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I should be blogging my birth story, and I can’t wait to do so, but for now, I just have to put in a quick post to say we have spent the last 2 days dealing with a lice infestation!  Imagine my horror, coming home from the hospital on Saturday with a newborn and discovering lice on my 5 year old 2 days later! 

It started off so good too.  The home nurse came by for a visit and the baby has only lost 4 ounces since birth!  She was very encouraging and we had a great visit.  Then we went on with the day, thinking it was going to be a day of relaxation and recovery.  But no.  Kelly kept scratching her head, complaining it itched.  So I told her she probably had dandruff and to let me check.

I pulled her hair over and discovered those little bugs crawling all over her head!  “Ewwwwwe!  Oh nooo!  She has lice!”  I freaked.  I was so disgusted, and Scott knew to get out the door and to the store right away, where he spent $150 on lice treatment products! 

So we started with Kelly and she was covered.  I’m not talking about just a little lice.  My mom used the comb on her hair after Scott shampooed it and she covered 3 paper towels with lice and nits!  It was so disgusting. 

Then we checked our hair and sure enough, Mom and I both had nits and then we found two live lice on Madison’s hair, so we treated her too (although we found no nits/eggs). 

We spent the entire day dealing with the lice infestation.  Laundry, hair, bagging up pillows and stuffed animals, clean up, etc.  My poor feet were so swollen by the end of the day, which was crazy because they hadn’t swollen up the entire pregnancy.  But I had to get that stuff taken care of right away.  It was making me crazy just thinking about it, and you can bet I’ve been picking through the baby’s hair just looking for signs of lice on her head. 

Oh, and if the baby blue’s hadn’t set in yet, Lice will most definitely make a postpartum mom cry!  Yesterday was Scott’s last day off and I was really looking forward to some bonding time.  Instead, we spent the day just dealing with nasty bugs.  Fortunately, he’s still working from home the rest of the week, but he isn’t off work.  I’d love his full attention right now, but I’m thankful he’s at least home!  I love having him around right now. 

Today I continued to find lice in Kelly’s hair so we treated it again and I pulled out several more nits and a couple of lice.  Ugh!  It’s certainly not how I anticipated spending the last 2 days, but thank God for my wonderful mom and husband!  I don’t know what I’d do without them! 

So, now I get to start making some phone calls to let our friends/family who’ve been exposed, know about the situation.  The call I’m dreading most?  My Doula.  That’s going to be a fun one!


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He’s obsessed!

This morning I served eggs, turkey sausage links, strawberries and blueberries, waffles, and toast.  We all ate and then Dwight eyed the plate sitting by the stove. 

“Mom, can I have another sausage link?”  He asked.  Then, when he noticed two, he asked, “Can I have two sausage links?”

You know why he really wanted two, right?  Because if he just took one, there would still be one left, meaning he didn’t eat the last one.  That would drive him crazy.

So I said, “Dwight, why don’t you just skip over the first sausage and grab the second one, then it will be the last one and you can say you ate the last one?”  This logic didn’t work, because obviously there’d still be a sausage on the plate and someone else would no doubt get to eat it!

So he asked me two more times if he could have both of them.  And two more times I told him no.  There is no way he could still be hungry, with 2 eggs, a waffle, 2 slices of toast, sausage links and fruit, how could he still be hungry?  No, he just wanted the last sausage link.

I should have gotten up and grabbed one of the links and eaten it so it would have appeased him, but I didn’t think about that.  Instead, I was mean and denied him the last sausage link.  “You can have one.”  I said.  “That’s it.”  Besides, I figured one of his brothers would no doubt request another sausage link since they only got one in the first place!

I was wrong.  Nobody else wanted the link.  So when I asked Dwight to make sure all the left-overs got put up in the fridge, do you know what he did?  He ate the sausage link.  He couldn’t resist.  It was the last one, sitting on the plate, just begging him to scarf it down.  I think the fact that he was denied the link three times made it all the more irresistable. 

And I won’t lie, it kind of irritated me that he disobeyed me and ate it anyway.  Petty, I know, but I’m not much of a morning person!  What can I say?  I had to laugh though.  He’s so (obsessive) compulsive about these things, it’s almost entertaining in a way.  He just couldn’t let that last piece of sausage sit in the fridge alone.  No, it had to be his. 

