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Of course this is how it happens!  We call our Doula, call the doctor and let him know we think we are at the beginning stages of labor. 

I have a moment where I start crying because I just feel so guilty about leaving little Madison at someone else’s house overnight without being able to explain to her what is going on.  She’s still just one and although she senses something is going on, how could she possibly understand?  So I cried because I really didn’t know how she’d handle the night and felt guilty about leaving her somewhere else, wondering where her mommy is.

We get the kids all fed and bathed and pj’s on, bags packed and ready to go to “Uncle Joe’s” and then the contractions start spacing out.  At first they spaced out about 10 minutes apart but were much more intense.  Then they just kept spacing.  I’m still having contractions, and they are slightly painful, but not consistent enough to call labor!

We’re calling this one a fire drill.  But the bags are still sitting by the front door.  I called my doula back and let her know what was going on (and of course the contractions start picking up again), but that is how it works!

I’m going to try to get some sleep.  Maybe tomorrow…


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Tina called me this a.m. from work, and just as I started to get off the phone from her, I started getting that crampy feeling.  My body has been showing the subtle signs that it’s almost ready.  But I decided that, as uncomfortable as I am, I was going to continue on with my day.   So Mom and I ran to GNC so I could pick up some more prenatal vitamins and then off to Wal-Mart to grab a few things. 

The contractions started on the drive, but I just had one or two.  But as we walked around Wal-Mart, I was pretty uncomfortable and the contractions kept coming on.  We got home and ate lunch, with contractions in between.  And then around 2:30-ish I decided it might be a good idea to try to get a nap in.

Ha, ha, ha.  That didn’t happen.  Every 4 to 6 minutes the contractions came on.  I started off dreaming, and woke up to the first one.  I ignored it.  By 3:00 I started timing them, and sure enough, they were coming on every 4-6 minutes.  I decided to keep timing for another hour, and they remained consistent, so at 4:00 I called Scott, who was supposed to be home already (working from home) and told him he might want to just go ahead and head home.

So now he’s home and we are continuing to time them out.  After the false labor last Thursday, I don’t want to jump into saying I’m in labor yet, but some of you may be getting phone calls once we figure out for sure!!!

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Good Sleep

Last night I actually got to sleep with only 1 or 2 contractions all night long!  So I survived the false labor Thursday night brought me and God answered my prayers for a good night’s sleep Friday night.  I even got in an hour long nap without contractions! 

Of course tonight the contractions have started up again, but they aren’t consistent (yet).  I asked my mom to take pictures throughout the labor and post updates on the blog.  I plan on doing a majority of the labor at home and once we get closer to the end, we’ll head on to the hospital, where hopefully a few hours later I’ll be ready to push.  I would SO love to do a home birth, but with this being a VBAC, I just don’t want to risk it! 

Let’s just pray it all goes well and they will let me and baby come home as soon as possible.  I don’t want to spend days there.  I think I’ll recover much faster (and better) in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by family!

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Yesterday was quite eventful.  I went to my 39 week checkup with Scott and my mom (and Madison) there too. 

Dr. said the baby’s head was definitely engaged, and that this weekend would be good for him because his wife is going out of town and left him with a to-do list!  😉  I really do love my doctor.  I have to drive 25 minutes to his office, but it is soooooooo worth the drive knowing he is supporting me in my decision and truly wants to help his patients’ birth experience to be one that they desire.

I did make sure to get in a nap after my appointment (thanks to my husband’s encouragement and promise that he’d take care of the laundry that is still sitting in the laundry baskets!)  I experienced several contractions for that 1 1/2 hours and woke up noticing my belly dropped even more.

We rushed around, picking Dwight up from summer school and then Mom colored my hair for me (because as I told Patrick, all the gray hairs that keep growing in are a result of the stress my kids cause me!  He doesn’t quite believe me yet). 

Then Mom and I headed out and met up with a couple of my girlfriends for a Girl’s Nite Out dinner.

These two lovely ladies even brought me baby gifts.  They are so thoughtful!  It was fun.  But we are all moms so the night ended fairly early.  Mom and I were heading back home by 8:30!

We stayed up a bit.  Mom took pictures of me with the kids and then we chatted for a bit and then headed to bed.  I was really looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

But a good night’s sleep wasn’t happening.  I was up til 4:30 this a.m. with more contractions.  They started last night before going to bed, first 30 minutes apart, then 20…I even had a few as I typed up last nights’ post.  Then they got closer.   10 minutes, 5 minutes…and more intense.  I really had to focus on breathing through them.

I remember lying there thinking, I am not going to wake Scott up yet, because I can handle these and I’m going to need him to be well rested to help me through the rest!  And then they just stopped.  I may have woken up here or there with another contraction, but I went from wondering if it was finally time to knowing I was going to be miserably tired in the morning.

I’ve had contractions on and off all day.  And of course, now that evening approaches, they are coming on with more consistency again – Less than 10 minutes apart.  I just hope this doesn’t carry on for another week! 

