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It’s been about 2 1/2 years since we left Ohio for Arkansas. I really wish I would have kept up with my blogging during that period, but maybe it’s best that I didn’t. While I loved living in Arkansas and so many good things came out of it, I have to admit that the period we were there was one of the hardest times in my life.

There were so many changes that occurred during that time, as well as painful lessons, trials, loss, and revelation. Scott’s sister and her children moved in with us briefly as she and her husband attempted to save their marriage. First, it was just her teen son as she arranged for him to fly in and get settled first as she finished up last minute arrangements back home. That was an adjustment period itself and I regret that my kids struggled with some of the influence he had on all of us, as well as the leniency we showed him because we were trying to make the changes he was going through a bit easier to adjust to. I think our kids felt that we were making too many exceptions for him while holding them to a different standard, and I think they were right. We later learned that they had been exposed to some things they shouldn’t have been exposed to when we weren’t around. It wasn’t until he was gone they felt okay to talk to us about some of their experiences. It really got to me to think that my own children didn’t feel that they could talk to me about their concerns.

Finally, my sister-in-law made it in, and her husband promised to help get the family business settled back home and then he and the other three kids would join her and her oldest son. At that time, we were going to a smaller church we’d found and were just beginning to get involved in, but when my sister-in-law expressed that she was not happy there, we agreed to try to find a church that we could all agree on and go to together. And then we ended up not really going to church at all.

Later, when it was clear that my sister-in-law’s husband wasn’t really devoted to making the changes he needed to make in order to save their relationship, and when it was obvious he wasn’t going to move down to Arkansas as promised, a divorce followed and we all said goodbye to our hopes that they would make it, to each other as his sister and kids moved back, and to the hopes that our family could all finally live in the same town and settle down.

Scott and I really struggled during all this as we went through some major trials ourselves that tested our relationship and shook us both up a bit. Scott ended up taking on two separate roles with the company he works for – that is two full-time careers – and ended up in a near zombie-like state. That was miserable for both of us because even when he was physically present, he really wasn’t even there during a time when our entire family needed him as we went through other issues and hardships. When he asked his boss for help, he was promised resolution and assistance but nothing ever happened. Months followed and nothing changed. He and I both tried to deal with this and other issues on our own and in our own way, and that only made things worse. I think we both ended up hurting each other and ourselves in the process.

On top of that, I was already vulnerable due to other things going on, and ended up dealing with major self-worth and body image issues. I was fed a few lies about myself, and because I tend to believe the lies a lot easier than I do the truth, I lost myself. I was miserable inside, and couldn’t help but think that he was comparing me to every other woman out there. I suddenly only noticed every physical feature other women had that I didn’t and felt that there was no way my husband could be happy with me – with all my flaws. My scarred, stretched belly, and broken down body was ugly after having his children. How could he NOT want other women after looking at me? What was I? I was a stay-at-home mom…a housewife. What could I possibly have to offer him that was so great? Suddenly, I found myself striving too hard for my husband’s approval, affection, and interest. I noticed I was spending more time on my make-up, hair, etc.

Next, I contemplated plastic surgery. I even called and made an appointment to see a plastic surgeon for a consult – twice. But deep down inside I knew I would hate myself for trying to cover up the damage with a superficial bandaid of sorts. So I cancelled the appointments both times knowing it wasn’t the answer for me. I knew my problem wasn’t going to be fixed with surgery. I’d still look in the mirror and be the same insecure and lost woman trying to grasp hold of whatever it was I needed in order to feel whole and valued. I didn’t need to fix my body, I need to fix my head and needed healing in my heart and broken spirit.

So instead, I ended up going to counseling.

During this time, Patrick went to counseling too. We discovered he too, was struggling with his own issues. As we took a step back and really looked at the situation, we realized that our whole family was falling apart in a sense, and we couldn’t keep it together on our own. We realized we were relying too much on our own strength to make it through the hard times, and we really weren’t strong enough to make it on our own. We realized we’d kind of put God up on the back shelf and stopped seeking and relying on Him to guide us through the darkness.

