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Taking a Break

So the impending move is on.  We have 5 1/2 weeks left in Ohio and needless to say, I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to get our house “show-ready” and up for sale, as well as doing all the other crazy things required when moving to another state.  But it’s happening, we will be heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas the day the kids get out of school.

I got to go house hunting with Scott last month and we found a house in a very nice neighborhood.  It was such a hard decision because there are soooo many nice homes on the market!  In fact, we kind of went back and forth between two homes and visited both houses 3 times each.  It was good because every time we’d go to what we call our “second choice” home, we really liked it.  It had an extra bedroom we knew we’d be able to use with all these freaking kids!  And the yard was so nice and the neighborhood was small and there were lots of kids. 

But then every time we’d go back to the home we ended up making an offer on, we just knew that it was IT.  I don’t know how to explain it, but even with all the work we are going to have to put into it (a contractor estimated about $25,000 worth if we have him to do the work), we just knew that this house was the one we wanted.  It was hard to not get emotionally attached to the house and we went back and forth with the sellers – making an offer, them countering, and back and forth until finally we said, “Okay, this is our FINAL offer.  Take it or leave it.” 

And we didn’t find out their answer until we landed back in Cincinnati, that they accepted.  Yay! 

So then we (Scott, Madison, America, and I) got home to a very clean house thank you to our babysitter!  She and the kids worked on it to surprise us.  She is such a blessing to us and boy am I going to miss her.  Too bad I can’t convince her to come to Arkansas with us! 

So the next day we got busy on the house and we worked for about 10 days straight.  By the time we took a day off (which I still found myself cleaning here and there), I was pretty much an emotional basket case.  I needed a break so bad! 

But we got the work done, even though I didn’t run for 2 weeks because we were working on the house and there was just no way I could work out and work on the house too.  Oh yeah, guess I didn’t mention, Scott and I are training to run a marathon.  My STUPID idea.  I mention it and he gets online within an hour of me bringing it up and orders us running shoes!  There’s no backing out now, right? 

Really, I’m glad we are doing this.  I need to do something for myself!  But it does get stressful at times trying to figure out when I’m going to run with all these kids! 

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging on a regular basis.  I probably won’t be consistent until a couple months after the move, but I do plan on getting back on here and sharing my life lessons and hilarious interactions with my kids! 

In the meantime, I am going to try to keep it together as our moving day approaches.  The kids are stressed too, and it’s definitely showing in Kelly, who turned six last week!  SIX!  I am hoping once we get settled that she will be able to calm down a bit!

As for myself, I am starting to get a bit nervous about moving to such a small town.  It just seems that everybody knows just about everything about everybody.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has been nothing but friendly, but I do tend to be a private person and I just don’t know how I feel about everybody knowing so much about us.  Kind of sounds funny when I’m blogging about my life doesn’t it?  But to me, blogging still feels somewhat anonymous.  I guess the idea of people possibly finding out something I wouldn’t want them to know makes me feel vulnerable.  Not that I have any deep, dark, terrible secrets, it’s just I know I’m not perfect and I hope that I can not get caught up in trying to put on that mask of perfection in front of these people.  It could be easy to get caught up in trying to pretend everything is cool even when it isn’t, just for the sake of not being talked about.  But that’s not me and I want to be real…even if that means people decide they don’t necessarily like me so much! 

But you bet I’ll still be putting on my makeup before leaving the house when we live there!  It’s that small of a town…oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll still be too lazy to do that at times!  Ha ha!


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Mom, this book is an easy read!  Can I borrow your Twilight book?

Maddison wore this outfit for her 6 month pics.  America is wearing it at 4 months!

I love this outfit!  I was able to put it on her on one of those rare warm days in November here in Ohio.  She’ll probably never get to wear it again now that it is cold enough to start snowing!

