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Mom, this book is an easy read!  Can I borrow your Twilight book?

Maddison wore this outfit for her 6 month pics.  America is wearing it at 4 months!

I love this outfit!  I was able to put it on her on one of those rare warm days in November here in Ohio.  She’ll probably never get to wear it again now that it is cold enough to start snowing!

Like my new set up?  I am learning a lot about portion control with this Nutrisystem plan!  I decided to start portioning out the kids’ snacks into snack bags so I can teach them something about portion control and healthy choices too!  I let them choose one snack bag in the pantry a day.  Then their other snack has to be a fruit, veggie, and/or cheese/dairy product!

Another view.  Mini rice cakes, cheeze its, raisins, preztels, Pringles stix, and goldfish crackers.

Kelly with her snack bag.

Madison with her snack bag.  Raisins!  Raisins!  I want raisins!

Isn’t she so cute?

My little cuddle bug.  Look at those long toes!  She gets them from me. 🙂


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When we were moving to Cincinnati from South Carolina, my children’s pediatrician told me that Cincinnati had one of the top children’s hospitals in the U.S.  Of course, I’m a pessimist, so naturally I think, “Greeeeaaat…God’s probably sending us there because our kids are going to need a good hospital in the near future!”  Well, my pessimistic outlook was right on, even though I should have looked at it this way.  “Awesome!  God is placing us right where we need to be in order for our children to get the best medical care possible!”  Yeah, I’m really trying to work on my attitude!

I have to say that our overall experience with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has been a positive one.  Okay, truthfully, I can’t think of one bad thing to say about them!  I don’t think things could have gone more smoothly.

Dr. Elluru is absolutely WONDERFUL.  He is very friendly and personal and the first time we met him, I felt so much better about putting my child in his caring hands.  He didn’t want to rush into putting ear tubes in Madison’s ears, and monitored her ears over the last couple of months.  I was really impressed that he didn’t want to just jump the gun on that one!  I mean, more surgeries = more $!

He really is a gifted doctor in every way.  He even spent time holding little America before going into surgery with Madison.  He did keep trying to talk us into letting him take her home, but of course, we’re already too attached now!  (If he only knew what I went through to have this one!  I think I’m still a little traumatized by that labor, but that’s another story for another time).  The funny thing is, Dr. Elluru has two daughters, and they both share the same first names as our Kelly and our America, (not blog names of course!) spelled the same ways too. 

Anyway, we showed up an hour early for Madison’s surgery and they checked all her vitals.  When she started to show some nervousness, the nurse let her pick out a toy.  They brought us in a room where we spent the next hour.  They had a flat screen tv up on the wall in front of Madison’s bed and she was able to watch Sesame street while we waited.  They also brought in some toys for her to play with.

When the anesthesiology rep showed up, she brought in a doll (Madison called her Dora because she had dark hair about the same length as Dora the Explorer), and some masks.  She let Madison put the various sized masks on the “Dora” doll and then sprayed some “scents” on a paper towel and let Madison pick her favorite. 

Of course, during this time, we had several people come in and ask us the same questions over and over again, including, “What is Madison having done today?”  And then it was time for Madison to go back to another room for the anesthesia.  We decided beforehand that Scott would go back with Madison (after they told us what we can expect to happen when they start the anesthesia). 

It actually worked out perfectly, because I kept busy that entire 5 minutes getting all of our stuff together and putting the sleeping baby in her car seat so I’d be ready to be escorted to the waiting room when they returned.  In the meantime, Scott stayed strong as Madison started crying, fighting the mask.  It was only about 30 seconds before she was knocked out, but he came back looking…emotional.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with that expression on his face.  I was SO glad I didn’t go back.  No doubt I would have been bawling when I walked out that room.  I actually had a hard time not crying just letting her go anyway!

Anyway, we had to report ourselves at a desk in the waiting room where this lady gave us a pager just incase we wanted to go downstairs to get something to eat.  She told us it would be about an hour to an hour and twenty minutes.  “What?!?”  Dr. Elluru told us it was only about a 10 minute deal!   Well…the surgery itself was, but when you factor in putting in the IV and all the other stuff they have to do…yeah, it made sense.

So I called my mom and told her not to worry and that the surgery was going to be longer than expected.  I’d call back when things were done.  Then we decided it was just too quiet in the waiting room and decided to go downstairs.  They had a little food bar there and we each picked out a sandwich, I grabbed some chips, and drinks…oh, and Scott got a Broccoli/Cheese soup for us to share.  Way too much food, but picking it all out kept us preoccupied.

And we sat down to eat.  The food was actually pretty good.  If only they’d made the hospital food that tasty when I’d had Madison…maybe I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to go home!  😉

Just as we were about to head back up, the pager buzzed.  (I’d asked Scott earlier if he had the “vibrator” where he could feel it and you know he didn’t let that one go…I was thinking “pager”, but that it was going to vibrate, and called it a vibrator.  MEN!)