The darkness – it was so, SO dark. Even as I read this, I can feel the darkness, the desperation, the helplessness, the sadness, the emptiness – all of it, attempting to creep back in.  I never ever want to go back to that dark place again.

But somehow, by His patience and grace, we made it through as truth was revealed and healing set in.  We learned a lot. Our dependence on God has grown as we realized how easily we slipped into a state of self-reliance. We now realize how He truly is the only one holding our family together.  It is not us!

We are weak without Him, and we will never make it if we try to do this on our own. It’s humbling and inspiring at the same time, because through all of the darkness, we’ve had a taste of His goodness.  He didn’t let us down, even when we were letting Him and each other down.

So here we are now, just as life was finally starting to get back to “normal.”  Just as I was finding myself again.  Just as I was truly establishing relationships and just as we were enjoying life even through the craziness…we suddenly are called to move back to Ohio.

And as I type all this out and reflect on the last couple of years, I am thankful that God had the patience and grace to work even in the darkness to reveal His truth to us.

It’s funny too, because it seems that God wants to make sure I don’t forget.  He seems to be speaking to me through my 3-year-old a lot lately.  Just last night she asked me a very serious question as she was coloring in her book, “Mom? Do you need Jesus?”

“Yes, America! I DO need Jesus!”

“Yes you do!” she replied enthusiastically.

The truth is, we all do.


He is not just a free ticket to Heaven, He is so much more.  He is a loving God who wants us to be free from the things that hold us captive in our lives.  We do not have to be slaves to our sin, our past, our pain, nor weaknesses.  Where we are weak, HE is STRONG.  If we are willing to give ourselves to Him and totally rely on Him and walk in obedience, He will rescue us!  But we have to be willing to rely on Him to meet all of our needs.

He truly is a good and loving God, and I need Him!


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Scott headed out for Arkansas earlier this week, and one thing I’m sure of, I am SO thankful for that man.  I honestly do not know how single moms do it! 

Tuesday night I was dealing with Dwight and boy, does he know how to push my buttons sometimes!  We’ve had to keep the house in tip-top shape because we could have showings at any time, so when he let the dogs out and didn’t take his shoes off before tracking mud onto the kitchen floor, I was ticked.  Mostly because I’d just asked him twice if he’d made sure he didn’t let the dogs track mud in the house, and he even went back and checked and told me everything looked good. 

So needless to say, when I went back and found the floor soiled, not just with dog paw prints, but his big fat tennis shoe prints, I was pissed.   And of course, Dwight being Dwight, what does he do?  He starts smiling. 

“Dwight, it’s not funny!  Why are you laughing!  Stop laughing!  This is so irritating for me to have to go over this with YOU, the SIXTEEN YEAR OLD!  This floor needs to be cleaned now!  Why are you still smiling?”

And since he kept smiling, I gave up and sent him to bed.  He tried to stop and explain, but I was in no mood.  “Just go, Dwight.”  I ordered as I cleaned the mess up myself.  That boy, we are just so different, I don’t get him sometimes!

So the next morning, when I saw the sticky note on the table (a sight that always fills me with dread because you never know what the boy is going to write), I prepared myself for his explanation. 

But oh.  Let me tell you…the entire note was of no importance, because what I read in the first sentence was enough…

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry for laughing at you… 

At me?  AT me?  Oh no…he was laughing at me?

Nice.  Apparently I was the funny one. 

Not that the little mud on the floor event ruined my week, but I did find it amusing.  My teenage son thinks I’m funny, only not when I’m trying to be.  No, it has to be at the most inappropriate times that I am funny!

Tonight however, was a bit rough.  I thought we were doing good.  Kids were in bed, America was asleep too, and just as I was about to put her in her swing (because right now we have no crib to put her in and the swing keeps her buckled in safe and sound and asleep!), Joshua comes out of his room crying. 