Like my new set up?  I am learning a lot about portion control with this Nutrisystem plan!  I decided to start portioning out the kids’ snacks into snack bags so I can teach them something about portion control and healthy choices too!  I let them choose one snack bag in the pantry a day.  Then their other snack has to be a fruit, veggie, and/or cheese/dairy product!

Another view.  Mini rice cakes, cheeze its, raisins, preztels, Pringles stix, and goldfish crackers.

Kelly with her snack bag.

Madison with her snack bag.  Raisins!  Raisins!  I want raisins!

Isn’t she so cute?

My little cuddle bug.  Look at those long toes!  She gets them from me. 🙂

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I should be blogging my birth story, and I can’t wait to do so, but for now, I just have to put in a quick post to say we have spent the last 2 days dealing with a lice infestation!  Imagine my horror, coming home from the hospital on Saturday with a newborn and discovering lice on my 5 year old 2 days later! 

It started off so good too.  The home nurse came by for a visit and the baby has only lost 4 ounces since birth!  She was very encouraging and we had a great visit.  Then we went on with the day, thinking it was going to be a day of relaxation and recovery.  But no.  Kelly kept scratching her head, complaining it itched.  So I told her she probably had dandruff and to let me check.

I pulled her hair over and discovered those little bugs crawling all over her head!  “Ewwwwwe!  Oh nooo!  She has lice!”  I freaked.  I was so disgusted, and Scott knew to get out the door and to the store right away, where he spent $150 on lice treatment products! 

So we started with Kelly and she was covered.  I’m not talking about just a little lice.  My mom used the comb on her hair after Scott shampooed it and she covered 3 paper towels with lice and nits!  It was so disgusting. 

Then we checked our hair and sure enough, Mom and I both had nits and then we found two live lice on Madison’s hair, so we treated her too (although we found no nits/eggs). 

We spent the entire day dealing with the lice infestation.  Laundry, hair, bagging up pillows and stuffed animals, clean up, etc.  My poor feet were so swollen by the end of the day, which was crazy because they hadn’t swollen up the entire pregnancy.  But I had to get that stuff taken care of right away.  It was making me crazy just thinking about it, and you can bet I’ve been picking through the baby’s hair just looking for signs of lice on her head. 

Oh, and if the baby blue’s hadn’t set in yet, Lice will most definitely make a postpartum mom cry!  Yesterday was Scott’s last day off and I was really looking forward to some bonding time.  Instead, we spent the day just dealing with nasty bugs.  Fortunately, he’s still working from home the rest of the week, but he isn’t off work.  I’d love his full attention right now, but I’m thankful he’s at least home!  I love having him around right now. 

Today I continued to find lice in Kelly’s hair so we treated it again and I pulled out several more nits and a couple of lice.  Ugh!  It’s certainly not how I anticipated spending the last 2 days, but thank God for my wonderful mom and husband!  I don’t know what I’d do without them! 

So, now I get to start making some phone calls to let our friends/family who’ve been exposed, know about the situation.  The call I’m dreading most?  My Doula.  That’s going to be a fun one!

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I took Patrick to the pediatrician yesterday.  He ended up referring Patrick to a neurologist.  So, I’m going to call and set up another appointment since it might take a couple of months to get him in.  I think his doctor is thinking it’s Tourettes.

I have to say I was a little frustrated with the pediatrician yesterday because he was asking me “which kids are yours?” 

I freaking HATE that question! 

Sure, I understand he was digging for a little medical history, but don’t you think that if these doctors are smart enough to earn a medical degree, shouldn’t they be smart enough in how they approach such sensitive issues, ESPECIALLY if children are involved???

What makes it worse is that 4 of my 5 children were sitting there listening to him ask me that and I kept trying to skirt around the question because I really didn’t know how to answer that in front of them, especialy Kelly.  They are all mine (which is what I should have said, but I was just so shocked he asked me that way!) 

Even when I tried to tell him which ones I gave birth to, he still pushed me to say which ones were adopted, and which one was my “stepson.”

