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So I still wasn’t so sure about Dwight.  Most of the time he behaved well for us, but there were just these moments where I had to stop and wonder if I’d gotten myself into more than I’d bargained for. 

It was another night without Scott.  He was deployed somewhere or in the field…I can’t remember for sure.  I just know he was gone. 

Dwight loved to read from the moment he learned how.  Since he was all ready for bed and it was the weekend, I told Dwight that I’d let him stay up for just a little bit longer and let him read.  BUT, once I said it was bed time, he had to go to bed.

I went into the living room and turned on the t.v.  Before I knew it, hours had passed and I was getting sleepy, so I cleaned up in the kitchen and then headed down the hall to my bedroom.  Then just as I passed Dwight’s door, I hear this roaring, wicked, laugh, “MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” 

I nearly jumped out of my skin!  The laugh sounded so deep that at first I forgot Dwight was in there.  I threw open the door and there was Dwight, REALLY getting into his book.  Apparently something in the book got him going and that is why he laughed like an evil villian just as I was passing by.  What great timing! 

“Dwight!  Why are you still up?”  I asked, still a little spooked.

“You said I could read for a little bit!”  He replied.

Apparently I got so into my t.v. shows that I’d forgotten he was awake.  So he got an extra 3 or so hours of reading time that night.  The added bonus was spooking mom before she headed to bed herself!  Who needs Stephen King with moments like this?  😉


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So, Scott and I exchanged vows in November of 1997, and along with gaining each other, we also got to bring adorable, lively, little Dwight with us on our move up to Washington state the day after our wedding which we had later in December.  Now Dwight was a fairly good kid, but I have to say it was a bit of an adjustment to go from just-dating to married with children (okay, with a child).  He did have some issues we were dealing with, communication being the biggest concern, because it was really hard for anyone to understand what he was saying, even at four years old! 

I remember getting settled into Washington, finding an apartment (very quickly because we were staying at my in-laws until we found one!), and moving in just to have Scott start his new job in the Army as a LT. and get deployed almost right away to the field and random places for training. 

It was really hard on me, getting married, moving away from everything and everyone I’ve ever known, and being stuck in this little apartment with a four year old kid I really didn’t know very well!  On top of that, I was very, VERY afraid to drive because when I asked Scott how big the Tacoma area was, he sarcastically responded that it was about the size of my hometown.  Only I didn’t pick up that he was kidding.  So when we drove into the Tacoma area, I FREAKED.  This place was like, 100 times bigger!  I’m not kidding.  I wouldn’t drive off the main road our apartment building came off of for the first 4 months or so!

So shortly after getting settled in, Scott gets sent off to the field for a few nights, and it was just one of the first times I had to deal with being alone (or should I say alone with Dwight?)  I often stayed up late because I couldn’t sleep, and then slept in because I was so exhausted from staying up so late!  So this routine went on and poor Dwight had to deal with me not wanting to get up at the butt crack of dawn like he tended to do. 

“Dwight.  Be quiet.”  I’d warn.  “If you want to get up and play, that’s fine, but do NOT wake me up.” 

One Saturday morning, he woke up bright and early, and I put him in the living room and turned on the t.v. 

“Here, watch your cartoons.”  I said.  “QUIETLY.” 

There.  I just bought myself at least another hour! 

And just as I started to drift off to sleep…


Maybe it was the fact that he said those words so clearly.  Afterall, we’d spent the last several months having to translate nearly everything Dwight said for other people.  This had to be serious!  In about the 5 seconds it took me to jump out of bed and grab my pillow (you know, to beat out the flames with), every thought possible went flashing through my head. 

How in the world did he start the fire? 

Where is the fire?

Am I going to be able to put it out?

What is Scott going to say when he finds out we burned down the building while he was out in the field! 

Crap!  I’m gonna have to live with my in-laws again!  (Hey, what newlywed wants to live with their in-laws anyway???)

So with soft pillow in hand, I run into the livingroom where I find Dwight, leaning over the back of the couch, looking at me.  And he had the most mischievous, devilish grin on his face.

It was at that moment that I realized he saw the look of panick in my eyes.  I realized all the color must have drained down to the tips of my toes as I leaped from the bed (thinking about living with my in-laws again) and dashing to rescue my four-year-old son.  Apparently, this all was very, very funny to Dwight.  My eyes darted back and forth as I clenched my teeth and said,

“Dwight?  WHERE is the fire?” 



No answer.  Just a smile. 

It hit me right then, that This boy is evil!  What have I gotten myself into?  I just married a soldier who is never home and he’s left me home with his devil child!  He’s going to kill me in my sleep!  He did this just to see me freak!

