not bad, PLUS it was cooked all the way!  😉  But I probably would have gone for the pasta dish had I asked how much the special cost!


The best part (of course)!  This is their “famous” Chocolate Bailey’s cheesecake cake, bragged to be “Best Restaurant Dessert” in America by USA Today.  It was good, but I liked the chocolate on both sides of the cake better.  😉

It was a fun night as we sat at the table and chatted with our friends (without kids interrupting!)  In fact, I don’t remember seeing a kid in sight, which was probably a good thing considering the table behind us, seating a large group of people, laughed and joked about one lady’s birthday presents she just happened to be opening up right then and there.  (Yes, she really did say it was a blow job kit).  Not a G-rated environment! 

And just to make things funny for us, (and not in an x-rated way!) we got the bill and our friend asked the server to split the bill 50/50 between our cards, only we had 2 gift cards, leaving us with a balance of about $15 and our friends with a bigger balance on their one card. 

As the server walked away, I joked with Scott that our friend secretly switched out the gift cards, adding it to his credit card.  When the server came back, she’d actually charged our credit card for half the cost of the total bill and our friend’s card had the remaining $15 balance!  It was actually pretty funny after I made such a fuss about our “cheating friend” switching out the cards. 

Seriously though, this restaurant is not a cheap dining experience, so unless you are really intending to splurge…hey, I don’t need to remind you, you saw my plate!  😉 

But if you do want to save some money, go run by Costco and see if they still have the Mesh gift cards available.  You pay $80 and get $100 worth in gift cards, gaining $20.  So if you are going to Mesh, stop by Costco first! 

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Last night I had a dream that I had the baby.  I was at the hospital, and it was just me and my doula.  For some reason, Scott wasn’t there.  My doula was telling me to push, and even though the labor must have progressed quickly, I felt so tired, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to push as long as I needed to in order to get this baby out!  But I stood in a squatting position and pushed with the doula coaching me.  The doctor wasn’t going to make it.  It was just me and her.   

Finally, the baby was born, and as the baby emerged into the world, I looked and saw that it was a boy.  At that point, Scott was finally in the room and he said, “I told you so!”  In my dream, I was thrilled this one was a boy, and wondered if the whole time I was pregnant I kept saying I thought it was a girl because I was afraid that I’d be disappointed if I thought it was a boy and it turned out to be a girl. 

Anyway, next thing I remember, I was at home, pulling the baby boy out of his car seat.  He slept soundly and then finally woke up.  When he woke up, I realized he hadn’t eaten since he was born!  I hadn’t even tried to nurse him!  So of course, I held him to me and nursed him, wondering how I could have forgotten to feed my poor baby over the last day or two. 

I woke up after that, realizing that there really is a little baby growing inside of me, and I’m looking forward to holding and meeting him or her soon!  9 more weeks to go!

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So much has been going on in our little world and I haven’t had a chance to post half of it!

Sooooooo, I have some pictures to remind me of a few things! 

First, Joshua had a concert a couple weeks ago where his class sang the song that they wrote with an awesome Children’s artist who came to visit their school.  We went to his concert a month or so ago, but to our delight, he actually stayed and worked with the classes to write their own songs and they even have a CD too!  Here’s Patrick and Kelly getting ready to enjoy the show…

We celebrated Dwight’s 15th birthday on the 13th.  I can’t believe how old he is! 

The rest of the gang sang “Happy Birthday” to Dwight.  (I of course was behind the camera taking pictures!

We are finally enjoying some real Spring weather!  And even with the weather warming up a bit, Madison got very sick last week.  I took her to her doctor for an ear infection and breathing problems.  They gave her a breathing treatment with a nebulizer and then prescribed her antibiotics and an inhaler.  That inhaler became my nightmare of the week.  I ended up calling the pediatrician’s office several times throughout the week to tell them that the inhaler was not working on my 19 month old.  She panicked and fought me when I tried to use it on her. 

The most frustrating part is when I met up with some resistance on getting a nebulizer, which from what everyone else has told me, is the appropriate way to treat such a young child.  I have to say it didn’t take much to convince me since the inhaler really didn’t do much for Madison and when I held the mask from the nebulizer up to her face at the doctor’s office, she actually sat still!  Finally, They prescribed one for Madison (after chest x-rays which turned out to be inconclusive anyway!  They weren’t sure if she had pneumonia or not, but they also saw inflamation in the lungs due to either asthma or an infection!)

Anyway, this pic is from the worst treatment she had.  After this one, she actually sat and played or watched tv while I gave her her breathing treatments!

By Friday she was feeling noticeably better.  I let her play outside…and she even STOLE my icecream cone.  (I intended on sharing, but nooooooooooooooooo, that wasn’t good enough)!