When people ask me that question, I feel like they are trying to separate out my family.  Like, these are YOURS, and then these other ones over here are the outsiders – the stepkids, the adopted.  The ones who aren’t “really” yours.

Kelly doesn’t know that she’s adopted yet, so having to answer that question in front of the doctor was just very hard.  He obviously either didn’t get or didn’t care that his question made me uncomfortable, nor did he consider that we haven’t talked to all of our children about it yet.

And I know we need to tell Kelly, but now is the worst time of all to tell her.  We are about to have a baby.  I don’t want her to feel like “these kids are mine, and you are just adopted.”  I don’t want her to feel like an outsider.  I want her to understand and know her story is special, she is special, and that God brought her to us. 

Lately Kelly has been asking a lot of questions about when she was a baby.  Fortunately, her foster moms created a beautiful scrapbook with pics from birth up to the point where I was able to come get her in Washington when she was 15 months old.  I am almost finished with her adoption story and will read it to her when the time is right.

Until then, I show her the pictures, and share my experiences with her – how stinky her diapers were, how she wouldn’t take a pacifier, and her favorite – how she tried to “run away from home” before she was even two years old.  She thinks that story is hilarious!

Scott and I agreed that we should wait until after the baby is born and we’ve all adjusted before talking to her about her adoption.  I don’t believe it’s something we need to hold back or hide from her, but it most certainly should be the right timing!

That experience along with a few others just reconfirmed to me that this pediatric office isn’t the best one for our family.  I’m hoping the one that is opening up by the Children’s hospital by our house will be a little more sensitive to our needs, especially considering how much business we’ve been bringing into them! 

It also made me realize I need to stop cowering down to people, and stop feeling obligated to explain things, when they ask such an insensitive question.  Yes, the doctor needs to know as much as he can about the child’s medical history in order to provide him with the best medical care, but I do not believe that this doctor was being sensitive to the fact that we may not have discussed everything with our children yet.  (And this isn’t the first time this has happened with this particular doctor). 

I understand they want to understand our history, but there is a way to ask without separating my children into categories or making some of them feel isolated from the rest.  There is also a time to ask, and doing so right in front of all of the children is not the time to do it!  I also need to accept the fact that acquaintances don’t have the right to know our entire personal history. 

So lesson learned.  From now on, that’s my answer.  THEY ARE ALL MINE.  Because they are.  God gave them to me, one way or another, and how they got to me is not nearly as important as the fact that they are mine, that God chose me to be their mom, and God chose them to be my children.  God’s love made us a family.  Nothing can separate that!

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Okay, Donna, here’s your post!  Sorry, I just keep forgetting to respond to how far along I am in my pregnancy!

We’re officially full term!  Now we just gotta wait til baby’s ready (and hopefully til my mom gets here next Saturday!).  Here’s a pic of me yesterday at 37 weeks.  No makeup or trying to look pretty in any way.  I was at Joshua’s baseball game and it was just too hot to apply and then sweat off makeup!  That and I’m outgrowing my clothes!

Here’s Joshua playing his favorite sport:

I think the coach in this pic is soooo hot.  I wonder if he’s married?  🙂

It’s nice having a big brother around to chase this little rascal.  She seems to think it’s okay to hang out with the baseball team!

Would have taken a picture of Dwight, but he was busy talking to another teen…who I’m sure would not have appreciated me taking pictures of the two of them talking.  And when I say Donavan was talking to this guy, I mean non-stop, won’t shut up talking.  I would have told him to give the guy a break, but then he would have just started talking to me!  🙂  So I enjoyed MY break!  I am a horrible person!

Kelly was busy making friends, as usual.

Oh, and Saturday, Scott’s friend came over to help put this up:

It’s supposed to be a swingset/playset.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate much until the evening, and then they figured out they were missing a part, so now we are waiting for them to ship that out to us before we (Ha Ha, I said WE as if I’m helping build this thing!) can finish it!  I’m hoping we can get it up before the baby is born!  Then we can throw the kids outside to play! 