“Moooom,”  He called as America started to stir.

“Whaaaaat???”  I whined.

“I threw up.”  He squeaked.

I sighed.  “Where?”  I asked.

“On the bed.” 

America was awake by this point, and I headed up to the room.  Sure enough, dinner was sitting in a neat little red pile where Joshua was supposed to be sleeping. 

“Joshua, why didn’t you go to the bathroom?” 

“Because I didn’t know I had to throw up.”  He cried.  “I woke up coughing and it just happened.” 

I sighed (and groaned, and moaned, and whined), again and took America to the boys’ room.  I told Dwight and Patrick to watch her since they were awake anyway, and then went back to pick up Madison and moved her to my bed so she didn’t roll into the…ummmm…half-way digested dinner.

I went back and removed the sheet, took it down stairs, rinsed off dinner down the drain, then threw the sheet in the wash.  Back up the stairs I went as I rummaged through the closet to find a new sheet.  I walked into the room to throw the clean sheet on and as I went to Joshua’s side of the bed to straighten out the sheet, I was surprised by another lovely pile of salmon patties and watermelon nestled in another pile on the floor.

“Joshua!  Why didn’t you tell me you threw up on the floor too?”  I whined as I headed for the closet hiding the steam cleaner.  

“Crap!”  I shouted (And I wonder where my two year old got that one from today)!  I never emptied out the steam cleaner from the last time I used it.  It was mostly the detergent and water, but it still looked gross and I wanted hot water for this mess.  So I went to the kids’ bathroom to pour it out and when I lifted up the toilet seat…eeeeewwwwe! 

“Dwiiiiiiiiiight!”  I shouted.

He came running and I gave him the speech he’s heard a thousand times.

It’s his job to clean the bathroom.  The toilet is disgusting and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in months.  Clean it, NOW.  Hey, if I was going to be up cleaning puke anyway, he could do his chore! 

I got the steam cleaner put back together, with hot water and detergent and got to work.  I start spraying the solution onto the carpet as I ran over the salmon/melon mixture and waited for the machine to start sucking up the yuckness.  Only there was no sucking, just a soggier puddle of solution and puke.  Great.

The stupid thing was spraying the water great, but for some reason, it didn’t want to suck anything up.  I tried switching the setting from “hand tool” to “floor cleaner” several times, but it did nothing.  Finally, I, cussing up a storm at this point, grabbed the hand tool and started scrubbing away with it.  I could hear the baby crying on and off in the background, and Madison, with all my cussing and carrying on, came walking in.  I told her to stay out of the way, so Dwight, who finished cleaning out the toilet bowl, picks her up and follows me, “Mom, do you want me to put her on the couch?” 

“Oh sure, Dwight, like she’s going to stay downstairs by herself!” 

“Do you want me to put her on your bed?” 

“No, Dwight!  She’s not going to stay there by herself either.”

“Where do you want me to put her?”

Seriously?  She was perfectly fine where she was.  Why did he think he had to put her anywhere? 

“Dwight, just go to bed!”  I finally ordered.  Frustrated, I stopped the cleaner, took it back apart, and found a filter that was somewhat clogged up.  I cleaned it off, and sure enough, that did the trick.

“Thank you, God!”  I prayed.  Because surely I couldn’t have handled trying to clean up that mess with the hand tool much longer!

I spent another 20 minutes fretting and cleaning the redness out of the carpet that will be cleared of any furniture by Thursday of next week.  This was just what I needed, you know, red puke to stain the carpets right before we move out!  I think I got most of it out, but it was a chore. 

It’s just funny, how ironic things can be.  Like earlier today when I was thinking about how I can not handle my kids getting really sick right now – not in the midst of a move, and how God must know that because they seem to be doing okay even though they’ve been exposed to some nasty stuff over the last couple of weeks.  And then later when I thought about the sick sense of humor God has at times. 