My heart was still pounding as I realized that Dwight was just playing around.  There was no fire.  False alarm!  Cartoons were still on and he was just simply tired of being quiet, so his imagination took hold of him and BOO!  He spooked his mama. 

“Dwight.” I said, in a stern quiet tone.  “I am going to go lay back down now.  Do not EVER do that again.”  That’s all I could say, because I just knew that if I went any further than that, I would probably kill him.

So I got back in bed and tried to sleep.  But if memory serves me correctly, I was too spooked to dream away.  After all, I was too busy trying to figure out just what else this kid was capable of!

Your Next Dwight-a-thon story:  The Midnight Laugh and The Spring

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First, a complaint.  I was doing fine.  But now?  My allergies are making me miserable.  Even Zyrtec isn’t helping.  I’m developing the same eye irritations as last year and I’m sneezing and itching and just miserable.  What is it here that just bloomd to make me suffer so?  I’ve never had problems like this before moving to Ohio! 

Okay, enough complaining.  As promised, I have more on Dwight.  In fact, I have so much on Dwight that I was thinking I should just hold a Dwight-a-thon on my blog over the next couple of days…

Where shall I begin? 


Shall I start with his newest tic?  I’m thinking it’s time to get him back to the doctor.  He started complaining of neck pain last week and kept rolling his neck back and forth.  He no longer complains of neck pain, but he’s still rolling his neck around.  And that movement has somehow evolved into another tick, which sort of resembles how a chicken thrusts its head back and forth while walking.  Dwight does this too now, when he’s walking, or not.  I’m wondering if the stress of finals is getting to him.  I’ll wait until school gets out next week and see how his tics are doing then.


Tonight he was complaining that the school is considering changing the grade scale.  Right now, he has to make a 93 in order for his grade to be counted as an A.  According to Dwight, they are considering changing the grade scale to a 90 – 100 for an A, an 80 to 89 for a B, etc.  Dwight didn’t seem to like the idea.  He says they are “lowering their standards.”  Forget that this new grade scale would actually benefit him!  Any other teenager would be thrilled!  But not Dwight!  Even though he NEEDS for their standards to be lowered in order for him to reach his future goals, change is just never good in his eyes!


Dwight has two obsessions that have really been either making me crazy…or making me laugh.  It depends on the day and hour.  For example:

Yes, this is his latest obsession.

Dwight MUST have the first and last of whatever food or drink exists in the house.  This was the very last egg sitting in the carton.  Forget that there were 2 cartons full of eggs in the fridge, still waiting to be used.  THIS EGG was the last one in the near-empty carton.  So Dwight took the egg out and labeled it as his with a permanent marker, then placed it back in the empty carton and stuck the whole thing back in the fridge. 

He claimed he wanted to fix it for breakfast the next morning, and didn’t want anyone to eat it before then.  He’s usually the first one up in the morning, so I don’t know why that was a concern.  But anyway, he never did cook it up.  It sat in the fridge (ending up in a sandwich bag!) for weeks before I threw it out.  (But not before snapping a picture!)

The other night, I came home from the grocery store with fresh fruit.  I made dinner and we all stuffed ourselves full, but I still caught Dwight eating the FIRST banana and then eating the FIRST strawberry.  He just couldn’t resist digging his long skinny fingers into those strawberries…even if he wasn’t really hungry.  The best part is how he was trying to be sneaky about the whole thing.  You should have seen the look on his face when I caught him taking his first bite of strawberry.  Yup.  I caught him red-handed.  GUILTY!

Another thing Dwight does?  (And has always done) is eat in a specific pattern.  If his food touches, it really REALLY bothers him.  He will often separate it out with his fork.  Then he will start with whatever is closest to him, and eat all of that, before moving onto the next thing on his plate.  So for example, if I’m serving chicken, potatoes, rolls, greenbeans, and salad, and the salad is closest to him, he will start with the salad.  Then he moves in a counter-clockwise direction on his plate to the next food item.  It’s actually pretty entertaining to watch sometimes! 

Okay, I admit it.  Scott and I have actually even dropped a greenbean onto his mac & cheese or intentionally placed his food touching on his plate…just for a little dinner time entertainment!


I have a witness!  I am so happy.  It’s not just me. I’m not insane.  These things really do happen!  While Tina was here over the weekend, she actually got to see some of the craziness Dwight comes up with on his own.

Scott was outside mowing the backyard on his new riding lawn mower when Kelly asked to go outside.  I told her no, and I showed her how the wooden platform at the bottom of the steps got ripped up by the blade when Daddy mowed over it.  “See, Kelly?  That thing can hurt you. It would tear your foot apart like it did that wood.”

“And then my shoe would be ruined?”  She asked.

That’s when I told her she’d only be able to wear one shoe because she’d only have one foot.  “We’d just have to throw the other shoe out!”  I said.