Oh, and Patrick is going in Tuesday (next Tuesday) to check up on him with his jerking movements (See post below).  I explained to the nurse what was going on with him and that was the soonest they could get him in with their pediatrician.  The longer we are with this particular practice, the less impressed I am.  Soooooooo, I’m hoping when they open the new hospital close to our house, we can switch over to the new pediatrics practice right next door.  We’ll see…

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Kelly is Five!

Today Kelly turned five.  Of course, since her birthday fell on a Wednesday, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to celebrate, but we did manage to do cake and icecream and let her open a couple presents, (after I toured the hospital I’ll be giving birth at). 

Ugh.  I have to admit, touring the hospital made me a bit nervous.  In fact, for a moment I thought that maybe I should just opt for a repeat C-Section!  But no.  That would be the easy way out. 

Soooooo, Anyway, I’ll post birthday pics after Kelly’s party on Saturday.  We invited her preschool class, so it should be fun!

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So much has been going on in our little world and I haven’t had a chance to post half of it!

Sooooooo, I have some pictures to remind me of a few things! 

First, Joshua had a concert a couple weeks ago where his class sang the song that they wrote with an awesome Children’s artist who came to visit their school.  We went to his concert a month or so ago, but to our delight, he actually stayed and worked with the classes to write their own songs and they even have a CD too!  Here’s Patrick and Kelly getting ready to enjoy the show…

We celebrated Dwight’s 15th birthday on the 13th.  I can’t believe how old he is! 

The rest of the gang sang “Happy Birthday” to Dwight.  (I of course was behind the camera taking pictures!

We are finally enjoying some real Spring weather!  And even with the weather warming up a bit, Madison got very sick last week.  I took her to her doctor for an ear infection and breathing problems.  They gave her a breathing treatment with a nebulizer and then prescribed her antibiotics and an inhaler.  That inhaler became my nightmare of the week.  I ended up calling the pediatrician’s office several times throughout the week to tell them that the inhaler was not working on my 19 month old.  She panicked and fought me when I tried to use it on her. 

The most frustrating part is when I met up with some resistance on getting a nebulizer, which from what everyone else has told me, is the appropriate way to treat such a young child.  I have to say it didn’t take much to convince me since the inhaler really didn’t do much for Madison and when I held the mask from the nebulizer up to her face at the doctor’s office, she actually sat still!  Finally, They prescribed one for Madison (after chest x-rays which turned out to be inconclusive anyway!  They weren’t sure if she had pneumonia or not, but they also saw inflamation in the lungs due to either asthma or an infection!)

Anyway, this pic is from the worst treatment she had.  After this one, she actually sat and played or watched tv while I gave her her breathing treatments!

By Friday she was feeling noticeably better.  I let her play outside…and she even STOLE my icecream cone.  (I intended on sharing, but nooooooooooooooooo, that wasn’t good enough)!

(Whatever makes her happy!)

Scott pulled out a dusty old car for her to play in.  (My mommy instincts were screaming, Nooooooooooooooooooooo!  But it was too late to stop her). 

She was in the car with her icecream in no time…

And all that dust and dirt made her start coughing and wheezing again.  Guess it’s time for another breathing treatment!

Kelly had a fundraiser at her preschool this week.  They were supposed to get sponors to donate money when they completed the 9 obstacles the teachers set up for them.  I was a bad mommy and didn’t ask for sponsers!

But she had fun anyway and still got a prize!

And then they shared snacks with the siblings.

That afternoon my OB office called me to remind me of my appt. the next morning.  It’s a good thing they called because I didn’t mark my calendar and totally forgot about it!  Here I am at 30 weeks, 3 days…

(Thanks, Hon, for taking the pic).

That’s it in a nutshell.  Even though so many other things have been going on…but I’ve learned you can’t blog everything, there just isn’t enough time! 


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