I think God was just using His sick sense of humor to make a point (or two) – I apparently can handle the kids getting sick right now, even with my husband away!   Yeah, I had to laugh.  I have a sick sense of humor too, and when God shows his funny side, well, I just can’t help but laugh AT Him. 

Wait a minute…Me?  Laughing at God and His ways of pointing out my mistakes and misconceptions?  It’s funny how different my perceptions can be from the truth!

So that’s what it’s like to laugh at the parent who is trying to make a point.  There is something funny when we realize our misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.  Like Dwight saw a “clean floor,” I saw a circumstance I thought I could NOT handle.  The truth is, I’ve made it through much harder situations than this!   I was a bit surprised that I was being proven wrong, and I’m sure Dwight, was a bit surprised to see the mud on the floor after he checked.  How else does a person respond to a surprise, but to laugh?

I may not always get his sense of humor, but I’m starting to realize, maybe Dwight and I aren’t so different after all.  But the difference between God and me, is that I’m pretty sure He doesn’t mind that I am laughing at His ways of getting my attention or pointing out the mess I’ve made in my own little head.  I guess as the parent, I need to learn to laugh along with my son, because I swear I could almost hear God laughing with (but of course, not at!) me as I realized in my own way, I was acting just like my teenage son!

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and low.  This move feels like too much on some days. 

Scott just got off the phone with me.  He’s in Fayetteville right now and found a note in the door of our new house from the water company.  They are refusing to turn on the water until numbers are screwed into the stone on our house.  I guess the previous owners re-bricked the house and never put the house number on the house, so my exhausted husband is running  BACK to The Home Depot he just came from to buy some numbers.  I’m guessing he’ll probably have to buy a drill and some screws too since his tools are here in OHIO. 

It all makes me so angry and I just feel that is going a little overboard considering how difficult they were about getting the water turned on in the first place.   We’ve moved places where all you have to do is make a phone call, but not here.  No, you have to drill numbers into your house before they will turn the water on!  What really pisses me off is that if Scott weren’t there this week, we would have shown up with all 6 of our kids, 2 dogs, and NO water.  I just think that is WRONG.


Yes, I’m ranting.  Scott & I just don’t need any more stress at this point.  Moving is tough and with the stress and strain of it all, we’ve found ourselves arguing more.  I know it’s normal, but it just makes it all that much more exhausting.

I’m excited about getting there, because this whole moving process has been dragging on for months.  I’m tired of showing our house (or should I say, cleaning up after 6 kids in a mad rush to show the house?), and tired of not feeling settled, and I just want to get the impending tearful goodbye done and overwith so I can have a good cry and move on. 

And I’m trying so hard not to freak out about the future.  Life as we know it is about to change forever with this move. 

Donavan will be graduating highschool during our time in Fayetteville for one.  I can’t believe I’m about to have a kid who will be a legal adult in 2 years.  He wants so badly to join the Army, and even though Scott and I think it is the wrong move for him, we’ve agreed to support him and found a military summer camp to send him to right after we get moved in.  It will be 2 weeks long, and a “realistic basic training” course. 

Donavan will either come back more fired up than ever about going into the military, or he’ll decide once and for all that he hates it.  Only time will tell!

I am still fighting off anxiety attacks about this whole small town thing.  Just the idea that everybody knows everybody and so much about everybody makes me a little nervous.  (And all that much more pissed off that the loser water guy wouldn’t turn on the water.  Dude, can I send you a bill for the drill and screws?) 

With this move is the knowledge of us moving further away from Tina and her husband and kids.  I am taking it harder than I thought.  I hope that we can work out some good visits, but I know how quickly summer flies by and with work and school, it’s going to be tough! 

And the fact that Scott and I just met the coolest couple with whom we’ve connected so quickly.  ARGH!  Why do I always make the best friends right before moving?  So unfair!