Don’t worry, I’m already planning out my revenge.  For dinner one night, I’m going to have a “Last One” theme.  I’m going to serve the kids dinner, but there will only be one of each thing I serve.  One french fry, one roll, one green bean, one apple slice, one chicken nugget, one grain of rice.  That’s right.  Just one.  And I’ll watch him as he goes crazy watching his siblings eat the one thing he didn’t choose.  Maybe I’ll even film it for your viewing pleasure!  Oh yes.  This is going to be awesome!

See?  I know how to have fun with my kids!  It may not be their idea of fun, but it’s fun none the less!  Hey, you know what they say – “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”


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So, Scott and I exchanged vows in November of 1997, and along with gaining each other, we also got to bring adorable, lively, little Dwight with us on our move up to Washington state the day after our wedding which we had later in December.  Now Dwight was a fairly good kid, but I have to say it was a bit of an adjustment to go from just-dating to married with children (okay, with a child).  He did have some issues we were dealing with, communication being the biggest concern, because it was really hard for anyone to understand what he was saying, even at four years old! 

I remember getting settled into Washington, finding an apartment (very quickly because we were staying at my in-laws until we found one!), and moving in just to have Scott start his new job in the Army as a LT. and get deployed almost right away to the field and random places for training. 

It was really hard on me, getting married, moving away from everything and everyone I’ve ever known, and being stuck in this little apartment with a four year old kid I really didn’t know very well!  On top of that, I was very, VERY afraid to drive because when I asked Scott how big the Tacoma area was, he sarcastically responded that it was about the size of my hometown.  Only I didn’t pick up that he was kidding.  So when we drove into the Tacoma area, I FREAKED.  This place was like, 100 times bigger!  I’m not kidding.  I wouldn’t drive off the main road our apartment building came off of for the first 4 months or so!

So shortly after getting settled in, Scott gets sent off to the field for a few nights, and it was just one of the first times I had to deal with being alone (or should I say alone with Dwight?)  I often stayed up late because I couldn’t sleep, and then slept in because I was so exhausted from staying up so late!  So this routine went on and poor Dwight had to deal with me not wanting to get up at the butt crack of dawn like he tended to do. 

“Dwight.  Be quiet.”  I’d warn.  “If you want to get up and play, that’s fine, but do NOT wake me up.” 

One Saturday morning, he woke up bright and early, and I put him in the living room and turned on the t.v. 

“Here, watch your cartoons.”  I said.  “QUIETLY.” 

There.  I just bought myself at least another hour! 

And just as I started to drift off to sleep…


Maybe it was the fact that he said those words so clearly.  Afterall, we’d spent the last several months having to translate nearly everything Dwight said for other people.  This had to be serious!  In about the 5 seconds it took me to jump out of bed and grab my pillow (you know, to beat out the flames with), every thought possible went flashing through my head. 

How in the world did he start the fire? 

Where is the fire?

Am I going to be able to put it out?

What is Scott going to say when he finds out we burned down the building while he was out in the field! 

Crap!  I’m gonna have to live with my in-laws again!  (Hey, what newlywed wants to live with their in-laws anyway???)

So with soft pillow in hand, I run into the livingroom where I find Dwight, leaning over the back of the couch, looking at me.  And he had the most mischievous, devilish grin on his face.

It was at that moment that I realized he saw the look of panick in my eyes.  I realized all the color must have drained down to the tips of my toes as I leaped from the bed (thinking about living with my in-laws again) and dashing to rescue my four-year-old son.  Apparently, this all was very, very funny to Dwight.  My eyes darted back and forth as I clenched my teeth and said,

“Dwight?  WHERE is the fire?” 



No answer.  Just a smile. 

It hit me right then, that This boy is evil!  What have I gotten myself into?  I just married a soldier who is never home and he’s left me home with his devil child!  He’s going to kill me in my sleep!  He did this just to see me freak!

My heart was still pounding as I realized that Dwight was just playing around.  There was no fire.  False alarm!  Cartoons were still on and he was just simply tired of being quiet, so his imagination took hold of him and BOO!  He spooked his mama. 