And Dwight being Dwight, just couldn’t stay out of the conversation. 

“Actually…” he blurted, because he takes such pleasure in correcting us when we are wrong!  “There are shoe stores that sell just one shoe.”

Tina and I kind of looked at each other with raised eyebrows.  Okaaaaaaaaaay. 

“No, Dwight.  That is not true.”  I argued.

“Yes it is!”  He insisted.

“No, Dwight.  I’ve never been in a shoe store that sells just one shoe.”  I argued.

“You’re just trying to make me look stupid!” He accused.  “I’m going to prove it to you!  My coach even gave me a flyer for this shoe store that sells just one shoe!”

Okay.  Tina heard it.  I am trying to make Dwight look stupid.  Apparently, disagreeing with your teenager means you are trying to make them look stupid.  (Take notes, parents of pre-teens!)  Really though, I may have strongly disagreed, but it is not my life-long goal to make my children look stupid.  I promise!

So as he stormed off to his room to get “the flyer,” (and prove he wasn’t stupid), we tried to figure out where the heck Dwight was getting his information from.

He came back down frustrated.  He couldn’t find the flyer.  About that time, Scott walked in and he got pulled into the conversation.  Good thing because Scott is just better at getting an explanation out of him than I am!

And of course by this time, Dwight was exasperated as he explained that on the flyer, it showed one shoe with a price under it…just like at the shoe stores he’s been to with the displays holding ONE shoe.  That is the price for one shoe. 

And that’s when I just could not look at Tina, because it hit me that every time we’ve ever walked into a shoe store, Dwight thought the shoes on display, with the prices, were for sale as is.  One shoe.  But finally, I could not resist the temptation to look and see what she was thinking.  And it was over, because she was looking away, trying to keep herself together too.  I was dying.  Poor Dwight. 

No wonder why he’s always been so thankful when we buy him new shoes!  He’s always thought that we actually spent twice the amount of money as on the display!  I had to walk around the corner of the room, because, you know, I was trying so hard to prove that I wasn’t out to make Dwight look stupid, but I just could not control the laughter.  Really, I was laughing so hard that I was crying.  And when Tina finally walked up to me to hand me some tissue…the laughter became audible.  I tried so hard not to laugh, but it was just so funny, thinking of all the times Dwight thanked us so sincerely for his shoes…


He’s a sweet kid (when he’s not acting like a teenager).  And I love how sincerely thankful he truly is (most of the time).  Yes, we have our good moments and bad moments with Dwight.  But I do have to say with all the daily frustrations, those funny, innocent, “You’re-trying-to-make-me-look-stupid” moments outshine all the rest.  He really is a good kid.

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Not Tonight

Well, I was trying to get my post on Dwight done tonight, but Madison isn’t cooperating.  I think she’s sick again.  Maybe tomorrow…

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Today I am trying to be more positive.  Today I am trying to be thankful for the things that would normally go unnoticed.  Like when I had to take Madison to her ENT appointment at the Children’s Hospital and realized my hubby took off with my GPS, I was thankful I’ve made two other trips there recently and knew where to go. 

When I got to the hospital, I started to grumble about how ironic it was that 5 parking spaces right up close to the entrance cleared up after I parked in the back and started walking waddling with my three kids towards the building.  Yet it wasn’t raining yet, so I was thankful we were walking outside with the breeze blowing and no rain falling on our heads.

I’m thankful for the ENT who wants to wait 3 months and then recheck Madison’s ears before “rushing to ear tubes” as he put it.

Then when we came out from the appointment, I was just thankful that it didn’t start raining until right after we were all buckled up inside the van.  And it stopped before we had to get out again at home. 

I’m thankful for the birthmark people calling me back today, so that we can get Madison the help she needs with her birthmark/lip.

And of all the things to be thankfuI for today, I am most thankful for the miracle Madison gave me when she pulled her lip up and my camera managed to snap a shot of her upper lip just in time before she let her lip go.  I needed this shot TODAY for the birthmark doctor! 

Then of course, getting her to do that also showed me that the swelling went all the way down, yet one more thing to be thankful for. 

My little girl is a good sport considering all that we’ve been putting her through lately.  I’m even thankful for that.

These are my little miracles today.  What’s yours?

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Busy Weekend

Thursday night Tina and the gang drove up from Tennessee for the holiday weekend.  Then our weekend started. 

Friday morning Kelly graduated from preschool.  (Hooray!  No more freaking out when Kelly refuses to get ready for school!)  Thank God Tina brought her camera because my camera did not want to take good pictures!