I am really, really, really hating this moving every 2 years thing…I feel like my life gets put on hold, and then I have to restart it all over again with new friends, new places, new everything, and by the time it all gets familiar, we leave.  I’ve had a few tearful nights where I’ve confessed my loneliness to my husband, because it really is a lonely life for someone like me who takes a while to really make good friends.  I can open up so much at first, but to really connect with someone, it just takes me a while…or when it’s one of those kindred spirit type things, it’s right before we leave. 

Okay, I’m done complaining now.  (Or as I tell Scott, “venting!”)  Emotions will probably continue to go up and down as we leave and arrive.  I’m trying to stay positive and there is certainly a lot to look forward to, I just had to, you know, vent.

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Taking a Break

So the impending move is on.  We have 5 1/2 weeks left in Ohio and needless to say, I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to get our house “show-ready” and up for sale, as well as doing all the other crazy things required when moving to another state.  But it’s happening, we will be heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas the day the kids get out of school.

I got to go house hunting with Scott last month and we found a house in a very nice neighborhood.  It was such a hard decision because there are soooo many nice homes on the market!  In fact, we kind of went back and forth between two homes and visited both houses 3 times each.  It was good because every time we’d go to what we call our “second choice” home, we really liked it.  It had an extra bedroom we knew we’d be able to use with all these freaking kids!  And the yard was so nice and the neighborhood was small and there were lots of kids. 

But then every time we’d go back to the home we ended up making an offer on, we just knew that it was IT.  I don’t know how to explain it, but even with all the work we are going to have to put into it (a contractor estimated about $25,000 worth if we have him to do the work), we just knew that this house was the one we wanted.  It was hard to not get emotionally attached to the house and we went back and forth with the sellers – making an offer, them countering, and back and forth until finally we said, “Okay, this is our FINAL offer.  Take it or leave it.” 

And we didn’t find out their answer until we landed back in Cincinnati, that they accepted.  Yay! 

So then we (Scott, Madison, America, and I) got home to a very clean house thank you to our babysitter!  She and the kids worked on it to surprise us.  She is such a blessing to us and boy am I going to miss her.  Too bad I can’t convince her to come to Arkansas with us! 

So the next day we got busy on the house and we worked for about 10 days straight.  By the time we took a day off (which I still found myself cleaning here and there), I was pretty much an emotional basket case.  I needed a break so bad! 

But we got the work done, even though I didn’t run for 2 weeks because we were working on the house and there was just no way I could work out and work on the house too.  Oh yeah, guess I didn’t mention, Scott and I are training to run a marathon.  My STUPID idea.  I mention it and he gets online within an hour of me bringing it up and orders us running shoes!  There’s no backing out now, right? 

Really, I’m glad we are doing this.  I need to do something for myself!  But it does get stressful at times trying to figure out when I’m going to run with all these kids! 

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging on a regular basis.  I probably won’t be consistent until a couple months after the move, but I do plan on getting back on here and sharing my life lessons and hilarious interactions with my kids! 

In the meantime, I am going to try to keep it together as our moving day approaches.  The kids are stressed too, and it’s definitely showing in Kelly, who turned six last week!  SIX!  I am hoping once we get settled that she will be able to calm down a bit!

As for myself, I am starting to get a bit nervous about moving to such a small town.  It just seems that everybody knows just about everything about everybody.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has been nothing but friendly, but I do tend to be a private person and I just don’t know how I feel about everybody knowing so much about us.  Kind of sounds funny when I’m blogging about my life doesn’t it?  But to me, blogging still feels somewhat anonymous.  I guess the idea of people possibly finding out something I wouldn’t want them to know makes me feel vulnerable.  Not that I have any deep, dark, terrible secrets, it’s just I know I’m not perfect and I hope that I can not get caught up in trying to put on that mask of perfection in front of these people.  It could be easy to get caught up in trying to pretend everything is cool even when it isn’t, just for the sake of not being talked about.  But that’s not me and I want to be real…even if that means people decide they don’t necessarily like me so much! 