“Dwight.” I said, in a stern quiet tone.  “I am going to go lay back down now.  Do not EVER do that again.”  That’s all I could say, because I just knew that if I went any further than that, I would probably kill him.

So I got back in bed and tried to sleep.  But if memory serves me correctly, I was too spooked to dream away.  After all, I was too busy trying to figure out just what else this kid was capable of!

Your Next Dwight-a-thon story:  The Midnight Laugh and The Spring

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I don’t.  I joke about it, but really, I believe God is in control and He allows things to happen in our daily lives for a reason.  I believe we reap what we sow.  I guess my way of thinking is, Karma follows the rules of God without including God, and that’s why I don’t necessarily say I believe in it.  I think it is important to acknowledge God in it all.  But if I did believe in Karma, then I’d think that surely Karma is out to get me.  Things have just been somewhat ironic the last two days.  If Faith thinks someone is out to get her, then maybe she needs to look into Karma herself! Just kidding, Just kidding!

Yesterday I got a phone call from the school nurse at Joshua’s school.  He was complaining of a stomach ache.  Since Patrick stayed home the day before with similar symptoms, I decided it was probably best if I picked him up…even though school was about to be released in 30 minutes.  Maybe it was the suggestion that he may throw up.  No, I just couldn’t make him ride the bus if he felt that sick.

So I had Kelly run upstairs to get dressed (we’ve been sick and I figured yesterday would be a good PJ day).  I loaded the kids up in the car, and made the 10 minute drive to the school.  Of course, as I pull up, it starts raining.  Great.  At least it wasn’t cold. 

I pulled out the umbrella and struggled to grab my purse (Just in case they need to see an ID), Kelly, and Madison from the car.  I didn’t want the door of the Expedition to hit the car next to me so trying to balance the car door with my hip was fun too.  Maybe I should have used my bulging belly.   We made our way to the front door and I sat my umbrella down outside.  The school office was packed full of parents who regularly pick up their children.  Apparently, I made it in just as the students were being released from class. 

I waited for about 5 minutes and finally the nurse released Joshua to me.  We go outside, I open his umbrella and then mine.  By this time, the rain was coming down even harder.  I see Joshua’s bus sitting in the front of the line, waiting for the students to board.  I wondered if it was completely pointless for me to come all the way over here to pick him up.  I had Kelly and Joshua wait on the sidewalk while I loaded up Madison.  Despite my attempts to cover her with the umbrella, she was still getting wet.  “I’m sorry, Baby.”  I apologized.  She responded with, “It’s raining, it’s pouring.”  and then squealed as she reached out her hand to catch some rain.  You know what?  I had to join her.  I sang along and reached out my hand too.  This was just a moment of pure delight, and I was not going to miss out!

After buckling up singing Madison, I wanted to make sure and hold the heavy door still when the other two got in because the parking spaces were tight.  I first walked Kelly to the car, then I returned to get Joshua.  I now had 2 umbrellas in my hand.

“Okay, kids, get buckled up.  Joshua, please try to help Kelly get her seat belt on.”  As he was struggling to do this, I was busy trying to figure out how to close one umbrella without dropping another – or hitting it against a car.  I really didn’t want to get wet!

I finally managed to get them both closed and then hopped into the car.  I was soaked.

“Moooooooooooooooooom.  I can’t get Kelly’s seat belt on!”  Joshua whined.  Ugh!  Since I didn’t want to get even more wet, I climbed over the front seat, past the middle row and to the back where Kelly’s seat was.  I buckled her in and then climbed back to the front.  Keep in mind that I am pregnant.  I now have a belly to keep me wobbly, and I looked anything but graceful.  As I buckled myself in, I saw Joshua’s bus take off.  Wow.  In the time it took me to load up three kids, they were able to board an entire bus full of kids and leave. 

“I don’t have my seatbelt on yet!”   Joshua shouted. 

“Joshua, hurry up!” I muttered. I just wanted to get home!  No.  I wanted to beat that bus.  Even if it was by a few seconds, I wanted to be able to say I saved my son from an agonizing trip home.  I wanted my trip to be worth something!

I pulled out of the parking lot and managed to beat the last bus out of there.  We drove our way home and about a mile from our street, I see a school bus pull out of a nearby neighborhood and back onto the main road we were on.  I knew it was Joshua’s bus, and now, the bus was right in front of me.  It stopped in front of the neighborhood, and I waited as it flashed it’s red lights and let Joshua’s little friend off, right where I should have picked him up in the first place. 