(Whatever makes her happy!)

Scott pulled out a dusty old car for her to play in.  (My mommy instincts were screaming, Nooooooooooooooooooooo!  But it was too late to stop her). 

She was in the car with her icecream in no time…

And all that dust and dirt made her start coughing and wheezing again.  Guess it’s time for another breathing treatment!

Kelly had a fundraiser at her preschool this week.  They were supposed to get sponors to donate money when they completed the 9 obstacles the teachers set up for them.  I was a bad mommy and didn’t ask for sponsers!

But she had fun anyway and still got a prize!

And then they shared snacks with the siblings.

That afternoon my OB office called me to remind me of my appt. the next morning.  It’s a good thing they called because I didn’t mark my calendar and totally forgot about it!  Here I am at 30 weeks, 3 days…

(Thanks, Hon, for taking the pic).

That’s it in a nutshell.  Even though so many other things have been going on…but I’ve learned you can’t blog everything, there just isn’t enough time! 


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Staying Connected

When Scott was in the military, he ended up being stationed at Fort Hood, TX.  While there, one of his best friends, former roommate, and classmate from West Point was stationed there too.  I’d met his friend before, at our wedding, but it was in Texas that I first met his wife. 

Even though we both were going through some hard times, we share some great memories from our stay in that small town.  I think we both were dealing with our own personal situations and I love to be able to say we’ve overcome and grown so much since then!  She really has blossomed into an amazing woman, all while living the heroic life of an officer’s wife.  (It really takes a strong woman to be able to stand through all the deployments and military craziness that goes on in the Army!)

And somehow through all the moves and changes, we’re still in touch.  That’s why I was delighted to hear that she FINALLY started a blog of her own!  😉  She is currently living at West Point while her husband teaches at the very college he graduated from.  I love the pictures she posted recently on her blog because it reminds me of our trip to NY during Scott’s reunion.  That and it makes me think about how Scott and I used to dream of him one day teaching there.  I guess you could say I’m living vicariously through my friend right now!  😉  

So anyway, enough with my rambling…go check her out…

You can find her on my blogroll as The Long Way Around

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and that’s too bad for the boys! 

Kelly broke out in a fever Saturday night, and since she’s been coughing anyway, I figured it was probaby best to keep her home from church.  (I’m sure the parents would thank me!)  So, after all the boys left for church, Madison, Kelly and I headed upstairs.  I made the BIG mistake of walking into the boys’ room.  “Maybe I’ll put together that organizer shelf,”  I thought.  It should only take a few minutes to put together. 

So I worked diligently piecing the wire boxes together while Kelly and Madison played in Kelly’s room.  And then I realized it wasn’t going to fit quite right against the wall I planned on keeping it.  So I opened the closet doors to my 3 boys’ giant closet and found…


Either that earthquake really shook things up in their room, or they figured out Mom stopped keeping tabs on their neatness and decided to turn to major sloppy pigs.  I took one look and said, “Oh no.  This is NOT going to stay this way!” 

Yes, the mama bird is nesting.  I spent the next hour digging all the shoes, toys, and junk out of their closet, and then removed hangers from the rack.  Apparently, the boys decided they didn’t need to keep their clothes hung neatly.  No, they hung their clothes on the hangers just enough to where they wouldn’t fall off the hanger.  Who cares if the sides go into the sleeves, right?  I even found four pair of pants on one sagging hanger!  I don’t know why that kind of stuff bothers me, but it does!  Maybe it’s the fact that their clothes were so disorganized that Dwight had clothes with tags still on them!  He’d never even worn them! 

Seeing this mess irritated me to no end.  These boys obviously have too many clothes, so I started weeding through them.  But what really got me, is how spoiled they are, and how they will not take care of what they have.  The deeper I dug into their closet, the madder crazier I got. 

By the time they came home, it no longer looked like an earthquake shook their room up.  No.  Now it looked like a tornado swept through.  We are getting this room clean!  No more sloppiness! 

They really didn’t like that idea, especially on a Sunday afternoon, but I was on a mission.  Until about 4 p.m. when I was drained.  Finally, I told them to finish up the clothes project and I would take care of the rest this week…BUT since I am the one cleaning their room, they had no t.v. or video game privileges until the job was done.  If I have to clean their room for them, they aren’t going to sit around and enjoy the tube while I’m working (or exhausted).  I’m limiting myself to 1 hour a day in their room.  After that, I quit, and then I pick up on whatever is left over the next day.  We are getting close…only 2 more hours to go!

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Soooooo tired!

and I’m glad Monday is nearly over! 

Only 10 weeks to go in this pregnancy.  I’m 75% of the way done.  Wow.

Will blog more tomorrow!

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