But you bet I’ll still be putting on my makeup before leaving the house when we live there!  It’s that small of a town…oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll still be too lazy to do that at times!  Ha ha!

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The sun is shining.  The streets are clear.  But school has been canceled.


Get this.

Because it is too cold!

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Okay, Donna, here’s your post!  Sorry, I just keep forgetting to respond to how far along I am in my pregnancy!

We’re officially full term!  Now we just gotta wait til baby’s ready (and hopefully til my mom gets here next Saturday!).  Here’s a pic of me yesterday at 37 weeks.  No makeup or trying to look pretty in any way.  I was at Joshua’s baseball game and it was just too hot to apply and then sweat off makeup!  That and I’m outgrowing my clothes!

Here’s Joshua playing his favorite sport:

I think the coach in this pic is soooo hot.  I wonder if he’s married?  🙂

It’s nice having a big brother around to chase this little rascal.  She seems to think it’s okay to hang out with the baseball team!

Would have taken a picture of Dwight, but he was busy talking to another teen…who I’m sure would not have appreciated me taking pictures of the two of them talking.  And when I say Donavan was talking to this guy, I mean non-stop, won’t shut up talking.  I would have told him to give the guy a break, but then he would have just started talking to me!  🙂  So I enjoyed MY break!  I am a horrible person!

Kelly was busy making friends, as usual.

Oh, and Saturday, Scott’s friend came over to help put this up:

It’s supposed to be a swingset/playset.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate much until the evening, and then they figured out they were missing a part, so now we are waiting for them to ship that out to us before we (Ha Ha, I said WE as if I’m helping build this thing!) can finish it!  I’m hoping we can get it up before the baby is born!  Then we can throw the kids outside to play! 

Oh, and Patrick is going in Tuesday (next Tuesday) to check up on him with his jerking movements (See post below).  I explained to the nurse what was going on with him and that was the soonest they could get him in with their pediatrician.  The longer we are with this particular practice, the less impressed I am.  Soooooooo, I’m hoping when they open the new hospital close to our house, we can switch over to the new pediatrics practice right next door.  We’ll see…

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Do not expect to get much sleep!  I started this post yesterday, but just couldn’t seem to get it out, with thunderstorms interrupting internet service and kids, super-needy kids!  Anyway, here it is:

Last night was filled with action, fear, and some serious sleep deprivation!

Scott and I were sitting on the couch just chilling and watching some t.v. when I heard it. 

“Scott, the sirens are going off!” 

He ordered me to take Addison down to the basement while he went upstairs and got the other four kids.  So I waited and waited and waited.  What the heck was taking so long?  It didn’t seem too terribly windy yet, so I walked back up to the top of the stairs where I found Patrick standing in front of the basement door.  At that point I was feeling a bit panicked because I didn’t know why it was taking so long to get the kids down there.  “Don’t just stand there!  Go, go, go!”  I ordered.  Patrick sleepily drug his feet down the basement stairs and the rest of the kids followed. 

We hung out in the basement for a good 30 minutes, with the tired kids huddled under blankets and Scott watching the t.v. over by the excercise equipment for the latest report.  I’d grabbed my laptop to email my mom and let her know what was going on…just in case we had a Desperate Housewives moment, you know…I might need her to contact a neighbor to come rescue us from under all the rubble!  😉

Turns out the reporter on the t.v. was just down the street from our house.  CRAZY!  The sirens were going off on the t.v. and outside the basement windows and this crazy man is standing in the thick of it reporting the weather!!!  (Like we need for him to be right there when he could report from a safer location, right?)

So with all the chaos going on, Madison, was on an adrenaline rush because this stuff was just way out of the ordinary, so she started her game of trying to escape from the hallway and into the “forbidden areas” of the basement.  She thought it was hilarious trying to get by all the kids or get by me.  I was too tired to be chasing the little rascal around!