Oh, and if you are wondering, Joshua was fine.  I think he just didn’t want to ride the bus home.  He never even had to make a trip to the bathroom.

Later that afternoon, I left to pick up Dwight from Track.  I sat in the parking lot and 2 minutes later, Kelly exclaimed, “He’s taking SOOOOOOOOO long!” 

“Excuse me?” I asked.  “Don’t you complain!  We haven’t even been here for 5 minutes!  You need to be patient!”  

40 minutes later.  Yes.  That’s right.  40 minutes later as we sat in the parking lot watching the rain come and go, he finally appeared.  Ha!  That’ll teach her me about patience!  When I asked him why he was so late, he informed me that they changed the practice times.  Apparently, he didn’t think it was necessary to inform me of this.  Apparently, he thought it wasn’t a big deal, that he couldn’t have prevented me from sitting in the parking lot with three kids recovering from colds, with a simple phone call!  He tried to tell me it was out of his control.  But he couldn’t tell me why ALL OF THE OTHER PARENTS happened to show up right on time to pick up their kids.  Why did they know about the time change?  Oh.  I guess those kids were able to get the word to their moms and dads.  And yes, Dwight has heard of the invention called the telephone.  I asked him about it yesterday.  He just didn’t think to use it!  I am the mom with the 14 year old kid who can’t seem to keep me informed about anything! 

So if Karma were out to get me…I would have thought that trying to beat a school bus home and getting onto my daughter for being impatient was enough.  But today I decided to try to bless my neighbor.  I called her up and asked her if she wanted me to pick up the little girl who rides the bus with Joshua and bring her home.  “Oh, that would be great!”  She said.  I figured since she had a little one at home, and since it was sprinkling, I’d save her a very wet trip.  Besides, I was already sitting there.  Of course, I get the girl to the front door and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I pull up in my drive way, what does it do?  It POURS.  Come on God!  This is what I get for my act of kindness?!?   

I decided to sit in the car for a minute with the kids, but they became impatient, and the rain didn’t seem to want to let up.  I knew that it wasn’t going to slow down a bit, (at least until I was safe inside my warm home).  Soooooooo, I pulled out that giant umbrella of mine, and one by one, I got them out and escorted them to the front door. 

And now I’m sitting here.  My clothes are still damp, but at least I’m not getting rained on anymore.  And I had to laugh.  Getting beat home by the school bus, the 40 minute wait after a scolding on impatience, the drenching rain after an act of kindness.  No, it’s not Karma.  It’s a God who is wise enough to know that I needed some practice finding the little blessings in the gloom and rain.  The laughter at the irony of each event and the joy of hearing my daughter squeal and sing as she was getting wet…I guess you could say I’m learning from little Madison.  Like my 1 year old daughter, I need to find the joy hidden in each God given day I have.  And today, I’m reaching out my hand as I try to catch the sprinkles of His greatness.  I may get a little wet in the process, but if I hold my hand out long enough, I’m bound to hold a drop or two in the palm of my reaching hand

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Honestly, It’s been a rough few days.  And I’m going to vent, knowing my husband reads my blog, knowing this post will probably tick him off.  Honestly, if he comes out of this ticked off, but knowing me better, it’s worth it.  And it’s not that he’s not a wonderful husband.  I’m a very lucky girl.  I know that.  I just wish he got me some times.

Madison came down with Croup over the weekend.  By Saturday, she was just a monster.   A MONSTER.  Late Saturday morning, Kelly came downstairs with a fever.  I ended up calling off my outing with a friend.  Probably turned out for the best because I ended up feeling sick by late afternoon.  So did Scott.  That made four of us  – sick.

Ugh.  So the fun began.  Madison, between her screaming and yelling and demanding her mommy, and then the other kids…who also happened to start feeling bad (Dwight is the only one who has remained healthy so far), it has just been wearing me down.  And Scott.  He’s had to deal with crazy work stuff.  Really stressful stuff.  And this week, he’s sick too, but he has to go in.  There’s not a whole lot of choice.