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Team Pink, Team Blue

Since we didn’t find out the sex of the baby when we went in for the ultrasound, we’ve asked our kids, “What team are you on?  Are you team pink, or team blue?” 

So as it stands:

Scott: Team Blue

Me: Team Pink

Dwight: Team Pink

Patrick: Team Blue

Joshua: Team Blue

Kelly: Team Pink

Grandma:  Team Pink

And of course Madison doesn’t quite get it, so she’s team green.

Patrick is especially curious about the sex of the baby though and has asked us repeatedly if we REALLY know the sex of the baby.  We keep telling him no, but sometimes talk about the old wive’s tales and such and get him going (it’s so much fun).

Today, we were cleaning off the counter and my mom found two fortune cookies still in the wrapper.  “Do you want these?”  She asked.

So I told her to throw them out as we were in the middle of a conversation about the baby’s sex.  So then I said, “You know what?  Let’s open them.  Maybe it will tell us what the baby is!”  Of course I was joking.  I’d just finished telling mom about how I got a fortune that said that I or a friend would be married within a year and then just months later I was getting married to Scott, and less than a year after getting that fortune, my friend also got married.  Yet, I am not that superstitious.  I’ve always laughed it off as a fluke deal.

But Patrick thought I was serious, “REALLY?”  He asked.

“No, Patrick, I was just kidding.  Those things can’t predict the future.  That all just happened by chance anyway.”

So my mom opens up the first one and looks at it.  She is reading the back of the fortune and it’s the chinese word for “BLUE.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s a boy!”  We were laughing. 

“REALLY?!?”  Patrick asked, all excited.

“Noooooo, Patrick.  It was just a coincidence…” I explained.

So we open up the next cookie just to show him.  And the next fortune has the chinese word “Egg” on it, which is symbolic of fertility and birth and such…(also in a classical drawing I drew in college of a pregnant torso surrounded by eggs) and then the fortune on the other side read: “A small gift is a blessing to the entire family.”

Thanks fortune cookie fortune maker-uppers…you REALLY helped me prove my point on that one!

So, I guess only time will tell, but if this baby turns out to be a boy, I’m really going to have to work hard to convince Patrick that it was still all just a fluke deal.  That’s what I get for messing with his head so much!

In the meantime, I’m all for hearing your guesses?  Boy or Girl?  I have a feeling we will find out soon!  I went to the Dr. today and he said the head was definitely engaged in the pelvis, and then I woke up from my nap today and noticed I dropped even more (must have been all the contractions I had an hour after lying down).  Since I’m having some painful contractions every night, I’m thinking my body is really working on getting ready for this baby.  Let’s just hope I can get a good night’s sleep tonight!   

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Still pregnant, but getting closer.  Some really cool things have been happening this last week. 

First, I have a friend who tried calling me several times Tuesday.  I never got around to answer the phone or calling her back, but when she called me back on Wednesday, I picked up.  She asked me if things were going okay and told me both she and her husband were up the last two nights praying for me. 

Which was exactly what I needed.  It was just one of those moments where I was thankful for all the friends I have praying for me, and for a God who wanted me to know that He sees where I am and has people praying for me.  She told me that she and her husband were praying specifically regarding the spirit of fear and anxiety.

And as soon as she said that, I remembered my dream from the night before.  It didn’t help that I was up the last two nights with contractions (up until 2 a.m. Wednesday morning!) and crazy stressful, hectic dreams.  I’ve been stressing, or should I say, I’ve been afraid of this whole childbirth thing.  Can I really do it?  Am I strong enough?  Can I handle the pain?  Do I have the endurance, the strength, the will to make it? 

So after all the fretting and worrying I had this dream Tuesday night about this spirit in my bedroom.  It was made of fire and started throwing fire all over my room as if threatening to burn it down.  And then I saw each of my children, and he was threatening to throw the fire at them.  I felt like I was half awake, half asleep, but next thing I knew, I was mustering up all the courage I could by saying, “Jesus, Jesus…” because it was the only thing I could think of to say that made me feel better.  And then I prayed for His help, and then commanded that spirit of fear out of my house and away from my children too. 

But the crazy thing is, I could not remember that dream until my friend called me the next morning.  All I could remember was that I’d had another crazy, bad dream.  So it really meant a lot to me that one, she and her hubby were praying over me regarding that area of my life and two, I felt like I was starting to deal with it.  I can’t live in fear and succeed!  So after that phone call, I was able to move on in peace, and gradually, over the next 24 hours, I am feeling okay about this whole labor thing.

Good thing, cuz I am soooooooooooooo close!  (I just typed this post with about 4 contractions in between!)

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I was up til 2 a.m. this morning with contractions, and then they finally dwindled down to just one or two and hour, and then stopped.  Needless to say, I was exhausted this morning!

I have an OB appt tomorrow.  I’ll find out if the doctor thinks the baby has dropped.  It sure looks like it to me (and Scott, and my mom!)

These contractions are definitely still Braxton Hicks, yet they are getting a bit more intense.  I know the time is getting close!

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