After that, we went out to one of our favorite local restaurants for lunch.  Scott and I used to go to this place all the time, but it seems to be going downhill.  All the staff we’d originally come to know and love are now gone, so I have to say I’m kind of sad.  Especially since they’ve replaced many of the servers with people who haven’t been trained very well!  Either way, lunch turned out okay, and then Scott and James took the kids home while Tina and I headed out for a much anticipated (and needed) Chocolate Cherry Pedicure.

Okay, I needed the pedicure more than Tina, considering it’s been over 3 years since I’ve had one.  But this pedicure was no ordinary pedicure.  As soon as we walked into the room, we could smell chocolate.  Yum!  They had us each sit in our comfy seats and soak our feet in some chocolate scented bowls, and then handed us a chocolate mousse dessert.  (Too bad we pigged out at lunch!)

(By the way, Tina.  What happened to the picture of you getting your pedicure???)

The whole pedicure lasted just under an hour and a half and it was just what I needed.  I came out with pretty feet! (at least compared to what they looked like before!)

We got back and found that the kids (and my husband) had just woken up from their naps.  That evening we ordered pizza and played a game of Risk with the kids.  Thank you, Tina, for taking Dwight out!  😉  heh heh

Saturday morning I got up and got ready for my VBAC class.  When Scott and I first showed up, I thought the class was a joke.  I did not sign up for a support group, I signed up for information and knowledge on how to increase my chances for a successful VBAC delivery!  Had the instructor not said that we were going to go over positions and such before our first break, Scott and I would have been out of there.

But it turned out to be a good class.  The group was small with only 2 other couples there, and we did get some important information out of it.  Also, we were done 2 hours later.  That’s my kind of class! 

After the class, we got home and took the kids to Dave & Busters for lunch and video game time.  This is a very rare treat for them, so needless to say, they were excited!  l have to admit, I look forward to a night of D&B without the kids, but I don’t see that happening until after I have this baby!

(Madison enjoyed a bowl of ranch with her side of chicken)

After D&B we went home and got ready for some time out without the kids.  Our awesome babysitter, I’ll call her Kay, came over and Tina, James, Scott and I went to see “What Happens In Vegas.”  I thought it was an awesome comedy, (one of the few worth seeing in theaters!)  After that we went to Red Robin where our yucky server touched our straws (if you were lucky enough to get one from him) and cups in weird places, leaving his fingerprints for us to remember him by.  No really though, it was nice to get out and talk without any interruptions from children!

Of course, we were all pretty tired, so we didn’t stay out too terribly late and headed home so we could go to bed. 

The next morning, we went to church, and then got the kids home for lunch before heading out to the zoo, which happened to be everyone’s idea in the greater Cincinnati area!  It started off so crowded, it wasn’t even fun, but eventually, the crowd thinned out as we all went our separate ways. 

We tried to convince the zoo keeper that this group was a special breed of monkeys, but they didn’t believe us!

My beautiful sister (in-law) with her oldest son. 

(“I can’t reach!  Help me!  I can’t reach!”  Madison desperately wanted to take a monkey home with her!)

Finally, some kids (and parents) decided we’d had enough, while others really weren’t ready to leave yet.  Hard decision to make with such a large group, but we headed home.  We grilled some steak and burgers and then pretty much crashed after dinner.  We were all exhausted!

Monday was pretty laid back.  Tina packed up her family and left us.  I had to inspect her car before leaving though.  They were trying to sneak off with Madison in the back seat!  Nice try!  We were all sad as we looked around our “empty” home.  But it was nice to get to see them and I’m thankful they drove up to visit.  I know that even though those drives are only 4 – 5 hours, it’s not always fun, especially for the kids!

Tomorrow…more on Dwight.  Newest tic, latest obsessions, and shoes. 

(Because you just can’t get enough of the Dwight stories, right?)

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I had an appt with my doula(s) this morning.  I’m soooo glad I found them.  I have a feeling I will not regret having them there to help me through this labor! 

Scott is in California at the AI Finale.  He won a contest at work and “had” to go. 

I get to stay home with the five kids.  Who do you think was more excited about the AI Finale?

Madison’s appt. at the children’s hospital with the pediatric dentist went okay.  Looks like another surgery.  (She is also seeing an ENT about her ear infections).  

Kelly has to have surgery on the hand she stuck under the treadmill.  Scar tissue built up and she can’t straighten her middle finger.  Something tells me I’ll regret fixing that finger when she gets older!  What do you think?

No seriously though, do you see the scar tissue and tightening in her finger?

And I’m about to have another baby.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage scheduling, sitting through, and then caring for my little girls with these surgeries and have a baby too!  It’s all a bit overwhelming right now.  I mean, they’re my little girls!

Yet, my belly keeps growing, which means there’s no pausing this pregnancy until the surgeries are complete:

These pics were taken on Sunday at 33 weeks, 6 days.

And Kelly keeps telling people that I’m having two babies.  Does she know something I don’t know?

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