So we’ve all been toughing it out.  He’s dealing with work, I’m dealing with trying to keep up with household duties and sick kids, and healthy active kids…

But tonight it just all got to me.  I really haven’t had a break and I’m trying so damn hard to be supportive of my husband’s crazy schedule.  Shoot, I even insisted he go to his boss’ stupid STUPID Superbowl party when I really wanted him to stay home and take care of me.  I broke dishes, cleaned up, cooked dinner, and took care of the sick kids while he was eating the SuperBowl food I was looking forward to (because food is one of the few things during pregnancy to look forward to since you are deprived of so many other pleasures in life – like sleep!)

Today was draining.  Even when I tried to take a nap, I ended up dealing with Kelly who refused to take a nap, (but apparently decided to try to knock down walls or reconstruct furniture or something crazy like that in her room), then the phone rang, then Patrick, who kept leaving his room when he was supposed to be in there reading (he stayed home sick).  I guess they thought when mom was laying down, it was their opportunity to see what they could get away with.  I eventually gave up on nap time but I was more upset about the fact that I never did get the energy to do the dishes, or the laundry.  I was planning on getting at least half-way caught up with the laundry today.

Tonight when it was time to head up for bed, it just all became overwhelming.  Bedtime checklist.  I need to check the locks, turn off the tv, turn on porch lights, turn off indoor lights, ignore the dishes, put Dwight’s meds in his bottle, fill up the vaporizor and humidifier, check on crying kelly, take my vitamins, try to brush my teeth, all while Madison is screaming for whatever the heck she’s screaming about, heck, forget about brushing my teeth, and I’ll just wear what I’m wearing now, I can’t take anymore of this!  Why the heck did she have to wake up anyway? Argh!  I feel like there is so much to remember and do each night just to “get ready for bed.”  I should have started getting ready an hour ago.

And then Scott sees I’m frustrated and I guess it pissed him off.  I don’t even remember what he asked me now, but it was just how he said it, like, “What is your problem?  Why are you so pissy?” 

My response? “Don’t talk to me.”  Because I did not need that.  I DID NOT NEED THAT.  And I did not want to say anything stupid.  I have 5 kids demanding something from me all day long, and half the night, please just understand I’m frustrated because I can’t even get the damn humidifier tank to open up so I can fill it up!  See, the goal was in sight.  Bed time.  I was ready to get in bed, but I still had this to do list in front of me.  All those little details that go unnoticed or undone if I don’t do it.  And then, I get to go to bed with a coughing baby who will no doubt wake me up every hour of the night.  But I’ll check on her and give her the drink she needs for her dry throat or return her pacifier when she’s lost it, whatever she needs, because she just doesn’t feel good.  And I’m her mom.  That’s what moms do.  They nurture and take care of others, even when they are exhausted. 

So I got more frustrated because when I tried to explain to him that I’m in a bad mood because I’m just tired and worn out and I’ve had the kids all day and it’s been rough, he made it about him.  He made a comment about how he’s just had it so easy.  When did I ever say that?  (Although, in all fairness, at least he can take DayQuil/NyQuil!)  Seriously though.  I just wanted him to hear what I was saying and understand.  I wanted a hug and some reassurance that it will get better soon.  Talk to any woman, and she’d get it.  I really REALLY needed a woman to talk to right then. 

Newsflash.  Scott is not a woman.  Not that it’s an excuse.  He could have remembered the overwhelming feeling he’s had before when I left him with all the kids and they wore him out.  Yes, I know this happens, because I come home all happy from my time off and he’s the one who’s pissy.  See?  I know this happens!  

So tonight, I just shut down.  Because I feel like when he doesn’t get me, or understand what is going on with me, he gets angry.  I wonder if it’s because he’s so good at fixing things.  If he sees a problem, he’s naturally good at figuring out a solution to the problem, and fast.  But not with me.  No, he’s got one complicated wife.  So when it comes to me, I guess I feel like he responds to me with impatience.  Maybe like his mom responded to him when he needed special attention or understanding.  No patience, no understanding.  She wasn’t a very loving mother towards him. 

So tonight, I was just too tired.  Too tired to explain anything.  Too emotionally drained to get into it with him.  Too exhausted to say, “I just need you to understand I’m tired and don’t feel good.  I’ve had the life sucked out of me today.  I am frustrated with life right now.  There is nothing left.”  No, I just did not have it in me to try to get him to understand.   