Anyway, we headed upstairs where they escorted us to a consult room.  Dr. Elluru met us in there and talked about the surgery…and then he and Scott got into their Blackberry’s.  (Boys and their toys!).  We talked a little bit more about other things and then he left.  We were then taken immediately to the recovery room, where we found Madison propped up in her bed, leaning her back against the nurse’s chest.  I was a bit shocked at her swollen and dark mouth.  I know it makes sense to expect that, but I guess I just thought I’d walk in and her birthmark would look lightened and that’s it. 

“I am in love!”  Kathy told us.  She started bragging about how Madison was a model patient and then distracted me from feeling bad about Madison’s swollen mouth.  She wanted to keep Madison.  She said she woke up and immediately looked her her hand with the IV which was taped to a board. 

“I stuck!”  She told the nurse.  “Help me! I stuck!”

Kathy got such a kick out of that!  So she took out Madison’s IV and held her while she waited for us to get in the room.  We went over some stuff with Kathy, she answered our questions and gave us instructions on caring for Madison, especially over the next 24 hours.  And then we were free to go! 

So we drove Madison home and let her relax to her favorite movies.  I eventually took her up to my room for a nap and after she woke up from her nap, she sat straight up again and looked at me yelling, “I stuck!  I stuck!”  She must have thought she was back at the hospital.  The only way I could convince her she wasn’t stuck was by making her look at her hand. 

“No you’re not.  Look!  Look at your hand!”  I said. 

She looked and realized she wasn’t really stuck, and then she was ready to get up! 

So everything went very smoothly.  The worst part was that night when she woke up screaming bloody murder.  I don’t know what it was all about, but Scott jumped out of bed and got her and brought her into bed with us.  She kept telling us the “snake” bit her, and grabbed her neck.  The poor girl was shaking, I don’t know if it was from fear, pain, or being cold.  I pulled her up to me and grabbed the Tylenol.  She put her hand on her mouth and cried out, saying it hurt.  But 30 minutes later she was calmed down and drifted back to sleep, alternating between me and Scott with her “cuddles.” 

So, Madison is doing well.  The swelling has gone down for the most part.  She did wake up from her nap yesterday with some swelling and told me to “get it off.”  But after I gave her some Tylenol, it went back down and she was fine.  Today she’s the same little rascal she’s been the last 4 months…she’s reached her terrible two’s early…not fun!

Anyway, I’m so thankful for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the great nurses and staff, and Dr. Elluru.  God certainly did place us where we needed to be at the right time.  We’ll decide with Dr. Elluru in 3 -4 months if Madison will need to go back in for another laser treatment, but for now, we are just letting her heal and enjoying our last week of summer before school starts up again!

Now, I have to brace myself for Kelly’s turn.  She still needs surgery on her hand…and that one is probably going to be longer than an hour.  Ugh!  My poor little girls!

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The surgery went well.  Thank you all for your prayers.  As mentioned before, the doctor performed a frenulectomy (clipping her upper frenulum up to the base) and laser surgery on Madison’s birthmark.  I’ll blog more about our experience later, but I did want to post some pics for now and let everyone know it all went well!

This is where they had to clip.

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I should be blogging my birth story, and I can’t wait to do so, but for now, I just have to put in a quick post to say we have spent the last 2 days dealing with a lice infestation!  Imagine my horror, coming home from the hospital on Saturday with a newborn and discovering lice on my 5 year old 2 days later! 

It started off so good too.  The home nurse came by for a visit and the baby has only lost 4 ounces since birth!  She was very encouraging and we had a great visit.  Then we went on with the day, thinking it was going to be a day of relaxation and recovery.  But no.  Kelly kept scratching her head, complaining it itched.  So I told her she probably had dandruff and to let me check.

I pulled her hair over and discovered those little bugs crawling all over her head!  “Ewwwwwe!  Oh nooo!  She has lice!”  I freaked.  I was so disgusted, and Scott knew to get out the door and to the store right away, where he spent $150 on lice treatment products! 

So we started with Kelly and she was covered.  I’m not talking about just a little lice.  My mom used the comb on her hair after Scott shampooed it and she covered 3 paper towels with lice and nits!  It was so disgusting. 

Then we checked our hair and sure enough, Mom and I both had nits and then we found two live lice on Madison’s hair, so we treated her too (although we found no nits/eggs). 

We spent the entire day dealing with the lice infestation.  Laundry, hair, bagging up pillows and stuffed animals, clean up, etc.  My poor feet were so swollen by the end of the day, which was crazy because they hadn’t swollen up the entire pregnancy.  But I had to get that stuff taken care of right away.  It was making me crazy just thinking about it, and you can bet I’ve been picking through the baby’s hair just looking for signs of lice on her head. 