After about 30 minutes, the sirens stopped their screaming and we sent the kids back to bed.  The storm was still a bit crazy with lightening and thunder and pouring rain, but no more sirens.  Mom called to make sure we were all okay, which turned out to be great timing considering I’d left my cell phone upstairs and wouldn’t have been able to answer had she called me any sooner! 

So, finally, we head up to bed, and Scott dozes off while I read for a bit.  I turned the lights off and an hour later, the power goes out.  The complete silence woke me up and for a minute I was trying to figure out how the kids were going to get up in time for their last day of school if their alarm clocks didn’t have power!  Aha!  I may have placenta brains, but obviously not a full case of it because I was smart enough to figure out to set the alarm on my cell phone.  I set the alarm and then tried to settle back to sleep, only to hear our son yelling desperately at the top of his lungs.

Joshua?  No.

Patrick?  No.

Not the younger boys.  It was Dwight who was freaking out.  I couldn’t figure out what he was yelling about, but he was carrying on like a mad man, so I got out of bed and made my way down the dark hall way.  Just as I approached his door, I could hear him right there, yelling, “HELP!  Help me!!!” 

What the heck?  So, out of fear of being bowled over by a panicking 15 year old, I turned the door handle, pushed the door open and then stepped back and out of the way.  Turns out it really wasn’t necessary because Dwight just stood there, shoulders slumped, head down.  Not the position I expected to see him in after shouting for someone to save him.

“Dwight?  What are you doing?”  I asked.

“I was trying to get out, the door was locked.”

“Uhhhhh, noooooooo.  It wasn’t.”  I answered.  Afterall, the door locks on the inside of the room, so if it were locked, how would I have been able to rescue poor Dwight by opening the door from the outside. 

“It was!”  He argued.  “I tried, I couldn’t open the door.”

That’s when I realized he was “sleep panicking.”  He had no idea that he just wasn’t even functioning properly, and instead of turning the door knob and pulling on the door, he was probably trying to push.

The other two boys hadn’t made a sound, so I figured they’d somehow miraculously slept through the entire thing, but Patrick later confessed he was awake, but didn’t want to say anything because he was afraid that in Dwight’s state of distress, he’d jump on his bed and punch him or something.  Poor Patrick was too afraid of his own brother to help him!

Sooooo, the next morning, I got up and told Scott about it before he headed off to work out and Dwight was sitting there listening to the whole story.  “What?!?  I did?!?”  And then, as we were laughing about it and joking about how he was probably pushing the door instead of pulling, he tried to claim that he suddenly “remembered what happened…” 

Sure, Dwight, sure!!!

After my adventure with Dwight though, Kelly came into my room and woke me up again.  She was “afraid of the storm.”  The truth is, she’s starting to suffer the consequences for pulling her curtains off the wall – TWICE.  She’d knocked the rod and everything out of the wall the first time.  I warned her not to do it again, but she did.  So I just said forget it!  And now she has no curtains and no window treatment installed on her window, so when it’s dark and storming, she sees all the “scary lightening” and such. 

And since she absolutely will not sleep when we let her into bed with us, I told her to go climb in bed with her brother, Joshua, who, if he could handle sleeping through Dwight’s episode, surely he could handle it if Kelly slept next to him and whispered to herself over the next hour!

I got to sleep a couple more hours after getting up to tell Scott about Dwight’s incident, and then got up to get the other kids ready for school.  I was soooo tired, but with the thunder, lightening, flood warnings, and tornado watches in effect, I wanted to drive the kids to school.  Scott came to my rescue though.  He came back home after working out and instead of dragging two other kids out in the pouring rain, he let me stay home while he took Patrick and Joshua to school. 

So far, we are still under tornado watches, flash flood warnings, and thunderstorm warnings, but we survived the night, crazy thunderstorms, crazy teenagers who lock themselves in their own room and all!

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