And honestly?  The truth is, when you add on the pregnancy and emotions that go with the pregnancy, and yeah, maybe he’s really got it hard.  I’ve been more emotional during this pregnancy, but I’m starting to feel this whole getting angry everytime I cry or am upset is a cop out.  (Honestly).  I’m starting to get bitter about it.  (Honestly). 

And even more Honestly, I feel very alone right now. 

In this pregnancy.

I feel alone. 

I can’t even type those words without crying.  I realized today that I don’t have any pregnant friends here.  In SC I got to go through my pregnancy with Suzy.  I had a friend who just had a baby a few months before me too.  I had a couple of women who were experiencing what I was, and another good friend who remembered very well what it was like for her, and celebrated my pregnancy with me.  Here, I have 2 girlfriends.  One who works the same hours as Scott and then goes home to get her kids to bed, and the other stays very busy during the day too.  We probably get together twice a month with these friends.  They are awesome people, but life and kids make it hard.  That, and we are just in different stages in our families.  I mean, we’re working on number 6, and they both are done at 2. 

Honestly, I’m also a bit jealous.  People around here have family close by too.  Family they get together with over weekends and holidays.  Neighbors who have parents nearby and brothers and sisters who fight over who gets to have Thanksgiving or Christmas at who’s house.  I don’t think I’ll ever know what that’s like. 

So feeling alone in this pregnancy, I kind of feel like, since this is the third time going through this, eh, just deal with it.  All these emotions and fears and everything else I’m dealing with?  I really should just get over it because I’ve been through it two other times, right?  I should know better and be better than that.  Screw hormones and what they do to a woman’s body.  Screw a mother’s love so deep that she fears for her child’s well-being before the child is even born.  Screw feeling out of control and not having one understanding ear open to those feelings.  Being pregnant is probably one of the most vulnerable periods I’ve ever been in.  I am so out of control. 

Yeah, I’m feeling sorry for myself, I know.  I should be thrilled that I get to have another baby.  I just hate going through this like this.  Somewhat scared and alone.  Not having someone who can relate to what I’m going through, to talk about cravings and disappointments about having to avoid certain foods or drinks.  I guess I just thought that since this was my last pregnancy, it was going to seem even more special.  I want it to be more special.  I will never get to do this again and that is kind of hard for me to come to terms with.  It would just be nice to have somebody go through this with me.   Really, why should the mom have to go through it alone?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the dad had to (or even willingly) gave up the same food and drinks the mom had to go through?  And hormones…Oh how I wish they could just experience the hormonal surges and emotions for 1 day.  And the physical changes.  You know, I’d definitely have to grab my camera for that one.  Honestly, That would just be awesome.

Honestly, my husband is a wonderful man and he does many things to spoil me.  Like Sunday night when he rubbed my feet.  I felt a little pampered then.  It’s just that I’m feeling very alone in this.  I feel like I need to be nurtured and cared for too, even on an emotional level, and I don’t have that here.  It takes a while to build relationships and friendships at a level where you can really open up to the other person.  My husband is the only person here (in Ohio) I feel like I can talk to about my most deep, intimate thoughts and concerns.  I guess I feel that the most important relationship here, the one between my husband and I, could use a little more nurturing and understanding.  I need to be nurtured and understood too.  I need to be able to feel safe enough to open up my heart and share my fears and concerns and disappointments, without feeling judged.  I’ve given up that need every time we’ve moved.  Every time I’ve had to say goodbye to friends and work on building new ones, just to leave again.  Honestly, that is a hard thing to do for someone like me.  I don’t make friends quickly.  I tend to choose my friends cautiously.  So for me, it takes time to build up that level of trust and intimacy. 

Honestly, I’m not there with anyone here.  Not yet.

Update: 9:15 a.m.  Scott sent me an email from work this morning, telling me he loved me and apologizing.  He’s always been good at apologizing.  Not me.  I think yesterday was just a rough day for both of us.  I’m glad yesterday is over.

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Belly at 18 weeks

Belly – 18 weeks, 1 day.  I feel huge already!  (This was one of the “skinnier” looking pics, btw).  More pics posted at http://www.pregnancythenbaby@blogspot.com.