Oh, and if the baby blue’s hadn’t set in yet, Lice will most definitely make a postpartum mom cry!  Yesterday was Scott’s last day off and I was really looking forward to some bonding time.  Instead, we spent the day just dealing with nasty bugs.  Fortunately, he’s still working from home the rest of the week, but he isn’t off work.  I’d love his full attention right now, but I’m thankful he’s at least home!  I love having him around right now. 

Today I continued to find lice in Kelly’s hair so we treated it again and I pulled out several more nits and a couple of lice.  Ugh!  It’s certainly not how I anticipated spending the last 2 days, but thank God for my wonderful mom and husband!  I don’t know what I’d do without them! 

So, now I get to start making some phone calls to let our friends/family who’ve been exposed, know about the situation.  The call I’m dreading most?  My Doula.  That’s going to be a fun one!

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Okay, Donna, here’s your post!  Sorry, I just keep forgetting to respond to how far along I am in my pregnancy!

We’re officially full term!  Now we just gotta wait til baby’s ready (and hopefully til my mom gets here next Saturday!).  Here’s a pic of me yesterday at 37 weeks.  No makeup or trying to look pretty in any way.  I was at Joshua’s baseball game and it was just too hot to apply and then sweat off makeup!  That and I’m outgrowing my clothes!

Here’s Joshua playing his favorite sport:

I think the coach in this pic is soooo hot.  I wonder if he’s married?  🙂

It’s nice having a big brother around to chase this little rascal.  She seems to think it’s okay to hang out with the baseball team!

Would have taken a picture of Dwight, but he was busy talking to another teen…who I’m sure would not have appreciated me taking pictures of the two of them talking.  And when I say Donavan was talking to this guy, I mean non-stop, won’t shut up talking.  I would have told him to give the guy a break, but then he would have just started talking to me!  🙂  So I enjoyed MY break!  I am a horrible person!

Kelly was busy making friends, as usual.

Oh, and Saturday, Scott’s friend came over to help put this up:

It’s supposed to be a swingset/playset.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate much until the evening, and then they figured out they were missing a part, so now we are waiting for them to ship that out to us before we (Ha Ha, I said WE as if I’m helping build this thing!) can finish it!  I’m hoping we can get it up before the baby is born!  Then we can throw the kids outside to play! 

Oh, and Patrick is going in Tuesday (next Tuesday) to check up on him with his jerking movements (See post below).  I explained to the nurse what was going on with him and that was the soonest they could get him in with their pediatrician.  The longer we are with this particular practice, the less impressed I am.  Soooooooo, I’m hoping when they open the new hospital close to our house, we can switch over to the new pediatrics practice right next door.  We’ll see…

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Madison’s Lip

I took Madison to the doctor today.  I was thankful they were able to fit her in and surprised to hear that this lip thing Madison is suffering from was probably always there. 

The doctor looked closely and she couldn’t find anything behind the teeth, and she said the area between and above the inside of her lip did look swollen and tight. She thinks we’ve probably never noticed it because it’s never been so swollen. 

She also said that a virus or sickness or irritation could have caused the inflammation, which makes sense considering she was sick just two days ago. 

Soooooo, I came home and looked for a before picture of Madison smiling, and what do you know?  I can’t find a single picture of her smiling with her two front teeth showing all the way.  Maybe we really didn’t notice it!

She is going in to see a pediatric dentist next week who may opt to do surgery.  So I am trying to mentally and emotionally prep myself for two surgeries now, because she goes in to see an ENT in a little under 2 weeks to discuss ear tubes.  Then I have to make her an appointment to have her birthmark checked out…yet another possible surgery.

These are the days of motherhood I do not enjoy.  There’s nothing like having to place your trust in someone else with your child, especially in medical situations that require them to undergo anestesia. 

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Sweetness is finding out that the book your VBAC instructor recommends for your class next week was already sent to you by a dear friend who cares.  (Thanks, Jen!)

Self-Discovery is finding out you really do have the power to resist punching your smart-ass teenager in the face.

Exhaustion is looking at your busy calendar and realizing you haven’t even put everything on it yet.

Intimacy is turning the t.v. off and talking to your spouse, without interruption, because all the kids are fast asleep.

Sneakiness is trying to hide your icecream cone from your 1 year old because you just don’t want to share…and succeeding until you bite into the cone, which triggers your little toddler to whip her little head around and instinctively say, “I want a bite!” before she even sees what you are eating.

Irony is thinking that your kids are good to go after having faced just about every flu, virus, and bug passed around this winter, and then watching as two of your kids wind up with fevers and ear/headaches a few hours later!  (Joshua reached 103.1 under his arm!)

Maturity is talking with your hubby about all the stupid stuff you did as a teenager and knowing you’d never do something like that again…

And then realizing you haven’t completely grown up because you just took a picture of your hubby’s butt crack with your smart-ass teenager’s cell phone and saved the picture as his wallpaper…

And you thought it was hilarious…

Hope is praying your son doesn’t do something stupid with the picture – something that could get him expelled 3 weeks before school lets out!

Sweetness – real sweetness – is sparing you all the picture I took! 

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