My Cravings

Cravings.  I forgot the whole grain bread and cheese and crackers.  Fruit and veggies never tasted so good!


hubby and I at Wicked.  See the stage behind us?   The dragon’s head is right above Scott’s.  It’s eyes lit up and the head moved back and forth.  No wonder why the tickets cost so much!

My little blessings…

My Kids

I couldn’t fit them all in one shot, so here’s one more…

My Kids2

And to think after this next one we’ll officially have outgrown our minivan!  (That really is a scary thought!)

Scrap page

Challenge.  I really need to set up my scrapbooking space so I can do more pages!

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7:30 a.m.  Hit snooze.  Thought:  Why did we stay up so late?

7:40 a.m.  Snooze again.  Thought:  And we didn’t even get to have sex!

7:50 a.m.  Get up!  Thought:  Whew!  I gotta stop watching Prison Break!

It really was an intense dream for only 10 minutes of sleep.  I was escaping with Michael Scofield and his brother, Lincoln.  And I had evidence I needed to hide – Green marbles.  Green marbles?  And if you thought that was crazy, you should have seen the gun I had to load right before I hopped on my motorcycle.   The bullets had some sort of fuses on them.  Like I said, a crazy dream in 10 minute’s time.

Finally, I head downstairs.  “Mom?” 

“Don’t talk to me.”  I warn.

Did I mention I’m not a morning person?  I poured myself a cup of hot coffee and tried to hide.  That didn’t work out so well.  The kids, very easily found me.  You would think that after going through this every morning, the kids would figure out that mommy needs about 10 minutes of quiet to get herself together.  Or maybe they have figured it out and just like to see how many crazy faces I can make in the morning. 

8:30 I start the car so it can warm up before I load the kids into it. 

Ten minutes later Patrick comes in telling me Joshua’s bus already came.  “I saw the number on his bus.”

“Patrick, there is NO WAY you could see the bus number all the way down there!” 

“No, Mom!  He drove down our street!”

I look outside and sure enough, the bus is parked three houses down, yellow lights flashing.  I grab Joshua and without taking the time to get my coat on (but I did grab my coffee cup), we walk as fast as we can to the bus.  Oh the bitter-cold wind January brings to Ohio!  Why this morning?  Yesterday was so mild compared to the chill piercing through me this morning!  Maybe I should have left the coffee cup and grabbed the coat.  Priorities, Melissa!  Where is your brain?  Oh yeah.  It’s hanging out with my not-so-hot cup of coffee I never got to finish.

I get Joshua to the bus, watch him board and stand there for a minute.  Is the bus driver going to leave now?  Joshua was the last one in the neighborhood to board, afterall.  No.  He was so early, he decided to park in our neighborhood for a while. 

So I try to get Joshua’s attention so I could wave goodbye.  He was too preoccupied with the friends sitting next to him.  Oh well.  It is too cold to wait!  I turn and take my first step towards home.   WHAP!  Ouch!  What the heck?  I look up to find a 2×4 sticking  straight up out of the ground, apparently now, laughing in my face.  See folks, that is the problem with living in a neighborhood that is still being developed.  You never know what might pop up out of the ground, just waiting to smack you when you aren’t paying attention. 

Ouch that hurt.  But my pride was probably hurt a little more than my head.  The other mom sitting in her van no doubt saw everything.  And the bus driver?  At least he pretended to be reading the newspaper.  He probably laughed after I stumbled around the board sticking out of the ground and started my way home. 

But the best part?  My now cold coffee was all over my shirt and pants.  The board managed to not only knock me in the head, but also threw my coffee all over me.  *Sigh*  *Sigh*  Sigh*  “I hate you, you stupid board sticking out of the ground!  I hope you become a piece of firewood!”

Okay, so with all this craziness brought on first thing this morning (and I didn’t mention all the stunts my kids tried to pull while getting ready for school), I’m thinking today is going to be a really good day.  Why do I think that?  Because I already got all the ridiculousness checked off my list!  So that means it has to be a really good day…


Update: At the end of the day, I was able to say my theory was correct.  I had a good day…except for the knot and bruise on the side of my head…as long as I don’t touch it, I’m not reminded of how I got my butt kicked by a tree.

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